Top 10 Products to Buy After The Flavored Vape Ban

Top 10 Products to Buy After The Flavored Vape Ban


The ban on flavored vapes is finally into effect. While everybody at VaporDNA is a little bummed out by that, we believe that vapers still deserve the very best that this industry could offer. And we also believe that, in time, the federal government will come to its senses and we’ll end up being able to vape all these delicious, creative flavors at some point in the future. Until then, our storefront is going to continue being loaded with outstanding vape products, and we think it’s important to celebrate them despite the new restrictions. So here are the ten products you should buy after the flavored vape ban.


1. Suorin RENO

Sometimes, beauty lies in the simplicity of a product. The Suorin Reno celebrates that concept by creating a powerful, easy-to-use pod system that delivers some of the smoothest vapor you’ll find since the flavored vape ban. It has a certain weightiness to it that makes the device feel reliable and sturdy, while still fitting into a slight form factor that easily slides into small purses and pockets. What you’ll probably love most about the Suorin Reno is the quick charging time. Using a USB-C connection, the Reno is going to charge from dead to full in less than one hour. With that kind of speed, you’ll have your vape ready for the day as long as you’ve got it plugged in while you finish up the morning routine.


2. Orion Q pro

With one of the most attractive aesthetic designs on the vaping market, the Lost Vape Orion Q Pro has to be considered for anyone that cares about the stylistic choices of their vape device. With a wide variety of choices in terms of color and overall artistic design, you’ll be getting a vape cartridge system that truly feels like it fits your lifestyle. And while the cool exterior is a highlight for the Orion Q Pro, you won’t have any issue with the vapor quality coming from this thing. The flavored vape ban means you can’t quite get all the fun flavors you want, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with your vape.


3. Smok Nord 2

Smok released one of the most user friendly vape devices you’ll find anywhere when they put out the Nord 2. This is a no-fuss, no-hassle vape the delivers consistently quality vapor. It’s easy to refill the pods with whatever vape juice you’d like, so the Smok Nord 2 makes for an ideal portable vape. It’s small and simple with a nice honeycomb outer design that makes the vape stylish, but nothing close to gaudy. The Smok Nord 2 is a surprising little vape.


4. Suorin Air Plus

Unlike the Suorin Reno that was featured earlier in this list, the Suorin Air Plus has a little flash to go with it’s excellent vaping capabilities. The “Plus” version of the Suorin Air provides a slightly larger battery and a slightly higher voltage so you can rip some nice-looking clouds out of this handy little device. It’s a bit bigger in size than the Suorin Air, this one being more comparable to the size of a small cell phone rather than a credit card, but it still fits nicely into pockets and purses. The flat, thin design gives it a distinct look that doesn’t compromise on build quality.


5. Uwell caliburn

It’s slight and unassuming, but make no mistake, the Uwell Caliburn is going to be one of your favorite new vape devices, even if you can’t vape all the flavors you were so in love with. The Caliburn doesn’t get to fancy in its aesthetic, but it makes up for all that by having a full, flavorful vape with every puff. This device doesn’t overwhelm you with features and flashy design, but it’s going to produce exactly the kind of vapor you want every time you pull it out of your pocket.


6. YAMI Taruto

If we’re talking about products you need to try before the flavor ban actually goes into effect, then you absolutely must try the Taruto flavor from Yami. Anyone looking for a satisfying dessert vape experience has to try this vanilla custard flavored dream of a vape juice. Right down to the flaky, airy flavor of a pie crust, Taruto is sure to satisfy the taste buds.


7. Naked Hawaiian POG

Naked, staying true to its name, specializes in flavors that get down to the very essence of what you’re vaping. In the case of the Hawaiian POG, you’re in for one of the most popular fruit flavors in the vape world. With crisp, refreshing notes of orange that are balanced out by the smooth deliciousness of guava nectar. Try this while you still can. It’s a vacation in an exhale.


8. Reds apple iced

Icey and delicious, Red’s Apple Iced flavor of e-juice will knock your socks off with all this intense flavor. Initially, you’re struck by the sweetness of a ruby red apple, but then your senses are tingling from the powerful menthol flavor that finishes this off. Not for the faint of flavor, this vape juice from Red’s is not one to be missed.



With all the craziness surrounding CBD, it’s nice to see some simple, accessible products making their way onto the market. While it’s not flavored, these full-spectrum CBD distillate cartridges are just what you need to get your head right and your body moving. While CBD edibles and tinctures are a good way to get CBD into your system, nothing is going to compare to the instant satisfaction and convenience of these pocket-friendly vape cartridges. Try the Urth brand CBD for quality CBD and excellent hardware.



Using CBD in your daily life doesn’t have to be complex. You don’t need all the edibles, the cartridge and battery combos, the tinctures, etc. to get what you need from CBD. Sometimes, you just need one of these simple little disposable pens from Lift. Each pen will be 200mg of hemp grown CBD that’s delivered in a smooth puff of your vape. Don’t overthink your CBD intake, just get something that works.


Don’t let the flavor ban get you down! VaporDNA and the rest of the vaping community are going to be right here with you in this crazy, ever-changing world. Make sure to check out the fine products featured on this list to keep your enthusiasm for vaping high and your spirits higher!


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