Boro Devices

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Boro Devices are vaping mods that use the Boro Tank System rather than the traditional 510 threads. These devices have been around since Billet Box Vapor introduced them to the market in 2012. The Boro name itself comes from the use of borosilicate glass as the sliding cover of the original Boro Tank used in the Billet Box. Flash forward to 2022, Boro Box devices and compatibles gain popularity in the US market as trends in the industry shift away from larger format dual battery box mods with large 510 threaded sub-ohm tanks sitting on top. Boro Devices and compatibles have been fairly popular in other markets around the world, allowing for a niche high end market of Boro Devices, Boro Tanks, Boro Bridges, and customizable accessories. Now as the market for these products grows in the US; we are seeing more affordable mass produced products, with new innovation to expand upon the platform.

There are now two standard platform for these types of the devices; the most popular being the Boro Compatibles, and the other being the smaller format dotAIO Compatibles. Each of the two systems has its pros and cons, but both are better than the traditional 510 system in our opinion.

The advantages of the Boro Box platform is that you can now have a smaller, better looking, all-in-one device; and still use a pre-made coil system tank or rebuildable to vape the way you like. This growing trend in vaping has the potential to replace the 510 thread system all together, and become the only way we vapers vape. Who doesn't want a pocket friendly device that looks more sophisticated, and can deliver a better vaping experience?