Mark the Date: OCT 7th --- National Save Vaping Day

Mark the Date: OCT 7th --- National Save Vaping Day

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We Vape, We Vote! Vapers need to unite more than ever to fight for our right to vape. Monday October 7th, 2019 is National Save Vaping Day so let us stand for what we believe and show the world the truth to these lies spewing from the lips of the media.

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National Save Vaping Day

The ongoing negative media backlash of false information & unfair bans are sweeping the great nation, hindering our rights to choose a better alternative to smoking and to live a healthier life. We as vapers know what it’s like to have an uncontrollable cough in the morning, afternoon & evening.  We know how it feels to be out of breath just walking up a flight of stairs.  We understand the feeling of not smiling in family pictures because our teeth have yellowed from years of inhaling the toxic smoke of cigarettes.  We know this because we have lived it each and every day for years.  Vaping has not only given us an escape from the destructive force of combustible cigarettes, it has given us hope that we can live a longer life to see our children grow up.  It has given us a whole new life.  One without the hardships of tar and other carcinogens infused so secretly within that little roll of paper and leaves.

It is shocking to us that none of these people are stopping to think about what vaping is truly doing to help public health.  When gums and patches have failed numerous times for millions of people, vaping has stood proudly in helping people quit. The idea of vaping as being a gateway to smoking is such an absurd idea.  We as ex-smokers understand that from vaping, the lingering taste of burnt tobacco in our mouth is no longer a pleasant thought.  The smell of cigarettes on our clothes and stains of yellow from the tar on our sleeves is something we just don’t even want to experience any more. Why would you want to get into this horrible circumstance when you can smell good and not have a disgusting taste in your mouth. Furthermore, the feeling you get from a cigarette is a feeling of being lethargic and sometimes nauseous.  How can something like that sound good to anyone?


Listen to what real vapers saying: 

This following statement was written by Jordan Turner, "I smoked at least a pack a day for 15 years… I’ll never go back to the burning paper and ash taste of smoking.” Here's another statement made by Felicia, "After years of smoking I developed COPD, since I started to vape again my COPD is under control. I don’t have the smell of cigarettes, nor the chemicals put into cigarettes. I definitely don’t miss smoking.”  Another direct statement from Eddie, "I smoked cigarettes for 15 years, 2 packs a day. I could not stop. I tried so many times, and couldn’t even last a day. I saw e-cigs, and thought it was worth a shot. This was in early 2011. From that day, I never touched a cigarette again.” So with these words from real people how can you claim it is a gateway to smoking when none of us vapers would ever go back.

What should be really targeted: 

The Media only focuses on what is presented to them and they stand by without question. They don’t dare to try and look at the issue any other way than how the news wants them to look.  They are told that vaping is evil so in their eyes because it came from the news that is must be true. They don’t try to see it for the positive impact it has had on millions of peoples lives. They won’t listen to the truth because it’s so much easier to hate something than it is to actually accept it. All of these people who are getting ill from vaping are vaping illegally made THC cartridges and e-liquid. Products that have been home made by individuals just to make a quick buck on the black market. These are the individuals who should be targeted as evil.  They are ones targeting our children and they are the ones who are truly to blame for making people ill. 

The Vaping community understands the need for regulation and we have complied to all the rules that have been placed upon the industry since it started to become a true solution to quit smoking. However, these illegally created THC vapes are not complaint and never will and they are the underlying factor in the vaping illnesses. They are the ones who need to be looked hard at and punished, not the vape industry because we have done everything we can to provide a safer alternative to smoking and follow all of the strict rules given to us by our government. Don’t blame someone who has done nothing wrong and don’t look away when we try to tell you who is responsible.


The Truth has been discovered: 

The Following is an NBC News Article that outlines the very truth that the vaping industry is not to blame for all these vape related sicknesses.  It is a scientific test conducted that shows how illegally manufactured THC marijuana vapes are tainted with Hydrogen Cyanide! The following statement is directly from that article stated by the CDC Centers For Disease Control: "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says most of the patients reported using vapes containing THC, the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. Some state health officials have indicated that Vitamin E acetate, a solvent used to "cut" cannabis for use in vape pens, may be responsible for the outbreak.” It is also clear in the article that vapes from legal dispensaries whom actually follow the strict regulation and guidelines of manufacturing vapor products tested negative to any of these dangerous chemicals like heavy metals, pesticides and Vitamin E.  However, samples tested on products from the black market tested positive to all these dangerous chemicals.

You can read and watch the full report by the NBC by click the image below: 

nbc link

Let us stand together and fight!

October 7th is Officially National Save Vaping Day! And to show our stand in the fight we will be donating once again to the American Vaping Association “AVA”.  VaporDNA will be donating 1% of our revenue from the month of October to help in the fight to save vaping because it’s not just a device to us anymore.  Vaping has become our life! We use it so that we have a chance to live better, breathe easier, smile bigger and be happier with our friends, family, and fellow vapers.  


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Joe Magalhaes

Here in Massachusetts Our criminal GOV mr gropey Bakers father Charlie Baker Banned all Vaping products for 4 months After these can’t be trusted gov officials decide vaping fate.How can anyone trust a gov who has a son sexually assaults a women on a plane and he covers the crime He should be ashamed I have no faith this process will be fail

Shaun Belflower

I smoked cigarettes for years and i will admit that i started before the legal age i was 17. A few years ago i went to the doctor because i was coughing up blood and i couldnt go more that 5 minutes (and i mean that literally) with out hacking to the point of seeing stars. My doctor told me i have early stage emphazema and walking pneumonia. He said i had a choice either quit smoking or die…period he said if i didnt quit i would be on oxygen within 2 months and if i still continued to smoke that either my lungs or my throat would give out within 6 months. Over the years i jad tried gums, patches, medication, cold turkey and just about anything else i could find. A friend of mine named chris said he would send me a device for vaping nif i would give it an honest try and i agreed. A week later i received a tesla ciggs 3 mod and a clieto aspire tank. I went to the local shop a hoir from my house to find some ejuice i was carded at the door and the counter because my shop doesn’t play around when it comes to underage vaping. I tried alot of flavors there that day starting with traditional tobacco flavor which i hated everyone. Then i found one that i enjoyed it was a Canolli flavored ejuice i bought a few bottles that day and havent looked back. My last checkup my doctor was FLOORED he said my lungs look better now then they did when i was 16 he asked how i did it and i PROUDLY told him i switch to vaping 3mg freebase juices and he said, and i quote, “That is flatout amazing and can i use your story to tell my other patients that meed to quit but haven’t been successful?” And i said you can and i will even speak to them at a private speech if you want because vaping is in my opinion the BEST way to get people addicted to cigarettes to quit and start to get their loves back. I sent this story to every single one of the people that are trying to ban vaping in every state, department, and office that i could find the info for and i would even be willing to stand face to face with ANY media outlet that thinks vaping is dangerous and give them the cold hard facts and tell them and everyone else in this world what vaping is and what is actually fueling this rampant and frankly stupid paranoia. My name is Shaun Belflower I VAPE I VOTE AND VAPING SAVES LIVES as long as it is done with common sense and you buy from reputable stores and not fron your local drug dealer that is mixing it up in his back room dumping in whatever he wants. Thank you for reading ny story and i hope that all of us that vape can continue to lead our happy HEALTHY lives like we have been

Paulette Hodges

Quit Smoking A Year Ago Vaping Flavors. I Will not go Back To Cigarettes! I Think Our Vape Community will Find A Way. I’m Trying to be Supportive as Much as I know How. Calling, Tweeting, Filling out Petitions. Sad Times for Vapors!!


I truly believe that vaping has added another 10 years to my life. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but I wonder if big tobacco isn’t giving this lie a nudge forward. And how many people died in 2019 alone from smoking cigarettes. We need to come together now because we know the truth!


After almost 40 years smoking… I finally found the solution !!! Vaping is the only healthy, easy and effective method that made me not crave a single cigarette. Vote for this method to continue and grow! I don’t want to go back to the cigar, please !!!

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