Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping in 2020

Top 10 Reasons to Quit Smoking and Start Vaping in 2020

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The world is trending toward vaping and away from smoking, so maybe you’re considering making the switch. Smoking can be a serious health hazard, but not necessarily because of nicotine itself. Lucky for you, the new year can bring on wonderful changes. If you appreciate the buzz you get from smoking but don’t want all those potential problems in your life, vaping is an ideal alternative. So, just in case you’re still on the fence, here are the top ten reasons you should quit smoking and start vaping in 2020.


 1. For your lungs

Although nicotine itself does come with some health risks, the vast majority of the health problems caused by smoking cigarettes comes from the inhalation of burned plant matter. That’s what causes all the nasty tar that can lead to things like cancer. By vaping, you can avoid getting these harmful tars in your lungs. Public Health England's 2015 report states that “E-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco” and the claim is still valid today.  


 2. A flavor for everyone

The variety you find on the vape juice market is just fantastic. Once you find a flavor or a producer that you like, you can really explore everything vaping has too often. Whether it’s a dessert flavor like vanilla custard or something refreshing like mint, you can always find the vape juice flavor that will satisfy the taste buds.


 3. Constant convenience

When you go out for the night, you’re packing your lighter and your smokes. It’s not like this is a huge hassle, but sometimes that lighter runs out of juice and your cigarettes get smashed in your pocket or purse. And just like that, you’re stuck without your nicotine fix. Thanks to the ergonomic, durable designs of the vape devices out there, sometimes you’ll forget it’s even in your pocket. Ditch the lighter and the soft pack, get yourself something you can consistently rely on.


 4. No clothes-sticking smell

Some people might tolerate it, or just not mention it, but that cloud of cigarette stink you carry around with you isn’t very attractive. With a vape, the only scent you leave behind is on the initial exhale, and you’ll have some remnants of it on your breath if you’re vaping frequently. Considering the pleasant fruity flavors that you can find in the vape juice market, having a little bit of kiwi-strawberry or cotton candy on your breath is probably an improvement over whatever you ate last.


 5. Catch up on the trends

Vaping is on the rise with adults all over the world, so don’t buy the nonsense that it’s just something young people are doing. Smokers everywhere are making the transition away from cigarettes and vaping because, among other reasons, it’s more modern. For the same reason we don’t see many people smoking a cob pipe, you’re seeing fewer and fewer people lighting up a cigarette. Old school can be cool, but not when it’s as damaging and nasty as smoking cigarettes can be.


 6. Reduce harm

As we mentioned before, many of the issues connected to smoking cigarettes don’t come from the compound we call nicotine, it comes from the inhalation of burned plant matter and the additives that go into the production of cigarettes. You can take all that out of your life, and bring in a clean, purely extracted nicotine product with no combustion involved. Vapor is much easier on the lungs and doesn’t leave behind the tar that smoking does. It’s even to the point that Canada is considering the encouragement of vaping as a way to kick your smoking habit and reduce harm.


 7. Cool tech

There are all kinds of tech advancements happening in our world, and there are clever few that have made their way to the vaping industry, and many more are on the way. From the powerful hardware that’s able to create quick convection to the app support that some devices have started utilizing, you’re going to be amazed at what the future of vaping looks like.


 8. Not just for nicotine

If you’re trying to kick nicotine out of your life altogether, then there is still space for you in the vaping world. One of the biggest new trends in vaping is the use of CBD juices rather than nicotine-based concentrates. CBD, in short, is a hemp-derived compound that has no psychoactive effects as THC does. It can help with a number of different conditions and ailments and vaping it provides quick, satisfying relief.


 9. The culture

Just because you’re not smoking anymore doesn’t mean you’re kicked out of the smoke break club. Vaping presents a friendly culture that’s filled with people that love to share and swap advice. There’s plenty to talk about, as the vape world is always changing and evolving, so you can feel free to show off your new vape or talk about your favorite flavor ejuices. Vapers are naturally charming folk.


 10. Vaping helps you quit smoking

The statistics tell us that just about every smoker tries quitting the habit at some point in their life. Studies have also shown us, not that we’re surprised, that smokers that vape is more likely to quit. So whether you’ve had someone in your life trying to get you to quit, or you’ve started to notice that morning wheeze, you owe it to yourself to try and quit your smoking habit.


Don’t put it off any longer, and start your transition away from cigarettes now. The exciting world of vaping awaits you in the VaporDNA store!



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I was an occasional smoker only socially and I hated the taste of cigarettes
I have been Vaping for over 2 years now
I did the research on the e juice and vaping and it’s very natural
It’s made of water, vegetable glycerin, nicotine and flavouring
95% healthier and you can control how much nicotine you use in the e juice
I love Vaping and I love my nicotine fix
I encourage everyone to Vape instead of cigarettes
I hope the Vaping industry starts to fight back at the false comments and false accusations on banning the Vaping
This is a political move from the wealthy cigarette companies that want people to stay on cigarettes because they are angry that the Vaping industry is doing well and taking their customers away
Please Vapor DNA and other Vaping companies take a stand for healthy Vaping and fight back, take a stand and promote Vaping
Thank you you are awesome!!!

Scott Wiggins

After 17 years of smoking I decided four months ago but I was tired of and hated the habit. I used to smoke a pack and a half to two packs of Marlboro Reds a day and by the time I decided to quit I was down to a little over a half pack a day just because I hated the taste suddenly and being out of shape despite my slender build. I’m getting back in shape a little more every day, I can breathe and a lot easier and feel healthier overall. With failed attempts at vape pens three years ago that didn’t have the quality to last six months my wife and I both bought a Geek Vape Aegis Solo kit and haven’t looked back. Fruit and candy flavors helped me quit.

Todd Blatnik

I started vaping before it was called vaping. I did it as I couldn’t breathe very well luring down after 37 years of smoking. The supposed dangers were not in the news. All I know is that I can breathe again and doc says lungs sound clear. Vaping has been my life saver as I know I would be smoking (if still alive) if there wasn’t e-cigs.


I quit smoking after 35 years by vaping fruits!!

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