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VaporDNA has a stock of high performing 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries from Samsung, Hohm Tech, and iJoy. Grab a pair of these amazing batteries today! Do not know how to choose the right vape battery? Read our Vape Battery Buying Guide by click LEARN MORE below



Types of Vape Batteries

Although it seems confusing, picking the right vape battery doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, the most perplexing part about it are the numbers that make up the three main types of batteries: 18650, 20700, and 21700. As it turns out, they refer to the diameter in millimeters, length in millimeters, and battery shape. All of these end in 0, which means they are all cylinders. So what are the differences between these batteries, and which one is best for your mod? That depends on the size of battery your vape holds, as well as how much battery capacity (mAh) you are looking for. Lucky for you, our vape battery buying guide will help you decide!

18650 Battery

The 18650 is the very first generation of Lithium-Ion battery. The capacity of this OG is between 1200mAh and 3000mAh, but remember that most batteries are on the lower side. Capacity refers to how much power you get from this 18mm thick x 65mm long battery. The 18650 is great for those using high resistance coils, high nicotine levels, and low power.

20700 Battery

The 20700 Lithium-Ion battery is 20mm in diameter and 70mm in length. It’s a second generation, and debuted on the vape scene in 2017. The 201700 boasts a 30 to 40-amp output and a true 3000mAh capacity. Now you can use your vaporizer longer and harder! Additionally, newer vapes are compatible with the 18650 and the 20700. Most Lithium-Ion chargers already fit both.

21700 Battery

The 21700 started being used in 2018, and measures 21mm thick and 70 mm long. These Lithium-Ions are popular for greater capacity (3750mAh - 4000mAh) and high wattage operational abilities. Keep in mind these batteries are now used for Tesla electric cars. Overall, the 21700 extends battery life and offers a longer unbroken discharge rate at maximum vaping levels. Cloud chasers take notice!


How to Store Your Battery

Did you know most explosions happen due to inappropriate storage? If you aren’t in the habit of storing your rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries, now is the time to start. Although a minor inconvenience, it will protect your face and your battery. All you need is an inexpensive plastic case to prevent the goods from touching metal. When you store your batteries, lay them beside each other. Do not stack them. This causes short-circuiting, which can lead to the battery venting and blowing! Finally, keep your batteries out of direct sunlight and away from flammables.


How to Travel Safely with Your Battery

Whether traveling with your vaporizer batteries by land, sea, or air, it is important to avoid extreme temperatures. Cold weather reduces capacity while hot weather can cause venting and explosions. When traveling with loose vaporizer batteries in your handbag or backpack, it’s important to store them in a battery case. This also applies when flying. Since Lithium-Ion batteries have a core of combustible liquid, airlines banned them from checked luggage in 2016. However, you can still have one or two of them in your carry-on. Just remember not to charge your batteries or use your mod on the plane.


How to use a Battery Safely

Happily, you can prevent battery explosions by following some basic safety guidelines. We recommend periodically checking your batteries for grime, and cleaning them with a microfiber cloth. As a side note, keep all batteries away from water. If they do get wet, you should throw them out. What's more, using the right charger and taking the battery off as soon as it has re-charged, but not before, will lower the chance of anything going wrong. If your vape requires 2 batteries, use the same brand and number batteries to get the highest capacity and longest discharges possible. In addition, make sure you buy a trustworthy brand from a reliable source. Finally, make sure the wraps are in like-new condition every time you use them. Any cuts or notches should be rewrapped before use.


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