Top 6 Vape Trends of 2020

Top 6 Vape Trends of 2020

ALEX ZEIG2 comments

We made it, folks. 2019 is officially behind us and now we’re all antsy to find out what 2020 has in store for us. And, if your a vaping enthusiast like so many people around the world have become, you’ve got plenty to look forward to. We at VaporDNA are always keeping track of the trends coming down the pipeline and how it’s going to affect our fantastic base of customers. So here’s our list of the vaping trends we see forming in 2020, and why you might want to jump on board.


  1. More E-liquids, Lower Nicotine Strength

Since the Trump administration has walked back from their earlier, more aggressive statements regarding a ban on all flavored e-cig products, we could see some small changes in the e-liquids people are buying. Since vaping is so fashionable at the moment, people seem to be enjoying vaping as a social activity and a hobby, and not as an addiction. With all the fun, tasty e-liquids out on the market, we’re going to see more people sampling these flavors, but not everyone is comfortable consuming lots of nicotine. That’s why we’re predicting a big jump up in the variety of e-liquids you’ll see available, especially those with a lower dose of nicotine.


Although nicotine is not all that harmful on its own, as many of the lung illnesses associated with smoking are attributed to the burning and inhalation of plant matter and the additives that go into cigarette production. Watch out for a wave of low nicotine vape juices for all the new vapers trying out the hobby in 2020.


  1. Big Box Mods

While there won’t be a sweeping ban of flavored vape juices like we were told late in 2019, there could be some restrictions put in place in the near future. The most notable of those potential changes is the limitation of flavored pods and cartridges. We could see a ban on these flavored cartridges in 2020, outside of menthol and tobacco flavors, which would put a serious damper on popular products such as the Juul.


It’s tough to predict exactly how people will respond to this switch, but the impact will no doubt be felt on the production side of the industry. One-use pods like the ones the federal government is considering banning are extremely convenient and easy to use. The next most convenient and intuitive delivery method of flavored e-juices is the classic box mod. While it’s not as easy as simply swapping between cartridges, a refillable tank with a hefty box mod is an accessible option for new and veterans vapers. Look for more powerful, elaborate box mods to be more prominent in the vaping marketplace going forward.


  1. Sub-Ohm tanks make a return

To go along with all the trend chasers, you’re going to have many folks that make the choice to dive deep into the vaping world. One thing that just about every vaper can respect is releasing a fat cloud after a nice, long drag from your vape device. Not many of the vape options out there can compete with a sub-ohm tank’s ability to create dense clouds of vapor and satisfying draws. For this reason, we foresee an uptick in the sub-ohm tanks getting used out there. Combine these satisfying rips with a lower nicotine dosage and you’ve got a recipe for a hobby people will be taking with them everywhere they go.


  1. The revival of 18650 Batteries

If we’re going to have to start phasing these convenient, powerful little pods out of our lives, people are going to be looking for a similar kind of quality and efficiency from their hardware. The 18650 battery was one of the most used batteries in vape devices before pods became all the craze, and we believe they’re going to make a resurgence among vapers. It’s a lithium-ion battery that takes a charge very quickly and holds it for your next several vape sessions. It’s reliable and comes in a small enough form factor that people will start pairing it with their sub-ohm tanks to make sure they’re getting only the best vapor quality possible.


  1. RDA and rebuildables make its shine again

With so many people being introduced to vaping in the last year or two, the new restrictions being put into place could result in a group of these new vapers going the more committed route. That means that rebuildable tanks that allow for maximum customization are going to start coming back into the fold the way they were years ago. Whether you’re using a drip delivery system or something a little less fussy, rebuildables allow users to really dial in their flavors and dosage with every use, something that those cartridges never really provided. They tend to be a bit more work, but if you really want the perfect vape for you, an RDA or rebuildable setup might be just what you need in 2020.


  1. New brands are raising

Juul is so last century in 2020. The 1st Big Hit of the year will definitely be PUFF BAR!  With endless choices of flavors, you will definitely find a bunch you like.  As a convenient disposable vape pen with affordable price, Puff Bar is very easy to be incorporated into your daily life. Once you tried it, you will probably come back and get more.


Here are what our real customers said:

“All the Flavors I tried are Great!”

  I go through them too fast!”

 “Need More!”


In 2020, we hope to see more innovative brands like Puff Bar to hit the Market.  Vape On!


Sure, there’s a little uncertainty around vaping right now and what kind of regulation we could see in the near future. But with an industry full of innovators and a base of customers that love the products they come out with, vaping isn’t going anywhere in 2020. To find the build that works for you on the VaporDNA store and get what you need today!



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Helen E Reed

Spot on. What the general public probably does not consider, but as a vaping, voting health care professional I consider daily is that there is way more money in heart disease, high blood pressure, cancers and all the related diseases caused by smoking cigarettes than there is in eradicating or reducing these illnesses. The costs of medical care and medication to treat these diseases is in the billions of dollars. Along comes vaping, viewed by Big Tobacco and the FDA as a viable threat to all that money. Isn’t it a sad commentary that Big Tobacco couldn’t have gotten on board with the vaping industry, supporting independent small businesses and responsibly participating in a pastime that is not only fun but a proven safer alternative to cigarettes. I have met so many fun, creative and engaging young people in the vaping industry and been introduced to so many flavors and methods of vaping. It could have revolutionized a large portion of health care. I like the fact that two hospitals in Great Britain have added vape shops right by the front entrance. Hello!

John Silva

I have 1 comment. Trumps flavor ban on pods will hand pods to big tobacco. The ban covers all flavors but the ones Juul sells.
What is really needed and the cure for under18 vaping is to cap the nicotine level to 20 or 25 ml.
The kids are in it for the nic buzz.
I believe the vaping industry will be burned to the ground for MSA money’s and if it kills a few thousand more people “who cares”.

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