The 5 Most Flavorful Disposable Vape Bars We Can't Get Enough Of

The 5 Most Flavorful Disposable Vape Bars We Can't Get Enough Of

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E-cigarette use has vastly increased in the last decade. As we forge ahead boldly into the 2020s, vape use will most likely only increase. If you're one of the millions of Americans who vape, you're certainly not alone. 

The popularization of vape products also means you have more options than you ever had before. If you've ever heard of disposable vape bars, you probably have two questions: what are disposable vape bars, and what are the best vape flavors? 

This article will be your guide to the best vape bar products. Keep reading to learn more.

What Are Disposable Vape Bars? 

Disposable vape bars are a specific type of vape, designed for quick use. Since the federal ban on pod-based vaping, manufacturers have been relying on other ways to get consumers the vape products they need. 

A disposable vape bar is all one component — nothing needs to be added to smoke. It comes with a certain amount of e-juice in it, and once it runs out it can't be used anymore. This makes cleanup and organization a lot easier for you. 

A big advantage of a vape bar is its price. JUULs could go for up to fifty dollars, and even then you needed to buy pods. If you lost your JUUL you had to worry about shelling another fifty to smoke. 

Disposable vapes are a great, quick option — especially for beginners. If you lose or break one vape, you're only out a couple of dollars, and can easily buy another one.

Now that you know about the advantages of disposable vape bars, let's look at some of the best vape bars. Since each vape comes with a flavor built-in, the flavor is extra important. 

1. Switch Mods Disposable Vaporizer 

The first item on our list is the Switch Mods Disposable Vaporizer. This vape is an incredibly affordable option, now going for only $6.99.


The design is long, angular, and sharp, similar to the popular appearance of JUULS and coming in a variety of colors. With this vape, you get 300 puffs, so it'll last you a couple of days; great for beginners. 

Its design is specially made not to leak, so you don't need to worry about wasting juice. 

It comes in over twenty-three flavors, so you have options. Reviewers have been quick to note that Strawberry Banana and Lychee Ice are two of the best flavors out there. 

Since it's so cheap, it could be smart to start stocking up on them!

2. Ezzy Super Disposable Vaporizer 

Coming up next on our list is the Ezzy Super Disposable Vaporizer. These go for a bit more, at $10.29, but there's a good reason why. 


The design is feminine and unique, suggesting a lipstick tube. It contains the same anti-leak guarantee. With this Ezzy vape, you get 800 puffs, which will take you through most of the week. 

This vape comes in nineteen flavors, with some very unique options to choose from. One five-star reviewer notes that "the pina colada is perfection". We tend to agree. 

3. Air Bar Lux Disposable Vaporizer 

The third vape bar product you should know about is the Air Bar Lux Disposable Vaporizer. It costs a dollar and a half more than the previous entry, but also has its advantages. 


First of all, this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing-looking items on this list, featuring a sleek, metallic, modernist build. Its chassis lights up, and it comes packed with enough juice for 1000 puffs — enough to last you a whole week. 

But that's not all, this product comes in twenty-two flavors. Reviewers have noted the consistency of Air Bar's products and shown a preference for the Banana Ice flavor. 

With all of its advantages and slightly higher prices, this product is best for someone who's already into vape products and is looking to step up their game. However, it can also be good for beginners looking to jump right into the deep end.

4. Ezzy AF Disposable Vaporizer 

This one's exciting. The Ezzy AF Disposable Vaporizer costs $13.99 and earns its price. Its look is simple but multicolored, flashy but refined. 


This vape provides you with 1500 buffs, enough to last you a week and a half to two weeks. It comes in only eleven flavors, but the flavors are high quality. A five-star reviewer referred to this product as the best on the market, and many of the customers recommend the Peach Ice flavor.

If you're someone who's more into vaping, this vape is a must-have.  

5. Puff Labs Boss Max Disposable Vaporizer

Last but not least, the granddaddy of them all, the Puff Labs Boss Max Disposable Vaporizer. Sporting a multi-colored appearance, gilded top, and clear mouthpiece, the Puff Labs Boss Max announces its presence as soon as you look at it. 


This one's a heavy hitter, providing any buyer with 3500 puffs — enough to get you through the whole month. It has a Sub-Ohm-style coil, which is guaranteed to improve flavor. 

It costs twenty bucks, so anybody looking at this product should be a committed vape user. 

This big vape comes in only eight flavors, but those flavors are all premium. We recommend the Blue Razz Ice and the Grape Strawberry flavors, but you really can't go wrong with this one. This is the perfect product for an experienced vape user.

Buy the Best Vape Flavors

The past decade has solidified vapes as a popular, healthier alternative to smoking. Many different vape pen flavors are out there; you can even find vape flavors without nicotine. If you're someone who uses vape products, disposable vape bars should be on your radar. 

Once you've understood what disposable vape bars are, and checked out the various products by Switch Mods, Ezzy, Air Bar, and Puff Labs, nothing is stopping you from getting the most out of your vape dollar. You have access to the best vape flavors right now!

If you're looking for more vape products, check out our what's new section.



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