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Mission XV KB2 EVO Conversion Kit *Does not come with KB2 Deck

For those customers that already own a KB2, Mission XV brings you the KB2 EVO Conversion Kit. This will allow you to convert your original KB2 into the EVO version without having to purchase the full KB2 EVO bridge. Please note, the conversion kit does not come with a KB2 build deck. Inside the conversion kit, you are given a KB2 EVO barrel made out of white PET-P, a matte stainless steel chimney, a PVD coated top cap, a PVD coated lock nut, and finally the EVO black peek chamber reducer.

Installing your reducer just takes a few simple steps. Remove the black peek chamber reducer from the spares bag. Unthread your airflow pin from the bottom of the deck. This will allow for the deck to come apart. Remove the metal and white peek insulator from the bottom of the post. Then insert the post into the black chamber reducer/insulator (may require tweezers to sit the post flush). Now line up the newly assembled insulator and post back onto the deck, and screw in your desired airflow pin. You now have your new reduced KB2 EVO deck ready to build and wick!

Switching to the dotBoro system:

For those users who want to use the Mission XV KB2 EVO bridge in side of their dotAIO, there are just a couple of steps you need to follow to fit the KB2 inside the dotBoro tank. First, remove the bottom threaded ring from your KB2. Replace this ring with the dotboro threaded ring that comes sitting inside your dotBoro tank. Finally, remove the original chimney and locking ring, the dotBoro tank comes with it's own downsized chimney to allow the kb2 to fit into into the dotBoro tank. You can tighten this chimney into the KB2 from the top of the dotBoro tank. You can use the key chain tool that is provided with your KB2 bridge. 

Mission  XV dotBoro KB2 Conversion Kit

Mission XV KB2 EVO Bridge Includes :

  • 1 x KB2 EVO Conversion Kit
  • 1 x PET-P EVO Barrel 
  • 1 x Matte Stainless Steel Chimney 
  • 1 x PVD-Coated Top Cap 
  • 1 x PVD-Coated Lock Nut
  • 1 x EVO Black Peek Chamber Reducer 

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