The Evolution of the Vaping Device

The Evolution of the Vaping Device

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If you are new to the world of vaping and researching to find the best vape device for your needs, a little history lesson will go a long way in helping you to make the most informed choice for your vaping experience.

Over the last decade, vaping has become a popular alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Based on consumer feedback there have been many advances in technology, flavors, and a variety in styles being offered.

The history of vaping goes back longer than you might imagine! Let's take a look at how vaping has changed over the years.

The Evolution of the Vaping Device From 2012 - 2021

Research and experimentation in developing an E-cigarette go back as far as the 1920s. 

The closest invention to modern-day vapes is the E-cigarette created in 2003 by Hon Lik. This type of replacement cigarette featured a simple design of cartridge, atomizer, and battery. It also produced cloud-like vapor that copied the physical sensation of smoking.

In the history of vaping timeline, 2012 is a significant year in the history of vaping. As more consumers began to experiment with using vape devices, attention from mainstream media and government research came into focus.  It is also considered the year that vape device manufacturers and vape consumers came together to form a voice to inform the public and protect the rights of vape enthusiasts.

Development of Vape Mods

What is a mod? The word mod means a vaping device that can be modified. The basic construction of a mod features an atomizer, tank, coils, and battery. Mods are attractive to vape users that enjoy being able to personalize their devices. 

Let's look at the differences among types of mods and how their design affects the vape experience. 

Mechanical Mods

The first vape mod is popular among advanced vape users because it offers the most customization. It is mechanical in the way the user has control over tailoring the intensity of flavor and the density of clouds produced.

Although the tech design is rather simple, the complexity of knowledge required from the user is advanced. Since the operation of mech mods are totally in the hands of the user, knowledge of Ohms Law and a basic understanding of electricity is needed for a safe experience.

Mech mods come in a box style or tube. The style you choose will depend on the way you want the device to feel in your hand, battery power, and customization options.

Regulated Mods

As safety concerns began to develop about mechanical mods overheating and even exploding, vape device manufacturers took to developing technology that would regulate a vape's settings. 

There are so many styles of regulated mods to choose from, but the basic difference between a mechanical (unregulated) mod and a regulated mod is user control.

Regulated mods have an actual circuit board operated by a microchip designed to regulate the wattage coming from the battery.  Many models also feature a viewable screen that gives the user information about temperature level and battery life.

Aside from protecting the consumer, regulated power also protects the vape device. Most models feature a ten-second shut-off to both preserve the battery and also protect against overheating E-juice.

Chip Updates

Just as you download updates for your phone and computer, there are firmware updates to watch for on your vape device. Remember, it is a device and must be maintained for an optimal vape experience and safety.

You can update your vape device by plugging the USB into a computer or phone charger with a USB port.  Technological advances in vape devices even offer Bluetooth capability!


The Pod

Vape lovers looking for an easier-to-use, no-fuss vape scene fueled the development of the pod style of vape device. 

Vape pods use the same type of technology as a mod but with a lower temperature and less power.  This setup makes the pod ideal for salt nicotine.

Salt nicotine comes from the leaves of tobacco plants. It also has a higher concentration of nicotine.

Many pod lovers favor the closed style of the device and the convenience of not having to mess with freebase nicotine E-juice. There are also open tank systems that allow the user to change out the pod and use E-juice.


Juul Style Vape Pen

As opposition to both regular cigarette smoking and vaping began to arise with attempts at government regulation, many consumers in the vape community began to voice the desire for a more discreet handhold and reduction of vaping clouds.

A Juul device has a very sleek design similar to a USB device. The first vape pen to offer the simplest setup. You charge them in a USB drive and insert a pod.

Many Juulers enjoy the simple safety feature of a warning light to indicate the level of battery life left.  It makes vaping a relaxing experience because there are no switches or overwhelming tech knowledge needed. 

There's also no mess from drip-style E-juice. Just click in a new flavor pod when ready. The Juul offers flavor options in menthol and tobacco flavors that consumers looking to quit regular cigarettes find as a great replacement cigarette.

Disposable Vape Bar

Talk about convenience!

With a disposable vape bar, you enjoy and throw away. Consumers who opt for disposables are looking for ease of use but do not want to sacrifice a good vape and flavors.

Disposables also use salt nicotene. Many styles offer a choice in the level of nicotine preferred.

These are non-rechargeable devices. They come pre-charged and prefilled with vape juice. If you're looking for variety in flavors and ease of use, a disposable vape bar may be a good choice.

Find Your Best Vaping Experience 

Whether it's your first vape or you're looking to expand your cloud horizons, keep in mind that the vape community is here to stay and technology continually develops to bring you the best experience and convenience of use every day.

Now that you have a basic knowledge of all of the different options available in vaping, check out our site to find the right vape device for you.

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