Open Pod System vs Disposable Pod System

Open Pod System vs Disposable Pod System

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So you’ve finally decided that you want to join the vaping phenomenon and you’re looking to buy your first vaporizer. One thing that seems to intimidate the new folks is the massive variety you’ll find in products out there on the vape market, but one of the most basic, but also one of the most important decisions you’re going to make is whether or you’ll use a disposable pod system or an open pod system.


We at VaporDNA believe that our customers deserve to know what’s best for their lifestyle and their budget. If you’re picking up the hobby, then this is a great starting spot to see if you should be using a disposable pod system or an open pod system.


The difference in price

Generally speaking, open pod systems are going to be a more cost effective route to take. This is for a few different reasons but the primary one is that it’s much cheaper to buy bottles of e-juice to refill existing pods than it is to simply buy another one. The disposable pods can be found in bundles to decrease the overall price per item, but in the end someone using an open pod system with refillable vape pods will usually end up spending less money for the same amount of product.


In many ways, the slightly higher price for disposable vape pods is due to the convenience of being able to easily swap between ready-to-go pods, which is something we’ll cover in more detail later on.


The difference in performance

From a performance perspective, there shouldn’t be a huge difference between disposables and open vape pod systems because there’s such a tremendous selection to choose from, and quality varies with each product.


That being said, the casual vaper that just wants a smooth puff can find reliable options in both vape systems. Many people are familiar with the JUUL because it’s sleek form factor comes with fine performance, and there’s many more brands that have made equally balanced disposable pod products since then. You’ll just need to find a lineup of e-juices that interest you and start exploring their products.


The difference in maintenance

One of the most significant differences you’ll find between these two options is how much effort you have to put into maintaining the device. Pods are designed from the ground up to minimize maintenance for the user. They’re meant to be easy to hot swap and require little or no cleaning from the user, as once a pod is done all you have to do is throw it away and replace it.


In the case of an open pod system, you have the option to keep a few of your pods around to be refilled. The pods are usually a bit bigger and are able to incorporate more features into the pod itself since you’re planning on hanging onto it. For many people it comes down to whether or not they want to go through the process of buying a fresh bottle of e-liquid and use it to refill their pods. This process can be a bit messy and tedious when you’re new to it and don’t know exactly what you’re doing, but it won’t take long for you to get the hang of it and quit spilling all that e-juice with each refill.


This does mean that you have to keep track of your pods and you have to make sure they don’t get too sticky or gunked up. And some vapers don’t like the fact that refilling a pod with one flavor after another has been in there creates a mishmash of flavors that don’t deliver the desired experience.


Disposable pods are on the rise, for the most part, because of the process described above, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not the friendlier price points are worth the small amount of work that goes into maintaining an open pod system.


The difference in convenience

Disposable pod systems are almost certainly going to win this category. The ease-of-use is hard to beat, considering you can keep one or a few pods on you at any time without taking up too much space in your pockets or in a purse. Switching between flavors and potencies is a breeze with disposables.


What some vapers don’t like about disposable pod systems is that, in most cases, once you buy the battery that the pods are compatible with, you are locked into that company’s ecosystem of products. And maybe one day you’ll decide that you want to try out someone else’s pods or flavors, you’re not stuck with buying another battery to make those pods work. With an open pod system, just about anyone’s e-liquid is going to work in your pod, you just have to buy the bottle and fill it up.


Whether you’re looking for an open pod system or a disposable pod system, the VaporDNA store has exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re thinking of getting an open pod system, we’d love for you to give the SUPERGOOD Portable Pod System a try, as it’s our very own design! No matter what side you’re landing on, you’ve got a ton of great options in front of you, so have fun exploring and happy vaping.

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This is a timely article. I’ve been around long enough to have seen the metamorphosis in the vaping community. What is best is in the eye of the beholder. Henceforth, I have old big devices, mod pods (I use them most often) and tried only two disposals. Nevertheless, if you frequent a reliable store or digital entity, whereby one knows the personal, you know what their using (obviously discounted) and these folks have tried or been exposed to the vase universe of options. recently at local store, with mostly younger personal they shared, that they exclusively use disposables because of ease of execution and not wanting to hassle with even the easiest refillable devices. However, their math was incorrect, as it’s more expensive. The aforementioned, were hooked on total connivence (the cost differential is negligible). Furthermore, they explained it to me as they buy in bulk (5X), mix and match flavors, etc. these disposables are not refillable; eg: Zero, Nord, etc. theses folks also did not believe it the cost of entry price point for newer flexible devices, eg; SMOK, RMP 40/80 and don’t appreciate the flexibility of switching from Freebase to Salt. Okay. However, older, more experienced personal will not consider disposables because of mediocre performance, limited flavors, poor craftsmanship but admit, there are only a handful of brands that will survive; SMOK Is seemingly number one. Their fear is the availability of support items such as various coils. Hencefourth, when a “real” device is favorably priced, one wonders if item like coils can be procured. If not, or short lived, is it worth it? What is the answer? In the interim, I’m betting on major brands, taking advantage of their innovation and flexibility. Wondering, what the open minded think.

Alice Duncan

Smoker for 30 years here. I started vaping with the open sourced systems and wandered trying various things, all while learning about voltage, watts, coils, etc. In the end the pod systems work best for me at this time. I’m about a 50/50 smoker/vaper and am trying to completely quit smoking. If pod systems were gone, I’d end up just smoking.

I agree wholeheartedly with what you have said about the medias rhetoric and such. If people only took the time to do a little research.


Haven’t Pod systems done enough damage to our vaping industry??
Vaping in many states is non existent currently and in other very difficult to obtain, incurring ridiculous high taxes and special shipping fees!
I think it’s about time we do away with POD systems all together and get back to good ole’ open sourced systems that made for a decade of healing and help for those of us who were former smokers it saved our lives.
Unfortunately that is gone and smokers actually fear vaping because of the rhetoric spewed by the media, and once again pod systems are to blame for that fuse being lit as well!! Smh

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