Choosing The Right Vape Coil: A Simple Guide

Choosing The Right Vape Coil: A Simple Guide


Date: October 31st, 2018

Choosing the right vaping coil isn’t rocket science, but it’s a little bit of science.

The most replaced part of your vaping device other than the e-liquid is the vaping coil. This tiny little piece of wire, seemingly innocuous in its simplicity, is actually the heart and soul of your vaping device and is responsible for creating the clouds of flavor-rich vapor that you love. In fact, the coil isn’t only responsible for creating the vapor, the type of coil that you use is a direct link to the amount of vapor that you get with each draw, and the quality of the experience that you enjoy. The thing is that the coil is also the one part of your vaporizer that wears out fast even faster than your batteries believe it or not. So when it's time to replace your coil, or if you just want to try a different coil, you need to possess a core understanding of what to look for in your new coil.

What Is In A Name? For Coils, Everything.

Wire is very important when it comes to vaping, and as Shakespeare put it, ‘The name of a thing does not matter as much as the quality of the thing.’ Wires are what your coil is made of and the difference in wires makes a big difference in the output of the vapor the coil produces.

Most coils sold in the United States today are made of either nickel, stainless steel, titanium, or nichrome with Clapton and Kanthal are popular in vaping as they are common or serve specific purposes.

  • Stainless steel is great for serious double-duty vaping when you want temperature and wattage control with fast heating time.
  • Titanium is also good for temperature control and is easy to work with but some safety concerns have made its use less common
  • Nickel Coils are easy to find if you are starting out with temperature control as an alternative to titanium but be wary of nickel allergies.
  • Clapton wires are the most popular coils as it is used in popular sub-ohm coils. These coils have a measurement of less than one ohm of resistance. They get hotter and produce more vapor and more flavor. The ohm that you are working with is a direct result of the type of wire used to make up the coil.
  • Kanthal wire is the material used most commonly in devices because of its resistance but is not great for temperature control.
  • Nichrome is less common because of its nickel content but known for having a faster ramp, which means it heats your device faster.

Because Sub Ohm is such a popular vaping device, we’ll elaborate on the Clapton wires for coils. Ohm is applied science. Broken down it’s the measure of how much resistance that a conductive material, in this case, the metal in a coil, has to the current that is applied to is and thus how hot the metal gets when the current runs through it. In short, the lower the Ohm the less resistance and the higher the heat created. With that in mind, coils are measured in the number of ohms that they have. Fewer ohms produce more vapor but be informed that lower ohms also produce more heat and thus they age faster.

When Should You Change Out Your Coil?

As mentioned at the start of this vape coil guide, your coils have the shortest lifespan in your device, not counting the e-liquid since that is technically outside of your device and just added. You’ll know when to change with your eyes, ears, and taste when something is a little off from your typical vaping experience. You might produce less vapor or clouds, have a burnt taste in your mouth or see leakages from your device. A gurgling noise is a dead-giveaway since your device should never make that sound – if changing the coil doesn’t fix this then be sure to take your device to a specialist for a closer look.

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