SvoëMesto Kayfun BB Alternative Chamber


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SvoëMesto Kayfun BB Alternative Chamber

SvoëMesto releases two different alternative chamber options for the Kayfun BB Boro Bridge. These chamber options will allow you to fine tune and bring out the more nuanced flavors from your e-liquid. There are two chamber options to choose from depending on what type of liquid you vape. 

Sweet Chamber: This conical stepped chamber geometry tends to enhance the "sweet" notes while at the same time catering to more aggressive builds. This chamber shines at reducing heat transfer to the body, due to the higher ceiling. SvoëMesto recommends using this chamber if your vaping natural tobacco flavors, or single flavor liquids. 

Complex Chamber: The Complex Chamber features a rounded and stepped internal shape, in effect making the chamber slightly more condensed. This chamber is great for more diverse and nuanced flavors, such as fruity or creamy e-liquids. 

Product Includes:
  • 1 x SvoëMesto Kayfun BB Alternative Chamber

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