Top 5 Pod Systems That Will Blow Your Mind!

Top 5 Pod Systems That Will Blow Your Mind!

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The sheer volume of vape pod systems on the market can be intimidating, so let’s make your trip to the local vape shop a little less confusing. With the mad rush of refillable vape pod systems hitting the market over the last couple years, shopping for a new vape pod means digging through a massive amount of options.

The convenience of a pod system is outstanding, but not all pods and mods are made equal. At VaporDNA, we’ve tried a little bit of everything, so here’s five pod systems that might be what you’re looking for.

 1. Suorin Air

If you’re looking for a stealth vape that’s sleek and simple, the Suorin Air fits the bill. No bigger than a credit card, this device is comfortable to carry and perfect for discretion. Th Suorin Air features a minimalist design both aesthetically and functionally. You won’t find any buttons or switches on the outside of the device outside of the one that turns it on and off, so it will sit comfortably in a jacket or pants pocket.

The friction-fit cartridges allows for multiple refills of your favorite ecig juices, with the cartridge hold 2 ml of fluid. Coming in a variety of colors such as gunmetal gray, key lime, and Gotti gold, you’ll be able to find the Suorin Air that fits your style. With outstanding vapor production and a lean form factor, the Suorin Air has earned its place in your pocket.


2. Vaporesso Aurora Play

For those of us that have a little flash in their style, the Vaporesso Aurora Play Pod System brings a bold look with no compromise to vapor quality. Maximizing convenience, the top-fill pod means you never have to remove the cartridge to refill the Vaporesso Aurora Play. The powerful Ccell atomizer coil creates an even, smooth draw that satisfies casual and hardcore vapers. Thanks to this higher quality coil, these pods tend to last longer without requiring users to constantly buy replacement pods.

Much like the Suorin Air, the Vaporesso Aurora, the simplicity of the design only includes a single button. And an underrated feature of the device might be the incredibly quick charge, going from dead to full-charge in roughly 45 minutes. With a classic style in the body that “clicks” open like old school flip-top lighters, you might feel like a vaping James Dean. Or, perhaps more likely, you’re going to annoy your friends by constantly playing with the cool clicky lighter thing that you carry everywhere you go. 

3. Smok Nord

Following up their popular Novo vaporizer, Smok has released a more robust vape pod option with the Nord. While most pods carry a 2 ml chamber for your e-liquids, the Nord comes with a 3 ml pod so that the more frequent vapers out there don’t need to refill so often. The Nord Kit by Smok comes with a mesh coil that makes your draw as smooth and clean as possible, but it will also support ceramic coils if that’s what you prefer. As long as you give it the proper soaking time on the coil, you’ll get nothing but cool hits without any hint of dryness or unnecessary heat.

Only slightly larger than Smok’s Novo model, the Nord is a more powerful device for vapers that like dense draws and a tighter mouth-to-lung pull. And if you felt like the Novo didn’t provide enough power for when you want a bigger hit, the Nord has doubled its battery capacity, jumping up from 450mAh to 1100mAh. The honeycomb exterior design gives the Nord Kit a unique style to go along with its reliable design and long battery life. Few vape pod systems, especially ones of this smaller size, can match the substantial clouds you draw off the Nord by Smok.

4. Uwell Caliburn

When you buy the Caliburn from Uwell, you’re getting a no-frills refillable pod system that provides world-class flavor. Once the vaping industry started moving toward pods and away from bulkier, harder-hitting box mods, most vapers had to accept some sacrifice to flavor. That is not a compromise you need to make with Uwell’s Caliburn vape pen. It may be a bit larger than many of its competitors, but that extra space is used brilliantly for a longer-lasting battery and higher power levels.

Although it has a button, the draw activation heats up quickly even with a looser draw. You may also notice that the pod clicks in with a secure, satisfying click with a magnet that ensures it stays in place. For a refillable pod, it will be difficult to find this kind of quality, especially at the $40 price point that the Caliburn currently boasts. If you vape for the flavor and don’t need all the bells and whistles, there may be no better option out there than the Uwell Caliburn.


5. GeekVape Frenzy

Casual vapers need not apply. The zinc alloy casing gives the Frenzy by GeekVape a sturdy, luxurious feel in your hands. As the only vape pod system with airflow control on this list, the Frenzy gives users a level of control that few other pods do. Close off the airflow and you’ll start chucking dense, flavorful clouds, or make it a more casual, lighter hit by opening up that airflow chamber. This level of control makes the GeekVape Frenzy ideal for sharing with a group with some new vapers.

The Frenzy is going to come in a variety of colors and styles, all of them emitting a classy, high-end vibe that you won’t mind showing off to your friends. On the green setting, you’ll be getting one of the strongest direct-to-lung hits you can find in a pod system, so if you’re a DTL vaper that like bigger hits, the Frenzy is one of the first pods you should try. If you’re on-the-go but don’t want to sacrifice flavor or vapor production, Geek Vape has produced one of the highest quality pod vapes on the market in the Frenzy. 

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by Adam Wheeler

Adam is a longtime writer within the vape and legal cannabis space. Living in Colorado means he's able to blow clouds while standing on top of a mountain, among the clouds. According to Adam, there are few other great combinations like vaping and gaming as he's live streaming on Twitch as Blunder_Boy. If he's not writing or gaming, you'll probably find him hiking with his wife and dog or persuading his cat into allowing belly rubs.

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