5 Best Salt Nic Juice Brands Under $20

5 Best Salt Nic Juice Brands Under $20

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Looking for the best salt nic juice? VaporDNA has put together a handy top 5 list that retails for $20 or less. Salt nic is a relatively new type of nicotine that can provide a much smoother vape compared to its freebase counterpart. Derived naturally from tobacco leaves, nicotine salt can be absorbed by the body at a much faster rate. As a result, this will deliver a great intense hit, which is comparable to a cigarette.

Nicotine salt ejuice is perfect for smokers looking for a healthier alternative. This type of eliquid is most commonly used in pod devices that require little to no previous experience to operate. It's also a fan favorite with everyday vapers. They like to use nic salt juice in their daily rotation. If you haven't had a chance to try out some of the best salt nic juice before, we highly recommend choosing a few from our list.

Best Salt Nic Juice Under $20

Some of the best salt nic juice retails for around $30 or more. But you can get it much cheaper if you shop with VaporDNA. We have made sure to only include the best salt nic juice on our list. Each brand only produces high-quality mixes that include the top-shelf ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine salt. The flavor and clouds that you can produce with nic salt are impressive.

5. The Milkman Salt

RRP $17.99

The Milkman is an iconic vape juice brand that is well known for its quality blends. Their most recent release was The Milkman Salt line that's manufactured in Los Angeles by Drip Club. First established in 2015, The Milkman has quickly become very popular with vapers across the globe and is often sold out as a result.

Their latest range offers up some classic dessert flavors like Churrios, Strudelhaus, and Pudding. My personal favorite is Crumbleberry, which tastes just like a freshly cooked raspberry pie. It's sweet, buttery, and dense. The perfect ejuice to vape on after a good meal or with a cup of coffee.



4. Yami Salt

RRP $19.99

Yami Vapor is well worth checking out if you like unique flavor profiles. Yami Vapor is based out of Las Vegas and has developed a wide range of tasty lines to choose from that include Yami Salt. I would consider any eliquid made by Yami great. This is because it's just so easy to vape on.

Some top-rated mixes from the Yami Salt line include Taruto and also Juusu. My preferred flavor is Icy Trio. The main flavor concentrates are strawberry, kiwi, lychee, and menthol. The cooling effect works so well with the fresh fruit flavors. This mix is ideal for fruit lovers.



3. Nkd 100 Salt

RRP $19.99

Naked 100 is an award-winning eliquid line manufactured by USA Vape Labs. It was first launched in 2016 and has become a staple for many vapers. The fruity blends are simple but flavor-infused. Boasting over 10 different mixes to choose from. This includes Brain Freeze, Really Berry, and also American Patriots.

My top pick from the Nkd 100 Salt range is Lava Flow. This tropical blend tastes fantastic in any pod device. The main flavor profiles you can experience are strawberries, coconut, and also pineapple. The tartness and sweet undertones are very palatable. I can recommend pairing it with an ice-cold fruit smoothie.



2. I Love Salts

RRP $16.99

Mad Hatter Juice was one of the first brands to release their salt-based e-liquid onto the market. The now very popular I Love Salts line consists of 15 different flavors to choose from. This includes Spearmint Gum, Fruit Cereal and also Sweet Tobacco. Their patent-pending salt nicotine is manufactured right here in the USA.

My top-rated I Love Salts blend is Juicy Apples. It's very sweet, tangy and fruity. Nothing over the top, just the right amount of fresh apple taste, with a hint of sugar. The hit is superb and the flavor is so authentic. It's available with your choice of 25mg or 50mg of nic salt.


1. Pachamama Salts

RRP $14.99

Charlies Chalk Dust is in a league of its own. The flavor profiles and mixes they have come up with are so delicious. You can expect to taste complementary and exotic fruit blends that will blow your mind. Building upon their highly successful Pachamama line is the new Pachamama Salt range.

Some popular eliquids from Pachamama Salt include Fuji, Strawberry Watermelon and also Sorbet. If I had to choose just one to recommend, it would have to be Starfruit Grape. The main concentrates in this mix are juicy grapes and sour star fruit. I can guarantee anything from Charlies Chalk Dust is well worth a purchase.


Best Salt Nic Juice Conclusion

Now that you've read our top 5 best salt nic juice list, comment below yours! VaporDNA would love to hear from you.



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This list is fantastic I love FLUFFY SPUN SUGAR by EC BLEND 24mg salt nic also comes in regular E-Liquid in various milligrams, JAM MONSTERS BLUEBERRY 24mg is also really good, TAILORED SALTS PINK PALMER 25mg, and last but not least can’t forget BLVK UNICORN MANGO 35mg, MUSE by AMERICAN VAPOR GROUP 24mg, AMBROSIA by HOMETOWN HERO 30mg or 50mg you won’t regret any of these!!!

Ronald Payne

I’m a vanilla bean guy! I love anything with Vanilla in it. Solace Vanilla Bean is my go to right now. Vapetasia Killer Kustard is a lock for me also.

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