The Growing Trend of All-In-One Boro Box Style Devices

The Growing Trend of All-In-One Boro Box Style Devices

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What is a Boro Box Style Vaping Device?

In 2012 Billet Box Vapor introduced a new style of vaping mod to the world, the original Boro Box Mod called the Billet Box. These AIO systems house a single battery, the chipset and control panel, and the vape tank inside of the housing of the device. The original Billet Box was an All-In-One box mod that used a proprietary tank system, referred to as the Boro Tank. The Boro Tank got its name from the borosilicate glass that was used for the front sliding panel of the tank. This system has been adopted my modders and manufacturers around the world, giving birth to the now popular Boro Box community.

Why Has The Boro Box Platform Only Recently Become Popular?

While the Billet Box has been a popular mod for vapers around the world for a long time, but their availability and price has hindered a lot of people from using this type of device. Over the years others modders and manufacturers have created Boro Box Mods, but they still catered to the niche market at a higher ticket price. It wasn't until only a couple of years ago that we got a Boro Box from the Chinese manufacturers that was presented at an affordable price, and introduced Boro Boxes to the mass market.

While there is a large selection of high-end and custom Boro Box Mods, there are only a handful of the more affordable Boro Box Mods currently on the market. We predict that this will very soon change as more and more vapers gravitate towards these AIO systems. Brands such as Cthulhu Mod, Vandy Vape, Ambition Mods, Orca Vape, and Wizvapor offer more affordable options to get started in the Boro scene.

Aside from the fact that there weren't many affordable options in the market for quite some time, the fact that many vapers preferred "cloud chasing" made these devices undesirable in the early years. Only the sophisticated 'elite' vapers who enjoyed a good MTL style of vaping sought out these mods. Nowadays we can have a good MTL vape paired with salt nic vape juice to deliver a good vaping experience from Boro Box Mods, or we can choose to cloud chase with a modern Boro RTA or RDTA. 

Boro Box Mods vs. Traditional Box Mods

There are many reasons why the Boro Box Mod platform is superior to the traditional box mod setup many of us have been using over the years. The most obvious reason is the compact size and portability of Boro Box Mods. The simplistic design allows these vaping devices to be easily carried in the pocket, unlike a traditional box mod setup.

Other major advantages of using a Boro Box Mod are: no more cracking glass tanks, wide range of custom options and parts, the power of a traditional box mod in a device closer to a pod system, and the mods and RBAs are made by enthusiasts around the world. This last one is important because these enthusiast level of vapers design and produce things that are cool, functional, and usually rather classy.

Of course there are a few downsides to these devices. This would include the limited tank capacity, some filling methods, steps to rebuilding most bridges, and the fact that many of the Boro Box Mods we all want are limited and pricey. 

A Comprehensive Guide on All Things Boro Box

Chris over at has built an informational guide of Boro Box compatible devices, tanks and RBAs, and accessories to help navigate the world of Boro Boxes. was initially started as a joke, but has become a rather useful tool to Boro Box users. can use an update with all the new compatible devices and tanks coming to the market, but Chris has put the project on hold for the time being. But from what he has uploaded so far, it is worth a look and will definitely have you wanting to buy all the Boro stuff in the world! He is still actively updating the site, which has a bunch of compatible bridges and tanks for vapers to browse.

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With the prices today, There is no way
I can pay hundred dollars for any mod. It looks like a nice one and would love to try it, but! Way out of my price league! I have a few pod systems that work very well! I do see more people vaping and my husband is even vaping some. I tell everyone. When I smoked I got bronchitis every year that lasted couple months! Since I have been vaping, I have not been sick or had bronchitis one time!! That’s been over 10 years now I think!! So no one is going to convince me that it is as bad as cigarettes!! I don’t see why the prices have to be this expensive though?? Maybe I’ll catch one on clearance in a couple years . Who knows . Sounds like a lot of fun to recreate as you need parts . Hope they get he no atomizer or short atomizer permanently fixed. Lol . I have 2-3 that don’t work with that message ad I have done everything I know to.
Thank you though. It does sound like good ones!!

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