Best Vaping devices for Heavy Smokers  2022 Edition

Best Vaping devices for Heavy Smokers 2022 Edition

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While the occasional smokers may get along with most vapes, heavy smokers may opt for more personalized and premium quality vapes. If you are a heavy smoker looking to switch to vaping, it can be a bit unnerving experience. Leaving behind the sensation of lighting up a cigarette and intaking nicotine can be quite hard.

The good news is that with vaping, you can enjoy the same sensation experienced by cigarettes. Vaping devices provide a similar inhalation style, and e-liquids offer the same nicotine rush as cigarettes.

5 Best Vaping Devices to use in 2022

Although several vapes provide a similar experience to cigarettes, how do you determine what is the best vape for heavy smokers? Keep on reading to discover the best vaping devices for heavy smokers.

  1. All Disposable Vapes

A disposable vape is a non-rechargeable device that is already filled with e-liquid. Using a disposable vape is an easy and economical way to enter the vaping world. You might like disposable vapes as they mimic the smoking experience, especially if you want to quit.

It may not have any buttons, but it gives you a conventional smoking experience. All you need to do is inhale and let go, giving a satisfying experience to those who like minimal hassle with vaping. It is best for you if you want to avoid playing with modes or settings and wish to vape.

  1. Innokin Endura T18-X Starter Kit

This vape device is the latest version of the T-18 vape pen style starter kit. It is the ultimate vaping device for you, delivering premium performance at an economical price.

Are you looking for a simplistic vaping experience? T18 X tank is made from high-quality grade stainless steel and Pyrex glass with an ultra-convenient top-fill. This design allows you to top up with zero mess.

The vaping device provides you with an hot vape experience that closely emulates traditional smoking. The optimized power outputs and precise airflow give you the best vaping experience.

Your vaping device should always be available to perform. The Endura T18 X is powered by a high-grade 1000mAh internal cell, featuring all-day battery life. Even when you charge, pass-through technology allows you to vape while charging.

If you are a beginner, then this device is a perfect fit for you. The intuitive one-button design, automatic safety, and top-fill capability feature make Innokin T18-x the most suitable device for starters.

  1. Vaporesso XROS 16W Pod System

The Vaporesso XROS Pod Kit is a customizable device that crosses the limits of pod systems. The device has an elegant stainless chassis with polymer internals, making it a sleek, lightweight design. Each vaping device features intelligent wattage detection, which allows the device to choose the perfect wattage automatically. 

The adjustable airflow of the vaping device allows you to adjust the amount of airflow to get the best experience with every inhalation. The well-designed MESH technology ensures you with flavor-boosting and throat hit. The device is both buttons and draws activated, giving you optional vaping styles.

The design of the post is relatively user-friendly. The visible pod allows you to determine how much e-juice is left, saving you from a burnt coil. The clamshell top filling design will enable you to easily refill your e-juice with only one hand.

Are you tired of seeing low-battery warnings on your vaping device? The powerful 800mAh battery is built into slim XROS, supporting type-c fast charging.

Is your pod damaged or broken? No need to worry, as the packaging includes two replacement pods. They are composed of a 0.8-ohm mesh or a 1.2-ohm mesh coil, giving you great flavor.


This device involves VOPOO’s distinct ITO atomization technique and gives you an optimum taste. It includes a two-tone textured mold with six different macaron colors, giving the desired coolness. The device combines two premium plastics, ABS and PC, providing a modern appearance and multi-layer texture.

VooPoo’s vape combines the latest mesh technology, giving you a delicate and mouth-full taste. The upgraded technology helps maximize the coil’s atomizing effect while providing the best flavor.

The pod comes with dual vaping options. You have two options to ignite depending on your preference: pressing the button or auto-drawing. In addition, a powerful GENE chip allows you to experience the vapor within a millisecond. The sensitive atomizer provides you with an ultra-fast ignition.

The best part is that the pod smartly incorporates lights into the button. You can see the light turn on and off with every puff.

  1. Suorin Air Mini 14W Pod System

It is a small, versatile pod system introduced by Suorin. The Suorin Air Mini continues the Air series design with a sleek and compact design. Measuring 75mm by 32.3mm by 13.7mm, this device is one of Suorin’s most features pocketable devices.

This lightweight device may be your best option if you carry a pod all the time. The Air Mini has an optimum texture and is easy to move due to its lightweight.

Do you have children that might misuse the pod? If so, the drip trip and cartridge are tightly fit to prevent misuse by children. The intelligent top oiling design prevents oil leakage by turning the oil-filled oil compartment upside down for seconds.

With a massive 48 hours of 430mAh battery, you can vape throughout the day without any worry. The best part is you can fully charge the vape within 30 minutes.

The dual separate inhale airflows improve your inhaling, giving you the utmost flavored vaping experience. The 2ml cartridge and the heat resistance of PCTG materials prevent burning your mouth while vaping. 

The Bottom Line

If you are a heavy smoker, your nicotine addiction is higher than average, making switching to vaping a challenge. To conveniently shift to vaping, you need a device that delivers a cigarette-like sensation and fulfills your nicotine requirements.

This post highlights some of the best vapes available that give you a similar tight-airflow characteristic to cigarettes. The examples above of vaping devices have features that perfectly balance your smoking needs.

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