Finding the Best Vape to Pair With Your Morning Coffee

Finding the Best Vape to Pair With Your Morning Coffee


Did you know that 64% of American adults drink coffee every day? If you're one of them, then you probably can't get the day started until you've had your cup of java.

While many people have toast or a croissant with coffee, that might not be enough for you. Maybe you need a few puffs of your vape to really get your day going.

In that case, what are the best vape juice flavors that go with fresh brew? Read on to find out!

Hawaiian POG

Are you used to having a glass of OJ with your breakfast, along with your cup of coffee? Then Hawaiian POG can be a fantastic vape flavor to try.

This vape juice has a bunch of tropical fruits in it, with orange juice being the prominent flavor. You'll also get hints of passionfruit and guava.

Together, all 3 flavors come together to wake up your taste buds and make you feel like you're on a little Hawaiian vacation. Hawaiian POG gives you just a bit of sweetness to balance out your java.


Maybe you like to start off your day with a delicious Chinese egg tart that goes down smoothly with your coffee. But those things can be high in calories and you might not always have a supply in your house.

In that case, Taruto is here to the rescue. Out of all the options on this vape flavors list, this is probably the most unique one. Taruto by Yami Vapor has been carefully developed so that with each hit you take, you feel like you're taking a bite out of a warm, flaky egg tart.

When you give this vape flavor a try with your first daily cup of coffee, there's no way you can have a bad day after that!

Really Berry

Are you a fan of pie? And do you like tart flavors? Then begin your day with a few hits of Really Berry from Naked 100.

This vape juice has a main flavor of blueberries and blackberries, which will make you feel as if you're biting into a slice of pie. Not only that, but your tastebuds will be shocked with just a bit of a taste of lemon sugar.

Really Berry's slight tartness will give a little extra oomph to those who find it hard to wake up in the morning, even with a strong cup of joe.

Frosted Amber

Have you ever baked a tray of cookies then slowly eaten a few with each waking? They do pair so wonderfully with coffee, don't they? But if you're watching your waistline, you can quickly find yourself ballooning if you keep up this habit.

One of the best vape juice flavors for scratching that morning cookie itch is Frosted Amber. This vape juice used to be named Frosted Sugar Cookie, so you know it'll hit the spot.

This flavor from Twist E-Liquids has a light taste that'll definitely balance out the strong, heavy taste of black coffee. As its former name implies, Frosted Amber tastes like a sugar cookie, with hints of vanilla whenever you take a hit.

When you have this vape juice loaded up, you'll enjoy pure decadence that'll make everything seem alright.

Banana Amber

For those of you who want a nice selection of cookie flavors to vape during breakfast, here's a fantastic one from Twist E-Liquids again.

Banana Amber blends together all the complex flavors of banana oatmeal cookies that you'll swear you're biting into one whenever you use your vape. You'll have warm and fuzzy feelings, and they won't be coming from your coffee either. This vape juice flavor will satisfy any craving for a warm oatmeal cookie!

Killer Kustard

We know—custard is typically a dessert, but aren't many of the other flavors on this list as well? The fact is, you can always have dessert for breakfast! You're an adult, after all.

Killer Kustard from Vapetasia offers a heavenly vanilla custard vape juice that'll perfectly complement your steaming cup of coffee. It'll have you feeling so content that all the troubles of the world will just melt away.


Maybe you're someone who doesn't like junk food. Instead of egg tarts and cookies, you have some fresh fruits as breakfast.

If this sounds like you, then here's another e-juice by Yami Vapor. Juusu has flavors of apples, peach, and lychee, which are not only wholesome, but very light and airy on the tongue too.

This vape flavor might be just what you need to power through your healthy diet. When you pair it with some strong coffee, you'll feel like you can conquer the world.

American Patriot

This is for those former cigarette addicts out there!

It's no secret that smokers like to wake up, light up, and sip on their brew. Maybe you've quit recently, but still miss that morning routine (and taste!).

Instead of picking the habit back up, go for the next best thing: tobacco-flavored e-juice. American Patriot by Naked 100 is a vape flavor that certainly won't disappoint. You'll swear you're actually smoking a cigarette!

Get the Best Vape Juice Flavors to Go With Your Morning Coffee

Now you have a list of the best vape juice flavors that'll go with your morning cup of coffee. From tastes of Chinese egg tart and cookies to tropical fruits, there's a whole world of exciting and even exotic vape juices to try.

As you can see by now, there are a ton of the best vape flavors to try so you can start your day off right. Why not see what they have to offer? There's bound to be an e-juice or two that'll hit the spot!

If you're in the market for a new vape, or just want another for convenience's sake, then take a look at our selection now.

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