VooPoo Drag Starter Kit: A Vapor DNA Expert Review

VooPoo Drag Starter Kit: A Vapor DNA Expert Review


Date: September 11th, 2018


The VooPoo drag starter kit delivers elite performance at an everyman’s price.

Here at VaporDNA, a premier dealer of world-class vape goods, we were impressed with the draw, flavor and power of the VooPoo Drag Starter Kit. We have seen an incredible number of vapes, tanks and juices in our line of work. We offer you the following review of this setup.

The VooPoo Drag Starter Kit includes the following impressive features:

  • Robust build engineering
  • Surprisingly sophisticated branding
  • Crisp etched logo
  • Intuitive software interface
  • Compact design
  • Superior performance in VW and TC
  • Single-watt adjustment increments (subjective)

Unboxing the VooPoo Drag Starter Kit: A Review of the Experience

Let’s talk about first impressions once you open the VooPoo Drag Starter Kit. The first thing you will probably notice is how clean its design is. It’s got this geometric industrial feel that fits right in with vaping lifestyle. You know what we mean, the bold graphic tees, the bright snap backs. The chilled out vape store with black lights, good sound systems, and like-minded people. It has the right look.

Features of the VooPoo Drag Starter Kit

The VooPoo Drag Starter Kit comes with a box mod that features a distinct resin plate, and the UFORCE T1 Sub-Ohm Tank, which is ventilated in such a way to let it produce big clouds with minimal dripping and overheating. The Drag’s chassis is built out of a zinc alloy, and it has a high carbon fiber accent panel. You get to customize your settings, including a custom display logo, by using the VooPoo PC Starter App.

A Software Review of the VooPoo Drag Starter Kit

OK. So you pop in the batteries, and the VooPoo Drag boots up. The Drag uses the Gene Chip, which may be familiar to many vapers. Basically you can expect to find the following functions on it.

Smart Wattage - This variable is a simple mode that lets you hook your atomizer to the mod. It reads resistance and asks the user if this is a new coil. You hit yes, and it puts your wattage at a recommended point designed to help you avoid torching a new coil or build.

Constant Curve of Wattage CCV- This lets users create a custom vape curve in .5-seconds intervals in the initial nine seconds of the hit.

Remember that the mod times out at ten seconds, but VooPoo’s software lets you adjust this.

Constant Curve of Temperature - This is the same concept the CCW but the variable is temperature. The chip features:

  • Standard variable wattage
  • Temperature control with titanium, nickel, and stainless steel heating elements
  • TCR

The good thing about the VooPoo Drag Starter Kit’s chip is that you get protection from seven types of hazards.

These include:

  1. Reverse polarity issues
  2. Puff timeout
  3. Over-heating
  4. Over current
  5. Overcharging
  6. Over discharging
  7. Short-circuiting

We should take a minute to talk about how ingenious the over-heating mechanism really is. It really enhances the performance and flavor of the vape. Basically, it works like this. It tracks the current in the coil. We saw it fluctuate from 12-16A when the wick was extremely well saturated. As the wick dries out, the VooPoo Drag automatically drops the current in direct relationship with the drying wick. This also corresponds with a drop in vapor production. In the end, that means you don’t have to deal with the bummer of a dry hit.

The Feel of the VooPoo Drag Starter Kit: The Heft in Your Hand

Everyone knows a good vape is about an overall experience. The VooPoo drag has a great heft in your hand. It feels good to vape with this device. It’s durable enough to toss in your bag for a weekend getaway, or in your luggage for a flight. When you hold it, you feel pretty confident you wouldn’t need to worry about doing either one of those things.

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