The Economy Is Reopening! What That Means For the Vape Market (and Vapers!)

The Economy Is Reopening! What That Means For the Vape Market (and Vapers!)

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In 2019, the vaping industry was worth $12.41 billion with the expectation to grow in the coming years. Since 2020's coronavirus outbreak, the vape market's been threatened.

Beyond a slowed economy, vaping health's in question more than usual. It makes sense to challenge an inhalant amidst a lung-comprising pandemic.

There are pros and cons of vaping, but they do help people quit smoking. It's easy to see vaping health risks and not acknowledge their benefits.

Before writing off the vaping industry, there's a lot to consider. Here's what reopening the economy looks like for vapers.

Is Vaping Safe?

COVID-19's amplified everyone's fears of death. As a result, people are reanalyzing life choices, one of which includes smoking.

There's nothing calming about the 10 million worldwide cases of coronavirus. Still, the World Health Organization guarantees that tobacco kills 8 million people yearly—as much as 50% of users. 

Coronavirus is a new, inconclusive, and shocking diagnosis. Tobacco use is an old tale but remains equally important. Considering them both together is a recipe for disaster.

Cue vaping!

While it's easy to see vaping as a threat to healthy air right now, the alternative for many is cigarettes. Dying from coronavirus or dying from smoking is not an uncommon consideration for vapers these days.

Vaping's not only beneficial to smokers, but it helps those who don't want to quit a behavior cold-turkey. Hence, vape market growth!

Vaping Health

Health isn't just physical. Being healthy is also mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial.

That said, making healthy choices is subjective. Vaping over cigarettes makes vapes a healthier option. When considering if it's smart to vape during COVID-19 or not, the decision calls for a cost-benefit analysis.

Pros to Vaping

Vaping eliminates the use of tar, combustion, and ash, unlike that of cigarettes. It's softer on the lungs and leaves no smelly clothes or air behind.

Vaping's easy and accessible indoors—perfect for a lockdown. If you're worried about leaving the house, vaping makes it easy to stay right where you are. It's the friendliest option among roommates, family, and friends too. 

E-cigs are 95% less harmful than tobacco. During a time when prioritizing your lungs are of the utmost importance, consider vaping a way to do so.

Some vapes are disposable. If you're worried about germs through long-term use, invest in a vape that's easy to toss when you're done. While disposable vapes are handy for travelers, it's a great time to take advantage of them.

Disposable vapes make it easy to vape cleanly.

Cons to Vaping

Smoking smoking. That remains a forever fact. Inhaling anything beyond air's unnatural for the lungs and COVID-19 magnifies that.

Coronavirus has upped our awareness of hygiene. A vape pen can become another accessory to manage. While it's good to get rid of potential lung pollutants, it's also unrealistic for some.

Consider this time an opportunity to have your cleanest vape yet! If vaping's part of your routine, it shouldn't be hard to add cleaning to it.

Before COVID-19, cleaning your vape monthly or weekly was standard, depending on how often you used it. If you're worried about cleanliness, there's no harm in soaking it after each vape session.

Being safe versus sorry will keep you a happy vaper.

Coronavirus claims are inconclusive on vaping health risks, so the market's in the clear for now. It's up to your own personal cost-benefit analysis to know what's right for you.

Lockdown Psychology

Beyond physical health, coronavirus impacts the collective well-being on mental and emotional levels. Coupled with the psychology of smoking, vaping's a coping tool for many. 

Increased anxiety and time at home are predictors for vape market growth. Times of uncertainty prompt comfort purchases.

Here are some unforeseen positive impacts of COVID-19.

Greater Support for Local Businesses

There's no better time to support the reopening economy than to shop locally. People are more conscious of their money and more aware of the collective's financial status. 

It's true that money talks. Buying vapes online as well as from trusted local companies helps lift everyone's mood. Reopened economies make way for reconnection.

You might even find vaping to be an experience like never before—from shopping to buying to using it!

Greater Awareness of Systems

It's easy to not think twice about where products come from. This may be the first time you realize the impact of China's shutdown on our economy. 90% of vaping materials come from China, so without production, there's no industry.


Lockdown's created time to understand businesses, systems, and interconnectedness. Simply, when China gets hit financially, we get hit financially.

While that's tough to realize, knowledge is power. There's no better time to learn more about systems than now—and the reward is great.

Greater Relationship to You

Lockdown's allowed time for everyone to question their behaviors. It's not always about changing them—but assessing our relationships with them. Ask yourself:

  • What's my relationship to vaping?
  • Does it make me feel calm and relaxed?
  • Do I use quality companies?
  • Do I trust the product?
  • How can I better my experience?

If your relationship to vaping's mindless or unhealthy, now's the time to pivot. That doesn't mean stopping, but transforming your relationship.

Learning about CBD and vaping production can help you feel good about your choices. Different atomizers, vaporizers, and ejuices can inform your experience.

Instead of operating on auto-pilot, COVID-19's made sure we make intentional choices.

The best way to combat controversial topics is to hone in on your experience. What's true for you?

Method to the Vape Market Madness

It's true that history determines success. The vape market boomed before COVID-19, making the past a good predictor of the future. Trends may be slower than before, but there's nothing like a market on the upswing.

A reopening economy's ripe with hope and growth. Everything's changed, including you! Still, vaping remains a familiar, stable friend.

Shop our best sellers today to see which products can be a new match for the new you.


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