Top 3 Premium Vape Juice Brands Ranked by Quality

Top 3 Premium Vape Juice Brands Ranked by Quality

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Date: November 06, 2018

The best premium e-liquids are not just about quality but also uniqueness and satisfaction with these stars outshining the rest.

When it comes to great quality the vaping world can be a wild west with newcomers always coming through town, but some brands stand out above the rest with quality. Here are our top three recommended brands with two flavors from each that we confidently recommend to our vaping community.

Chibi Bar

Known as much for their delightful and ultra premium packaging as they are for their beautifully rich and complex flavors, Chibi Bar is one of our top choices when it comes to the quality premium e-liquid brands that we carry. Real ingredients go into the making of their liquids and thus the flavors are exactly what you would want from a company that is constantly inspired by the decadent treats we all love. We currently carry two flavors and both have our recommendation.


  • 100ml
  • $22.99
  • Nic Level: 0mg/3mg/6mg


Toasted golden honey granola clusters and sweet dark and milk chocolate chips blend together for a rich and flavorful dessert like vape that is full, deep, and satisfying. Perfect for those who want to get their chocolate fix without the extra calories of that fudge drizzled coco blaster ultra dark bar they have stashed in the desk drawer.


  • 100ml
  • $22.99
  • Nic Level: 0mg/3mg/6mg


A fruity and fun blend of tangy apricot bits and sweet apple bits with the warm and toasty flavor of golden honey granola crumbles make for the perfect anytime vapor experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and satisfied. As a light snack for your throat and lungs, this great combination is ideal for those who are not chocoholics but still want to enjoy the high quality that Chibi Bar has to offer.


BLVK Unicorn

BLVK Unicorn is one of the newer premium brands on the market but has proved they’re worthy of their place in the top ranks. With high-quality ingredients and superior processing, BLVK Unicorn vape product lines guarantee high value for the money and a consistently great vaping experience. These are our two favorite offerings:

Milk Box – Mango

  • 60ml
  • $15.99
  • Nic Level: 0mg/3mg/6mg


Bright mango carries along a smooth creamy base to give a fresh and exciting explosion of tropical flavor with every draw. Available in full nic, low nic, and zero nic, this flavor is ideal for those who want to explore their palette and try something new. It's like an island vacation in the palm of your hand, and as a bonus, it comes in an authentic chubby gorilla bottle for convenience.

Lychee Salt

  • 30ml
  • $14.99
  • Nic Level: 35mg/50mg


A powerful blend of super sweet lychee paired off with a chilling hit of icy cool menthol for a delightfully fun frozen fruit flavor blast. Perfect for a summer afternoon or for driving around with the top down running errands, this is a flavor that you will find yourself coming choosing as an all day vape and for good reason.

The Merge

The Merge is a collaboration between Flawless and RiP Trippers. This exciting brand offers unique flavors and something else, a commitment to helping provide a welcoming world to those who choose to enjoy the pleasure of vaping anytime, anywhere.


  • 120ML
  • $24.99
  • Nic Levels: mg/3mg/6mg


This refreshing blend is composed of a lemonade base with high notes of strawberry and undertones of watermelon. Like relaxing on a sunny summer afternoon in the park, Transmission is a clean and bright flavor blend that is available in a zero nic if you like, as well as low and full nic levels.



  • 120ML
  • $24.99
  • Nic Levels: 0mg/3mg/6mg


A foundation of decadent and rich vanilla ice cream is perfect to build on for the upper notes of ripe banana which give fruity and fresh aspect to the blend and pair perfectly with the soft undertones of a silky smooth French chocolate which tops off the blend much like the topping on a fabulous sundae. Available in both 3mg and 6mg levels, you can also enjoy this dessert-like flavor anytime, even if you are nicotine reducing since it comes in a 0mg version as well.



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Let VaporDNA Be Your Guide

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