Disposable Vaporizers… Are They Worth It?

Disposable Vaporizers… Are They Worth It?

Brittany Hale


For a minute, disposable vaporizers were thought to be a thing of the past. But, like most fads, they are coming full circle. This time, disposable vaporizers are a whole lot cooler, though. Here are a few newer disposables to hit the market, that we here at VaporDNA are really enjoying and a little bit about disposable pods in general.

There are many pros when it comes to using disposable vaporizers. First off, they are extremely convenient and easy to use. You rip open a package, and there you have an individual vape, charged, filled, and ready to go. Most disposable vaporizers tend to have a 200-300 hit life expectancy. They also come in plenty of flavors, depending on the brand. They’re great for on-the-go and are extremely low maintenance.

Disposables do have their downsides. Because they are disposable, they aren't quite as ecologically responsible and because these are pre-charged and pre-filled, you could potentially have a faulty battery or small malfunctions. Personally, we haven't had any issues with them yet, so the chances definitely seem slim. 

Our favorites: 

Our first favorite in store disposable vaporizer is made by Mojo. Mojo provides so many flavor options at an affordable price, from classic tobacco to cubano, cool melon, lemon dessert, menthol, peach, pineapple ice, and strawberry. Mojo disposables come with 5% nicotine and provide a nice, smooth hit. The vapes come in different colors, according to flavor. The Mojo disposable is great for portability and resembles a small USB. Here at VaporDNA, Mojo disposables are priced at $6.99 each.


Our second favorite is the Stig disposable by VGod! Stigs come in these flavors: mighty mint, iced watermelon, tropical mango, iced mango bomb, and cubano. Each flavor is unique and their mesh of menthol and fruit seems to be a success. Stigs have a slightly higher nicotine content, at 6%. Stig flavors seem to be a little more intense as well as the hit. While this is a good thing for some, if you aren’t a huge nicotine smoker, you might like a disposable with a little less intensity. Stigs also come in a similar shape to the Mojo disposable, also resembling a USB. As far as pricing goes, these bad boys come 3 to a box (and are not sold individually) at $19.99 a box from VaporDNA.

Our 3rd favorite is the Naked100 disposable e-cig. Like the Mojo, this disposable has 50 mg of nicotine. It’s extremely sleek and efficiently sculpted for easy storage and discretion. It looks more like a traditional disposable e-cig, shaped like a pencil. It comes in 5 flavors: strawberry pineapple coconut, really berry, brain freeze, polar breeze, and american patriots. We love how unique the flavor options are for this disposable. They come priced at $8.99 each on our website.



Even if they aren’t your first choice when it comes to vaping, disposable vaporizers can be good for certain occasions or places. Don’t count them out when trying new products. If you find the one that best suits you, it could be an efficient and enjoyable. Remember to do your research when choosing one and feel free to contact our customer support or start a chat in the chat bubble to your right if you need help!


By: Brittany Hale

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