Show your Love and Support to your local Vape Shop!

Show your Love and Support to your local Vape Shop!

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During these crucial times where businesses are closing their doors temporarily, or in the most unforeseen circumstances of closing permanently, this is the time to show our support to our neighborhood small businesses out there. 

The neighborhood vape shops that were there for us when we needed them the most. Because now more than ever they need our support to make sure that when all this is over, they will know that they will always have a customer ready to come in or at the very least know that we cared about them and what they offered us as a community!

So take the time to let us know where you went locally to shop for your vape gear, their location and why you liked to go to them.

Comment below with name, location of your favorite Vape Shop in your neighborhood. And give a reason why you love to go. 

We will get through this together!  VaporDNA Retail Stores miss our customers too! 


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Michael T.

Cereal City Vapes is my vape shop of choice in Battle Creek, Michigan area. Their staff is very friendly and helpful with everything regarding vaping. Plus they offer a huge selection of house and outside line of e-liquid. Most importantly this was the shop that convinced me to kick-ash on a 40 year cigarette habit. Thanks to this shop and staff I have been smoke free for a little over 4 years.

Brian Wrzesniewski

The Vape Lab in Chandler and Queen Creek AZ! I’ve been a regular customer of theirs for a few years now simply because of the atmosphere, employees, the amazing selection of liquid and devices. Hands down my go-to!


My go to local is redstar vapor in queen creek, AZ. Awesome people


Clouds Cafe in Princeton NJ is my go to place. They are so nice in there and always have what I’m looking for. Really nice feel and decent prices, what else could i ask for?

Jack Crane

My local vape shops that have always taken care of me are Huntington Smoke and Vape(Dix Hills NY), LI Vape(Huntington Station, NY) FMS Vapes(Huntington Station NY) and Vapor Depot(Deer Park, NY).

All run by fantastic people who always help me out when needed. Any western Suffolk NY people, definitely hit up one of those shops.
All run by great people

Amber Soto

Our local and favorite vape store is VaporDNA Torrance Ca. They have always been great to us. We are making orders online which is fine but more then we usually spend in store. I wish they had a curb side pick up instead. Either way this location is great!

April Brown

My favorite shop is Vape-A-Hookah in Mesa, Az. The guys that work there are so nice and helpful. I can’t wait until this is over and I can go back.

Travis M Van Ens

My favorite local vape shop is Iconic Lakeland Vape and Wellness. Everyone there, especially the owner, has always been awesome to me. Weather it’s helping me by answering questions, recommending great products or juice, or even teaching me how to build in my early stages of my vaping journey. They always spend time with me and have the best customer service.

Cynthia Ruffalo

Dna Vaping lounge on Richardson Rd SARASOTA Florida as the staff is awesome!

Kristian Morehead

My favorite place is High Life in Wilmington, NC. Great customer service and lots of things to chose from. And a clean environment. Great staff as well as awesome flavors.

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