The Golden Keys of Vape Battery Upkeep

The Golden Keys of Vape Battery Upkeep

Brittany Hale


Whether you’re a beginner in the vaping world or a veteran, knowledge of vape battery upkeep is a must. As electronic devices, vapes require batteries, which are sensitive forms of power. Taking care of your batteries is crucial to ensure your safety while vaping. Wait! Don’t panic when I say this. The odds of having a serious issue with your battery are extremely low. At the same time, it is better to be in the driver’s seat of your safety to minimize any potential dangers. Also, the better you care for the battery in your device, the more you will get from it in return as far as power and longevity.

Let’s start with general safety/upkeep rules of thumb for all batteries:

  • Handle your mod with care
  • Always check for outward signs of damage to battery or its wrap
  • Purchase reliable and authentic items
  • Use the correct batteries
  • Be aware of how your mod charges, the charger it uses, and do your best not to overcharge
  • Use the appropriate charging cable
  • Store and dispose responsibly

Handling your mod: 

When handling your mod, it’s crucial to care for it diligently. You should generally avoid dropping your mod or knocking it around as much as possible. When dealing with a bad drop, the best thing to do is to place it in a sealed metal container and recycle it as soon as possible. If your battery shows any outward signs of physical damage, it must be replaced to ensure it does not leak or explode. This includes damage to the actual metal AND the wrap around the battery. The most common battery-related fires are caused by short-circuits. This happens when an exposed battery positive and negative connect.
ex. of worn/damaged batteries

Important details:

Purchasing reliable and authentic items can be slightly more expensive but will only end up benefiting you. DO NOT CUT CORNERS! Cutting corners may save you a few bucks here and there, but your risk of battery or device issues will increase dramatically.

Using the correct batteries is also fundamental for battery safety. The most common sizes are 18650, 20700, and 21700. All 3 of these batteries have specific chargers. It is important to understand that these are LiPo batteries, or Lithium Polymer batteries in case you ever need to specifically reference any information. Adapters are also available for some devices so that they can accept multiple battery sizes. Be sure to be aware if you need your adapter.

Keep in mind that once you marry a set of batteries, meaning you synchronize their charging pattern, they cannot be unmarried and then remarried again. If your both batteries vary in voltage the higher voltage battery will pull more power to compensate for the lower voltage battery, therefore straining the higher voltage battery and permanently damaging their cells. It is recommended that you charge your batteries immediately following their purchase. Fun fact: batteries are not allowed to be sold fully charged. Find a way to keep track of your married and unmarried batteries to avoid confusion. Refrain from combining different types of batteries in the same device as this can also be detrimental to your device and/or safety.


Your mod should come with a designated charger. Use this charger. If you need to use a different charger, be sure that your charger’s power output matches that of your mod. You can find this information in the manual of your device. If the charger has a higher power output than your device, you can risk overheating your battery and damaging it. On the flip side, overcharging your battery can cause damage as well. If you ever notice sparks, a smell, an unusual change in shape, or extreme heat while charging be sure to unplug immediately. Also keep in mind that some chargers will allow you to vape while connected to the charger while others will not.

*Popular charger brands include: EFest, Nitecor, and Homh Tech.*


 Your mod should always be safely stored. Never rest it on anything flammable, as well as avoid leaving it in direct sunlight to avoid overheating. If the battery is out of the device, put it in a designated battery case. This case should be plastic or silicone and can be purchased specifically for batteries.

Carrying batteries in your pocket is also an ultimate no-no. When carrying or transporting batteries be sure to carry them in those battery-safe containers, as to ensure they do not leak or explode. Lastly, disposing of dead or old batteries responsibly is crucial to ensure the safety of you and those around you.





A full article of battery safety and battery care knowledge can be the determining factor between an exceptional and safe experience with vaping and an unsafe or unpleasant experience. If you have read through this entire article, first pat yourself on the back. Then, print it out and keep it near so you can refresh your memory every now and then. At the very least, bookmark this post on your smart phone for quick reference. Be aware when dealing with your electronic vape and treat it with care and it should do so back unto you.


By: Brittany Hale

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