Sub Ohm Vaping Explained by VaporDNA's Experts

Sub Ohm Vaping Explained by VaporDNA's Experts


Date: November 3rd, 2018

To go bigger – flavor, clouds all-around vape life enjoyment – you got to go smaller, sub-ohm smaller that is.

One of the hottest concepts in vaping these days is sub-ohm vaping. These types of devices are popular among veteran vapers and those who are passionate about their vaping due to the quality of the experience that they provide. Of course, in order to understand how you get this optimum experience, we need a quick science lesson.

What is Sub-Ohm?

Sub-ohm Vaping is the name applied to the use of vaping devices that have a coil which employs a resistance of less than one ohm. As we all remember from high school applied physics (just kidding, no one remembers anything from high school applied physics) the ohm is the measure of resistance that a conductor has when current is applied; this is called Ohm’s Law. You can find vaping calculators and ohm vape charts online to find the sub ohm sweet spot, but what you need to know is the lower the resistance the hotter the coil can get and thus the better vaporization that can occur. When vaping first started out, manufacturers tried to use higher power batteries to create higher voltage, and thus more heat, but there are limits on how much amperage you can apply and still have a device that is small and comfortable to use. It was then found that the secret lay in the coil itself. Having a coil with higher resistance allows lower ohms to produce more heat and thus more vapor. Science for the win!

Why is Sub Ohm Better?

Simply put, sub ohm vaping is the bomb for serious vapers because it creates bigger, more flavor rich, clouds of vapor from a comfortable temperature. These clouds are more filling and more enjoyable for the vaper. Sub-ohm vaping is a great way to get a better experience no matter what type of vaping you do. The best part is that sub-ohm devices are available from just about every manufacturer and in all vaping forms. There is even a limited edition program that VaporDNA is a proud partner of called Project Sub-Ohm, which brings sub-ohm to some of the most popular devices from the top makers.

Some Top Recommended Sub-Ohm Vape Kits

While there are a lot of great sub-ohm devices to choose from on the market, we have no qualms picking favorites. These devices are great because they offer style, features, and value in one package. If they’re not what you’re looking for, a quick look around the site or store will certainly turn up one that is perfect for you.


Featuring an output range that goes from 1.1 watts to a whopping 200 watts this is one of the most versatile vaporizers we carry. The easy to read screen and intuitive controls make it perfect for both the veteran vaper and the novice. This device will carry you through a wide range of vaping styles. The tanks system is standard so you can change out to a bigger tank if you like or one that is more in line with your vaping preferences.

  • MSRP: $74.99 OUR PRICE: $49.99


Another offering from WISMEC, this cute vaporizer is not only stylish and fun, but also a powerhouse delivering 80 watts of vaping enjoyment. The triple battery system gives you the amperage that you need while the sub-ohm coil can give you the big clouds that you want. The screen is large and easy to read plus the controls are very simple yet provide a wide range of features that make this an ideal all user vaping device.

    • MSRP: $109.99 OUR PRICE: $69.99


This is one of our best sellers and personal favorites for a lot of great reasons. The simplicity of this device cannot be overstated. No fancy screen, setting, or options, just great classic vaping. The pen style device can be recharged quickly from any micro USB power source up to 2A. A smart LED battery meter helps you know how much power you have left so you’re never left without charge. All in all, this is a simple device that delivery sub-ohm performance without all the bells and whistles if that’s not your thing.

    • MSRP: $59.99 OUR PRICE: $49.99

Let Us Show You Why Sub-Ohm is Different and Better

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