TOP 10 Vape Juices of 2019 --- Approved by our Customers!

TOP 10 Vape Juices of 2019 --- Approved by our Customers!

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 It’s been an interesting year in the world of vaping, to say the least. While much of the attention has gone toward an ongoing legal battle, it’s important to recognize the strides forward our industry has made. So, in celebration of another great year of vaping, here are the ten best vape juices of 2019.


No. 10 

USA Vape Lab - Crisp Menthol - 100ml

The No. 10 vape juice on our list is a classic flavor that most vapers know well by now, but you may have never had this level of menthol perfection before. USA Vape Lab is becoming one of the best vape juice companies in the industry, and their Crisp Menthol flavor vape juice is an excellent example of why. They take a simple, familiar flavor profile and bring out all the best, most refreshing elements of a cool minty treat. If you want something that will awaken your senses and tingle the taste buds, you have to try Crisp Menthol from USA Vape Lab.


"Excellent cool base for mixing with tobacco, lemon or coffee for delicious vaping"

---- from our real customer Kourosh M.


No. 9

Lemon Twist E-Liquids - Pink Punch Lemonade - 120ml

Sour, tangy, and totally satisfying, Pink Lemonade Punch is just what your sweet tooth craves out of a flavored ejuice. In addition to that classic lemonade rush of lemon goodness, this ejuice from Lemon Twist E-Liquids mixes in a ripe red berry flavor to round it all out. As a winner of Best Beverage E-liquid at the West Coast Vape Expo, this is one flavor you can expect to see on the marketplace for a long time to come.


"Never thought ejuice could be this good. On the inhale I taste  a flavor very reminiscent of Pink Starburst candy( extremely pleasant), and on the exhale you get a Tarty lemonade. I see why this flavor is always sold out. Definitely an all-day vape"

--- from our real customer Najji S


NO. 8

Naked 100 - Hawaiian POG - 60ml

It can’t be easy to capture the essence of Hawaii’s magical ocean shorelines and scenic backdrops, but Naked 100 has done just that. They’ve taken the sultry, smooth flavor of guava and laid it as the bedrock for the delicious sweetness of oranges and passionfruit. Citrus lovers and vapers everywhere will quickly fall in love with this simple yet decadent vape juice. Not exactly a dessert flavor, but has all the sweetness you’ll need for a midday reprieve from all the chaos.


"Love it! Hawaiian POG is my FAVORITE flavor and the ice makes it more minty and refreshing"

--- from our real customer Nicole N.


NO. 7 

Naked 100 - Lava Flow - 60ml

Lava Flow, right down to its core, is just a relaxing tropical breeze concentrated into a vape juice. Don’t let the name scare you into thinking this ejuice is hot like lava when it’s actually smoother than butter and more gentle than the ocean waves washing over your ankles. With its proprietary blend of strawberries, coconut, and pineapple, Naked 100’s Lava Flow ejuice is one of the most unique and saughtafter vape juices on the market for good reason.


"The Lava Flow is wonderful! Taste like a Pina Colada!! Would order again! Great company!! Love VaporDNA!😻"

--- from our real customer Julie W.


NO. 6 

RELX Flavor Pods - 3 Pack

The first thing you’ll probably fall in love with when it comes to the RELX flavor pods is that they have a fantastic amount of variety in their lineup. While most of the ejuices on this list have been sweeter, desert flavors, RELX Flavor Pods have flavors that are harder to find such as green tea, mint, or classic tobacco. These pods are perfect for a day-trip where you won’t want to continuously reload your coil. Between the convenience and the large variety in flavors and experiences, you’ve got to give RELX a try.

PS, our favorite is Ludou Ice aka Mung Bean Popsicle!


"I've been enjoying the relx pod. Tbh the lemon tea flavor isn't my cup of tea but blueberry is a good one."

--- from our real customer Kyul L.


NO. 5

Naked 100 - Brain Freeze - 60ml

Don’t let the harsh name of this e-juice scare you away from what is one of the most refreshing vape experiences you can find out there right now. As we work our way through the cold winter months, we’re all looking forward to the days of beachside beverages and napping off the sunburn. If you need a little summer in your life, Naked 100 Brain Freeze takes on a fresh kiwi-strawberry blend that finishes with a surprisingly tasty pomegranate flavor.


"Have always loved this flavor. It's a light, sweet menthol that vapes clean and smooth. No harsh hits and no vape tongue."

--- from our real customer Lisa


No. 4

Yami Salt by Yami Vapor - Juusu - 30ml

As the only salt nic on this list, the Juusu flavor nicsalt from Yami Vapor packs a serious punch. To go along with the strong nicotine that’s sure to give you the desired head buzz, this is a fruity concoction that will satisfy your candy cravings. A smooth yet strong fruit flavor combination of apples, peaches, and lychees provides this dessert vape with an outstanding flavor profile. Try this Juusu salt if you need something strong in taste and effect.


"Every flavor I've tried by them is amazing. Super flavorful, and big clouds. The nic salts are perfect in your pod devices."

--- from our real customer Lloyd C


NO. 3

Yami Vapor - Icy Trio

If a tingle to the taste buds is what you need, a little blast of freshness in your vape, then Yami Vapor has put together an absolutely perfect combination of powerful flavors in the Icy Trio e-juice. From the subtle sweetness of lychees and winter strawberries, to the strong kiwi flavor, all the way to the end with an exhale of menthol, this is a vape experience that’s perfect for a trip to the mountains… or if you just want to feel like you’re in the mountains.


"Awesome flavor. Nothing over the top, pretty light and something you can keep vaping on throughout the day without getting tired of it. Great sessional flavor"

--- from our real customer Chase P.


NO. 2

Yami Vapor - Juusu

It won’t be long before you declare Juusu e-juice as your go-to fruit flavored vape juice. Yami Vapor seems to specialize in sweetness, as Juusu is loaded with a tart apple flavor that’s followed by the smooth and delicious flavors of peach and lychee. It’s an exciting flavor that’s great for beginners, as it truly tastes like a desert, not a vape.


"Possibly the best juice I have Vaped! Super tasty and just the right amount of sweet. I can't get enough"

--- from our real customer Andrew h.


NO. 1

Yami Vapor - Taruto

Easily one of the most flavorful vape juices on the market, Taruto from Yami Vapor is a delicious vanilla custard blend that is an absolute treat. Do your best not to salivate on the exhale as you get a heavy layer of thick, creamy vanilla on your taste buds that finishes with a light touch of butter at the end. If vanilla is your jam, you have to try this vape juice at least once.


"If desserty-custardy-bakery style flavor profiles are your thang, this juice will stoke you out. It’s delicious."

--- from our real customer Lauren




Whether you’re new to the vaping scene or you’re a seasoned veteran, these flavored ejuices are sure to please. As we close out the year, let’s celebrate the best our industry has to offer and take a look around the VaporDNA shop. Thanks for vaping with us and have a happy 2020.


by VaporDNA

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