10 Real Powerful Vaping Stories from our customers

10 Real Powerful Vaping Stories from our customers

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 We cannot thank our customers enough for taking the time to share their successes in quitting smoking by use of electronic cigarettes under our blog post:   The Truth Behind Recent Lung Illness Outbreak: Is vaping to blame?    To hear their side of the story is a breath of fresh air in this day and age of smoke screens and false media claims. 

With the current news and negative media coverage of the vaping industry now is the time to share your positive experiences with vaping.  The world needs to know that this life saving electronic device needs to be praised not feared. Education is key and there’s no better way to understand and learn then from real people who changed their lives for the better with vaping.


Here are 10 of our favorite comments from real customers

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 from PK

"I smoked for 25 years, no real success at quitting regardless of what I tried. I picked up vaping 2 years ago and it took 4 months to get away from a two pack a day smoker. I did not get a pod system i got an actual vape box mod and tank, well several tanks because it was easier to fill 5 tanks than try swapping flavors in one or 2 tanks. In those two years I went from 6 mg to 0 mg have no cravings for smokes, cloves or cigars. But I cannot seem to put down my 0 nic vape yet. And I am unsure of why that is. For me personally, it helped me 100% to quit smoking cigarettes and quit nicotine. But if i had to do it without different flavors I would have just gone back to cigarettes and failing to quit. Sorry for the grammar and other “ spbellin errers “ " 


from Kimberly Davis

"THANK YOU for sharing this information! All this hype has come forward so quickly, I’ve definitely been one of the people with anxiety about it! I smoked for 30+ years and had tried everything to quit. It wasn’t until I started vaping that I was able to put it down. I started at 18% three years ago, and I’m now down to 3%. I do want to get to 0%, but STILL want to continue vaping, even after my nicotine addiction is gone! I enjoy it! It makes absolutely ZERO sense to stop an adult from making their own decision whether to vape or not, when they are still allowing cigarettes to be purchased! I completely agree with safety regulations or age restrictions, but to ban it completely, especially so quickly, isn’t right! Thanks again for the info!"


from Kelly

"I smoked for 31 years, and on January 24th 2013, I started to vape. I haven’t had a cigarette since, coming up on 7 years. I tried all kinds of ways to quit, nothing worked, except vaping. I’ve never had any issues from vaping. These kids today are using all kinds of things to vape, and that is what’s causing these medical issues with their lungs."


from Froglady507

"I haven’t smoked a cigarette since March 10th, 2017. All thanks to vaping! I started at 18mg of nicotine I am now down to 3mg of nicotine. Since starting to vape I immediately felt my body healing from the damage of smoking cigarettes for 10 plus years. I first vaped the nicotine flavors, over time switching to fruity flavors. From what I have been reading about the recent vaping lung issues, and deaths it seems like most of them were purchasing tampered with THC cartridges from people on the street. Why should they punish adult vapors? I agree with age restrictions. I don’t think kids should be vaping. I don’t see why they would ban vaping when all things considered it is still better for your health compared to disgusting cigarettes. I just had to put my two cents in!"


from Jane Kirkpatrick

"I had been smoking Kool for 50+ years and hand no desire to quit. Less than 2 months after retirement, I had my first stroke and the neurologist told me I had to quit cold turkey but not to let my blood pressure go above 140. I tried but my anxiety caused my blood pressure to jump to 175-185 so I knew that was only making things worse. My son got me what was needed to start vaping and by the third day I couldn’t stand the taste of menthol cigarettes. That was over 2 years ago and my health is great and my blood pressure stars around 100, my neurologist is thrilled."


from Rita Andies

"I was a smoker for 35 years, at a pack a day. I had diagnosed COPD but thill couldn’t quit with patches, gum or prescription drugs. My wonderful daughter in-law introduced me to vaping. I made the change from cigarettes to vaping effortlessly. I have been vaping since 2010 and get sick at my stomach just smelling cigarette smoke. My COPD has NOT advanced one bit, proven through medical tests taken yearly. My Pulmonary doctor knows my history and that I currently vape. He has told me that nicotine is no worse for you than caffeine, it’s the other stuff in cigarettes that kills. Since beginning vaping, I regained my sense of smell and taste. I no longer have the hacking smoker cough, I feel good when I wake up, something I never felt while smoking cigarettes. Anyone that thinks we vape because of the sweet flavors is clearly and idiot. Sorry President Trump and wife, but you know nothing. I’ve been there and done that. Buy from you juice a legitimate dealer ( like VaporDNA ) and you’ll be OK."


from Patricia Fowler

"I smoked for 35 years, and cigarettes were killing me I coughed all the time to the point of throwing up. I stopped smoking 4 years ago with vaping and I had tried everything else out there to stop before and couldn’t do it. Yes I use the fruit flavors, because the tobacco flavored e-liquid does not taste like a real cigarette. At first I wanted the cigarette taste but couldn’t stand the cigarette e-liquid so I tried the fruit flavors and now I don’t want to taste the real cigarette anymore. The various flavors play a role in stopping smoking with vaping. I am down to 3mg and hope to go to 0mg and stop vaping also. I think the fruit flavors help to stop smoking because it makes you realize how bad cigarettes taste and smell, plus giving the nicotine to help. If used the right way vaping is the greatest thing to help smokers stop and it does improve our health. If you ban flavors then some will have no option but to maybe buy from people e-liquid on the black market…. Then we would not know what is in it for sure and that will the situation worse just like the problem with the THC cartridges causing sickness and death. A ban will not stop the black market from making it, all it will cause is a bigger black market for e-liquid, put companies out of business and hurt former smokers and that is not fair at all. A ban is not the answer, I am proof that vaping the right way is safe. I hope you will take former smokers into consideration while making decisions that could change our lives for the worse. Thank You"


from Tami Halliday

"I smoked for 30 years or more I switched to vaping 8 years ago and I haven’t looked back. I use a flavored fruit juice and I’m honestly terrified that the government is going to rid the market of them. Thereby sending me back to cigarettes or purchasing black market juices. I enjoy vaping and yes I’m addicted to nicotine. I didn’t start vaping to quit nicotine I started because it was a healthier alternative. That said I have had smoker cough in 8 years. I haven’t gotten winded running stairs in 8 years. I can breathe better and feel better. It’d be a shame to go backwards when I’ve moved forward"


from Christopher H.

"I smoked cigs for 25 years 2 packs a day; needless to say that crap was killing me; I’ve been vaping for three years now cigarette free; I could not have stopped smoking without vaping. I vape dessert flavors and fruit flavors because grown 42 yo men like that!!!! I’m a disabled Army VFW I served my country the least I can do is not be forced to smoke cigs when a clearly healthier option is available. Please do not ban my flavors because most adults do not want to vape cig flavored e-liquids!"



from Sherri White

"After smoking cigarettes for over 30 years for me and 40 for my husband we quit!!! Vaping has saved our lives. My husband coughed and could not walk a mile. After only 4 weeks of vaping he does not cough and we can go for walks without stopping to rest. We have enjoyed NYC and Vegas last year and walked for miles!!"


So please take the time to share your story as well and let our voices be heard that we will never go back to cigarettes.  We will continue to vape because it has done nothing but better our lives.  No more coughing in the early mornings, no more smelling like an ashtray after lunch and no more buying countless packs and littering the streets with cigarette butts.


We are not just a group of strangers fighting for a common cause. We are a community of friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, aunts and uncles, grandmas and grandpas fighting for our right to live a healthier life.



 Thank you for everyone's support! We just donate to AVA!

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I smoked a solid 2 decades before finding out about vapes, now I haven’t touched a cigarette or cigar in 2 years because of fruit flavors I’m rather sure vaping saved my life.

Cathy Tippey

I stopped smoking in July 2010. Every day was a struggle and the cravings were out of control. I was always one convenience store stop away from starting again and I hated myself for it. Fortunately, a friend of mine had started vaping as a way to stop. He encouraged me to try it as a way to curb the urge to start again. i started out at a high nicotine level and gradually worked my way down to zero. I learned that my nicotine addiction was not the only thing that made me crave cigarettes, but the oral fixation that it satisfied. Vaping now satisfies that fixation and I no longer crave cigarettes in any way. It would be very short-sighted for legislators to work to ban something simply because it is easier than to try to understand it.


I started vaping in 2013 after I was told that my oxygen level was lower than normal & would require supplemental oxygen! It was 89% & normal is 93% to 100%.
I was 59 years old & active. Weight was app. 110 lbs. I also had just finished mowing the lawn right before my doctors appointment-his office is only 2 blocks away too. I had made the appt. due to an abnormal splitting headache I had for 2 days & Advil wasn’t helping at all. Since the human body seeks homeostasis it compensated & reacted by manufacturing more RBC- (Red Blood cells) since they carry the O2 in your blood-so it was thickened & it raised my BP to 210/103!
I’ve been on O2 since 2013 & started vaping. I also had brought my 58 year old husband of 35 years home from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC for his own terminal Renal cell cancer with metastasis to the bones! Very painful!
In early Sept., I wasn’t feeling well & fell to the floor light headed & luckily a phone was nearby & I dialed 911 & was taken to the hospital & I heard the EMT in the ambulance say “lights & sirens” & I was scared to death! My breathing seemed to be fine though. (MY fine)
Long story short-I was admitted for observation through the ER to a regular room with a 103.7* fever, dehydration & terrible painful diarrhea-so my lungs weren’t involved.
At first!
The next day I was admitted to the ICU after the aide couldn’t get a blood pressure. No family had been made aware as yet & I was asked if I had a health care proxy because there was blood in my lungs & they were going to intubate me & be placed on a ventilator & they needed to do it immediately! They made me aware that they were unsure if I’d ever come off of it once it was placed to breathe for me.
My daughter came in from NYC by train within the hour & they placed it
Once they sedated me & the tube was placed-there was blood that shot out of the tube everywhere-I was told & they attempted a bronchial “wash”-to see where the source of the bleeding-which they couldn’t distinguished.
3 days later a “newish”RN tried to suction my tube-(I’m a ICU RN myself) & I gave him the “choke signal” as I could feel the machine was not giving me any breaths. . The ET tube was pulled & was full of blood with a large clot blocking the tube off & they pulled it out & placed me on High pressure nasal vent on 100% O2. Thank God he didn’t attempt suctioning it because it was large & If he hadn’t suctioned the entire large clot-1/2 would have fallen back & blocked my airway. Again! Not good to have a clot in your airway/lung!
I ended up being weaned off of that machine after 2-3 days & placed back on my normal nasal cannula.
I told them that I vaped-beforehand in the ER—but also admitted later my awful denial & I still downplayed it. I felt like such a fool-but I’m just human like everyone else is.
Nicotine is highly addictive & I started at 12-13 years old.
During this time period-my husband was also terminally ill for those years too! It was just not a great timing to quit successfully quit smoking & vaping!. I should have known better but I’ve even vaped a few times since then too! I’m an addict & it’s a powerful addiction!
I have no idea-nor do the doctors-what caused this crisis. It was a lot of stuff all at once.
. I’m back to my O2 as prescribed before-but I will admit I’m addicted to nicotine & I believe it’s even more addictive than Heroin & the powerful opiates like Oxy-Continue because my cigarettes were never far from my right hand!
they desperately need to study this much more comprehensively! Only a fool would state there’s no issues! There clearly are issues-& it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to say so! My personal opinion is that the heat alone affects the alveoli & weakens them. No one inhales heated anything all the day long & can say “Nothin’ to see here-unless you don’t care who it may harm like our POTUS does! C’mon people?
What’s happened to morality & ethical behavior?


I quit cigarettes 4 years ago with making the switch to vaping. I really think government is just using scare tactics to beable to do what they did with cigarettes, put a massive tax on them to say so people will quit because can’t afford the habit, but knowing it’s addictive and chances are low so they will take in tons of tax money. I’m sure many states are feeling the hit from less cigarette sales tax money. Figure a pack a day smoker is paying what about $8 a pack just in taxes on it. Then overnight that is gone because of vaping. How many people smoked cigarettes, and how much of a money loss is that if at least $8 a day per person. They tell us oh this happened to these people from vaping, but it’s such a small percentage of vaping population and they give no background on any of these people wether they had health issues in past where they are more sensitive or even what they vaped with as in device and the pg/vg mixture they were using. It all seems like a repeat of cigarette scare tactics but with vaping. Of course putting anything foreign in the body comes with risks. Look at red meat for example. Overall my health is noticeably better since I made the switch and that’s what I’ll go by

Craig Dailey

I was a 28 year, 1.5 pack a day smoker that discovered vaping in 2014. I heavily researched this new product as I was told it could help get me off the cigarettes. My research turned up no known ill effects, so in early 2015, I took the plunge. As of March 5, 2015, I have now been a non-smoker with absolutely no ill effects for 4.5 years and counting. Nearly every type of program prior had never worked for me, yet this one stuck. I am now a 0 mg nicotine, flavor chasing fool. I love the builder aspect of making my own coils in my many RTA’s. I will never go back to cigarettes, but I really don’t think the full story is being told regarding what is causing all of the so called “vaping illnesses and deaths”. One common denominator in nearly all cases is THC. You will get tons of blow-back if that’s involved, since nearly every state is trying to convince us of it’s “great medicinal properties” (WHEN USED PROPERLY). Used properly is the key to that phrase. I will do whatever I can to fight this proposed ban as it has probably saved my life!!

Jordan Turner

I smoked at least a pack a day for 15 years… I’ll never go back to the burning paper and ash taste of smoking. Vaping changed my life, homelife, work life, pretty much everything that took 5 to 7 minute breaks and made my clothes stink. Hope this big tobacco lobby BS doesnt stand.

Sheila Hebda

I used to smoke cigarettes at least two packs of day one day I decided to try the e-cigarette instead of buying a carton of cigarettes I had a ring around my lung spots on my lung and when I stop the cigarettes and I started smoking the e-cigarette and the flavored juice do you know that my lungs cleared up I have no more ring around them no more spots on them and I do not smoke cigarettes I do the e-cigarette


I have smoked for 43 yrs, over half my life. I tried to quit using the patches, but did not succeed. A friend told me about vaping and I decided to try it. IT WORKED!!!! I recently went through a life event that led me to pick up smoking cigarettes. I then quit the cigarettes cold turkey by going back to vaping. After years of smoking I developed COPD, since I started to vape again my COPD is under control. I don’t have the smell of cigarettes, nor the chemicals put into cigarettes. I definitely don’t miss smoking. I don’t use the vape near as much as I did cigarettes. I am using low amount of nicotine and will eventually go back to 0%. As for Trump, he needs to concentrate more on running the country and leave us vapors alone. Kids are going to experiment any way it goes. I would much rather see them without, but that is not realistic. Let’s be real kids are going to vape fruit flavors or not as they are easier to hide then a pack of cigarettes not to mention the smell of cigarettes giving them away. I myself will not quit vaping as I do not believe all the hype the government is putting out. I go by how I feel and the fact that I quit smoking cold turkey using vape, no withdrawals for me. I don’t know about others but I am sick of government putting their nose in what I do. It’s my body and my choice. I am willing to fight the good fight if they push this issue.

Dave Beard

Stop spaming my email!!!!!

Sean Burns

This is just a push by big tobacco to get are kids back on cigarettes! Don’t think for a moment that it not, otherwise they would report the truth and do real study’s on vaping, most of the study’s done with negative reports are done by big tobacco!

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