fraud protection

At VaporDNA, we take fraud and theft very seriously. To prevent these things from happening to any consumer / credit card holder, we implemented several systems to catch fraudulent purchases before the transactions have been shipped out. For most transactions we are able to accept a quick form of verification where the order member submit's a photo ID, held up next to their face. This shows that the order member is a participant in the order process which allows us to clear the order for shipment. All sensitive information does not need to be shown, our main concern is the name, address, DOB and photo, for matching. 


In more severe situations, an full account verification may be required. This means, at our discretion, we will cancel any order that we believe is fraudulent, or, was found to be fraudulent and will refund the full amount back to the card which was used to create that order. This is to protect all credit card holders from fraud. (We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone that we feel is creating, or has created a fraudulent purchase on our website) 


One of the many systems we have in place is the "Fraud Detection System" by a prestigious third party company. The "Fraud Detection System" looks at items such as purchase history with other retailers, address verification and ip address location just to name a few. The "Fraud Detection System" Software calculates all the information in real time and sends us a score. Orders that are low risk and return a high score are removed from "Fraud Detection System" immediately. Those orders are sent directly to our processing center to be pulled, packaged and shipped. Orders that come back with an average score are re-evaluated. In most cases, those orders are able to be removed from the "Fraud Detection System". For orders that can not be removed from "Fraud Detection System", or, orders that return a low score, those customer are required to go through our "Account Verification" process. Details of this process can be found below. Note: We reserve the right to cancel or do the "Account verification" on any order at any score level if we feel that order is a fraudulent transaction. 


Your order is currently on hold or voided and can be released or replace the order till we can verify your identity with this new account and credit card which you are using. Please follow the steps below for our "Account Verification" Procedure. If you have any future questions, please let us know so that we may better assist you. (We reserve the right to do "Account Verification" on any order, any account that we feel are fraudulent) 


Click on this link, 


1. Once you are on the site, please add the item to your cart and purchase the Account Verification producing using the same credit card you used to create your original purchase. Shipping is free for Account Verification order. (All funds to purchase the Account Verification will be refunded in several amounts) 

2. As soon as we receive your payment, we will authorize multiple refunds each at different amounts but equal to the total amount you paid for the Account Verification. (ex. you pay the $2.00, we then make two refunds, one for $1.25 and the other for $0.75) 

3.You will need to email us as soon as you receive the refunds and tell us the amount of each refund. If the amounts are incorrect, we will not be able to allow you to proceed with any future orders and will cancel your current order (Refunds can take 1 up to 21 business days to show up on your account) 

4.If the amount of each refund is correct, we can authorize any future purchases that you make on our website. However, the same account and credit card must be used each time. 

5.If you wish to use a different card or account, then you will need to go through the "Account Verification" process again. 


Our Account Verification procedure is the only method that is 100% effective in proving that the person using the card is the owner as no one else will be able to see the refunds returned to the original owners' card. If you place an order through out website and are requested to go through our "Account Verification" process but do not wish to wait on the process, we can cancel your order and refunded the amount back to the card used to create the transactions. This is required of any of our online customer that has their order held by the "Fraud Detection System" and/or any other reasons we believe the order need such verification. Should you have any questions regarding this policy, please email us here: Click Here To Email Us.