The Overlooked Environmental Impact of Disposable Vaping

The Overlooked Environmental Impact of Disposable Vaping

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A new article from TIME highlights the growing problem of vape waste in the United States.


Disposable e-cigarettes, which make up about 53% of e-cigarette unit sales, are contributing to the issue. The CDC Foundation estimates that consumers purchase 11.9 million disposable e-cigarettes each month, resulting in an annual waste that could stretch longer than 7,000 miles when lined up end-to-end.


This significant environmental concern is due to the plastic bodies of disposable vapes, as well as the fact that they are considered e-waste and hazardous waste due to their circuitry, lithium-ion batteries, and nicotine content. The difficulty of recycling e-cigarettes further exacerbates the problem.


At the end of this article the author suggests that individuals who vape can make a positive impact by opting for reusable devices instead of disposable ones. He emphasizes the need to prevent short-term use items from polluting the environment for centuries.



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