Top 5 Vape Trends of 2021

Top 5 Vape Trends of 2021


Do you want to stay tuned to the latest vape trends?

E-cigarettes or vape electronics only became popular in recent years. However, the E-cigarette industry continues to build its consumer base. In the US, over 8.1 million adults used E-cigarettes or vape devices.

Because the technology around vaping improves fast, it can be difficult to keep up with the news. To help you keep up, we listed down the top 5 current vape trends. Read below to discover what they are.

1. Disposable Vape Tanks

Your device's vape tank is where all the magic happens. It's responsible for holding the juice, heating up the coils, and creating the flavorful vapor that people enjoy making clouds out of. As you can imagine, this much work means that there's a lot of maintenance to do on these tanks.

The slightest kink in the works can cause the device to malfunction. The coils can stop working, causing the entire rig to fail. It will become a waste of your juice since you can't it anymore.

You'll also need to fork over some money to have your tank fixed. What's worse is that persisting in using a broken tank can be dangerous.

This is why disposable vape tanks are becoming a trend in 2021. By using these, you won't need to worry about tank maintenance. You'll only need to pick a flavor, pick between regular or sub-ohm tanks, and vape away.

What's great is that even prominent brands will get into the disposable tank trend. Innokin's GoMax tube is a great example. This disposable tank brings power, flavor, and capacity to any rig.

2. Powerhouse Pod Systems

The first vape sticks had a simple design. They were sleek, often resembling a cigarette stick. They weren't the most powerful of rigs, only delivering a few puffs for the user.

Now, there are mods that allow the user to keep taking a long drag without stopping. These powerful rigs carry enough power and juice to last around 300 puffs with ease. However, this makes them large and bulky, which many people dislike about the new box mods.

Some want the sleek design for their devices, and powerhouse pod systems deliver that experience. These are small containers that hold enough juice for a user to last a long while, and they have enough power to help you generate big clouds.

Their small size and power make them popular as portable vapes. While all vape rigs are portable in a sense, powerhouse pod systems are small enough to fit in your pocket.

What makes them even more attractive is that they come in different styles and colors. Such pod systems introduced by Smok give people tons of options for people to enjoy.

3. Hybrid Pod Mods

Pod mods started out as a gimmick in the vape industry. They were more of a way for users to try out different juices on a whim. Once the pod ran out of juice, the user would discard it to make way for new mods.

Nowadays, pod mods are more of a way for users to customize their vaping experience. Tons of mods bring power, ease of use, or flavor combinations to a rig. What's more, there are now hybrid mods that allow a user to do more with a single device.

An example of this is the GeekVape Aegis Boost Mod. This mod gives the user tons of functions and features that they can enjoy. The most obvious change in this mod is in the interface.

Here, you have full control over the device. You have four different vape experience that you can switch to with the touch of a finger. This allows you to switch between different settings for different intensities with ease.

This mod also has a USB-C port. This ensures that it can charge its batteries as fast as possible.


4. CBD Vape Juice

CBD vape juice is setting up to be one of the successful vape industry trends. This is thanks to the health benefits of CBD oil. More states are also making it legal as they're now seeing it as more of a benefit than an abusive drug.

What's great about this trend is that there will be tons of options on the market. This is because of the different strains producing oils with different potencies. It makes for great vape marketing trends that businesses can use to their benefit.

5. Disposable Vape Bars Have Longer Lifespans

Disposable vapes have been the go-to pods for casual vapers. This way, they wouldn't have to worry about device maintenance, but get to enjoy vaping as much as the next guy. The only problem with these disposable bars was that they had a minuscule lifespan.

This made them an expensive long-term investment as you had to keep buying your vapes to replace the previous ones. What's great is that you can look forward to vapes with better lifespans this year!

The Helix Bar Max and the Xtra Max disposable vape both have impressive longevity. They can last up to 1500 puffs with ease. This means that you can more out of your buck every time you get one of these for recreational use.

It can last longer than the average vape box without the need for recharging. It's a great way to try out different flavors to see if you like how they taste without making too much of a commitment unlike when you're buying an e-juice container. 

Stay Informed With The Latest Vape Trends

That ends our list of the top five vape trends of 2021. We hope you enjoyed reading about the latest trends in the vaping industry. We hope you learned something new about the industry that will help you make smart decisions.

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