Why Disposable Vape Pens Are A Good Idea For Vapers Amongst the COVID Crisis

Why Disposable Vape Pens Are A Good Idea For Vapers Amongst the COVID Crisis

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Now more than ever, with the outbreak of COVID-19, we need to be looking at our habits and the way we consume things.

Some products and tools are not going to be as health-conscious or adhere to a higher standard of cleanliness in the age of corona.

In this article, we will go through and explain why a disposable vape might be a better option for you keeping up with the rules of the 'new normal.'

Make sure you are taking all the necessary precautions required when it comes to your health and how you buy and consume your vaping pens. Read on to find out the benefits of disposable vapes.

Disposable Vapes are More Sanitary for Yourself

Having a disposable vape means that you are using a vape that is hygienic and isn't affected by overuse or worn away.

The reality is that all vapes have a shelf life. Over time the battery and mouthpiece will become less effective and be prone to leakage and erosion of the vape pen.

Non-disposal vape pens will pick up more germs and be exposed to more environmental factors as you will be carrying it around most of the time. It also may involve it touching various surfaces.

Watch out for the inside of bags, pockets, phones, and other infectious areas. These points of contact will carry additional risks in the age of coronavirus for yourself and how you ingest your vape.

Over some time, your vape will be subjected to all of these contact points. You may be carrying germs or contagions on your actual vape, which you are then placing into your mouth.

It's not an ideal scenario. Bearing in mind that you will be placing the vape into an area that could transmit germs into and around the body.

That is why disposable vapes are a much better option than regular vapes. Because of the single-use capacity, you aren't carrying around an item that will be exposed to so many different elements and virus contact points. 

You still get all the same benefits and delicious flavors, but you can safely throw away your vape after every use. Also, you won't be worried about putting something into your mouth, which isn't clean or sterilized. 

Disposable Vapes are Safer For Others Around You

In an era of Covid-19, people should also be factoring in how their behavior affects other people. Disposable vapes are much better for the people around you, whether they are loved ones or people in your general vicinity. 

Using a disposable vape that has been in contact with fewer virus hotspots will be safer for the people that are in your circle of friends as well as work colleagues and anyone you are co-habiting with.

It's especially significant as vapes use two of the transmittable points on your body, which are the hands and the mouth.

By lowering the amount of time, you are using one vape for will mean the lower risk of transmitting anything to the people directly around you.

Science and government advice is continuing to evolve. But whatever people can do to try and minimize the risks of infection to themselves and others will go a long way to helping eradicate the virus spread.

Disposable vapes are more hygienic and safer for use in a public space. These spaces may have vulnerable groups or people more susceptible to infection.

And when your disposable vape pen runs out, try to take your vape home with you. Then you can dispose of it in your home trash to minimize any further risks to vulnerable groups.

Disposable Vapes Don't Need Regular Maintenance 

The good thing about disposable vapes is that you don't need to maintain it regularly. With regular vapes, you fiddle around with all of the components that go with it to use for charging and refilling. 

All of this maintenance adds additional contact points for any potential infections and handling of the vape.

The battery charger and liquids might not be kept in a sterile or sanitary environment. It could make your vape come into contact with unnecessary germs. 

It is all additional handling and exposure that disposable vapes don't need to do. You simply take it out of the packet, use it until done, and then safely dispose of it.

Also if your vape, can't be fixed or maintained by yourself alone, you might need to take it into a specialized vape shop for repair.

That is something that is not only going to put yourself at risk but also any staff members that might need to work on the device to fix it for you.

And because the device is something that is regularly touched by your hands and mouth, this could be incredibly risky for them to look at without being exposed to any germs. 

You will also have to take into consideration any other people that may be in the shop at the time and the risk this places on them similarly if they have come to get their vape repaired too. 

With disposable vapes, because they won't need to be taken to any vape shop for repairs, this eliminates the risk. That allows you to smoke your disposable vape without fear it will break. 

Buying a Disposable Vape: Where Can I Find Out More?

We hope you have enjoyed this article on why buying a disposable vape can be beneficial in the age of coronavirus.

It is essential that we take the necessary steps in our daily lives to think about the risks we are placing on ourselves and other people.

Together we will be able to minimalize the actions we are taking to protect ourselves and others around us.

That is precisely why a disposable vape might just be the best option for you in 2020 and from now on. If you have any further questions on the benefits of disposable vapes, why not give a try yourself? We have Supergood Disposable Vape Bar for only $5.99! Comes in 3 super good flavors, Strawberry Milk, Hokkaido Cheese Cake and Super Milk!


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