Why We Created Supergood Pod System

Why We Created Supergood Pod System

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Can the best vape pen also be the most affordable vape pen? That’s the question we at VaporDNA set out to answer. As a group of vape industry veterans, we’ve seen all the trends come and go, from old carto tanks to the newest pods and high-falutin devices around the vape market today. We found that at the core of all quality vape devices is a simple, effective design that vapers truly appreciate.


With that in mind, we designed a vape pod system that removes all the bells and whistles and gets down to basics, nailing those core elements of smooth vapor and consistent performance from an easy-to-use device: Supergood Pod, a vape pod system that focuses on what vapers want.


Another Vape Pod System?

We know there is a massive rush of vape devices hitting the market right now, and all of them are begging for your attention with their cute tricks and long list of features. At VaporDNA, we believe that there’s something to be said for high quality vapor in a small device that just works the way you need it to. So don’t be distracted by all the noise the other guys are making, our Supergood Pod is small but powerful, simple but efficient.


Supergood Pod utilizes the simplicity and convenience of a pod system without compromising on vapor or build quality because that’s the standard we set out for ourselves.


Something for everyone

By taking a more straightforward approach to designing the best vape pen on the market, we needed to make sure your average vaper could try it out. Our Supergood Pod System is under $10, making it ideal for new vapers that are just dipping their toes in the water. Where most affordable vape pens need to cover up what they lack with cheap gimmicks and strange design choices, Supergood Pod is one of the most easy-to-use devices in the vape industry.


Whether you’re vaping nicotine salt e-liquid, CBD vape juice, or just your plain old fashioned e-liquid, Supergood Pod has the power and versatility to create a high quality vapor every puff. By opening up airflow slots on both sides of the device, hits aren’t too dense or harsh. Whether you’re a beginner looking to try out your first pod, or a veteran vaper who’s ready for a newer, better pod option, Supergood Pod has plenty to offer.


Simplicity and substance

We keep things simple around here. No drip tanks or half-a-dozen power settings, just a 1.1 ohm coil that consistently creates excellent vapor and a cleverly designed pod that holds up to 2ml of the liquid of your choosing.


Any longtime vaper will tell you what a terrible letdown it is when the battery on your vape dies shortly after leaving your house and various charging options. That’s why our Supergood Pod packs a 460mah battery into it’s compact housing to ensure you get a whole day of good vaping while keeping it in your pocket. And just in case you forget to charge it, which you’ll know because of the small LED battery life indicator near the bottom of the device, you’ll get a full battery in just 60 minutes of charge time.


Sleek and stylish

We know that people want to be proud of the vaporizer when they pull it out in public. Everyone knows the guy with the big ugly box mod that looks like an Easy Bake Oven from the 90’s, and they don’t want to be that guy. Most people don’t want to show off, they just want to take a couple casual puffs without flexing their cool, flashy vape. We believe in a vape pod that’s classy, straightforward, and discreet for the best possible vaping experience.


A zinc alloy and polycarbonate chassis means that the interior parts of the vaporizer are well protected, and the casing looks modern without feeling like prop from a science fiction movie.


Our Supergood Pod takes the ideals of effective simplicity in its style by excluding all unnecessary buttons, lights, or markings. It’s activated upon inhaling, so you’re not stuck holding a button or accidentally mashing it in your pocket. It’s an easy, smooth puff to match it’s easy, smooth design.


Supergood for the environment

Something most vapers notice shortly after picking up the hobby is the amount of packaging they have to throw away every time they grab some new vape juice, accessory, battery, etc. and it can be frustrating. Pick up a couple new items from the vape store and you’ll have several handfuls of unnecessary cardboard, paper, and plastic. That’s not good for the planet and it’s not good for the vape industry as a whole.


That’s why we’ve set out to utilize environmentally friendly packaging with every product we make. We minimize the glut of little plastic and paper items so that we can focus on what’s important to us, the quality of your vapor experience from the moment you purchase the Supergood Pod System.


Supergood to serve you

We’re not here to make massive breakthroughs or change the vaping landscape, the goal of Supergood Pod is to provide vapers with something they deserve, a high quality vaping experience at the cost of a cheap vape pen. We don’t believe in cutting corners to chase trends or finding the next gimmick to market our products.


All of our focus is on delivering value to vapers that deserve a better, more simple product. Supergood Pod is what happens when you get through all the distractions and vape industry madness and get down to what a vape pod should be; easy, quick, and satisfying. And whether you’re looking for an affordable vape pen or the best vape pen out there, Supergood Pod is worth a shot.


by Adam Wheeler

Adam is a longtime writer within the vape and legal cannabis space. Living in Colorado means he's able to blow clouds while standing on top of a mountain, among the clouds. According to Adam, there are few other great combinations like vaping and gaming as he's live streaming on Twitch as Blunder_Boy. If he's not writing or gaming, you'll probably find him hiking with his wife and dog or persuading his cat into allowing belly rubs.

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Nathan Smith

Pod system is great but your replacement coils are out of stock. Do any other coils fit this??? If not why would you make a product specifically by your company and not keep coils in stock!!!


Just got my Supergood pod, i absolutely love it! To answer some of the comments below me:
1. The pod is auto draw, you don’t press any button, just fill and vape away, make sure the coil is well saturated before vaping.
2. Pull the month piece which is the cartridge off the pod itself, you should see a rubber seal, pop that open and refill it.

Vape away and enjoy it.


How do I turn this thing on?

Christopher J Queen

Where do you fill the tank

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