TOP 10 Vape Devices of 2019 --- Approved by our Customers!

TOP 10 Vape Devices of 2019 --- Approved by our Customers!

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For decades now, the vape industry has been hard at work creating innovative products that enhance your vaping experience. This list is here to show you some of the best hardware our wonderful industry has to offer. Whether this is your first vape purchase or you 50th, there’s something on this list for everyone.


No. 10 


An unmistakable aesthetic that’s as stylish as it is bold, the Orion DNA Go is built for the vaper that wants to stand out. The shining exterior is as bright as the flavors that this vape device creates for your palate. While many vape enthusiasts get frustrated by a slow firing time that doesn’t give them the full, satisfying draws they’re looking for, the Lost Vape Orion DNA Go has created a chipset that gets up to temperature quickly. And, for the techies out there, Lost Vape has set up proprietary software that allows you to change settings on your vape from your computer.


"First of all this thing is absolutely beautiful. It's also DNA and you know what that means performance! A little tuning on escribe makes this thing a beast!"

---- from our real customer Joshua A.


No. 9

Suorin Air Plus Pod System

With its second entry on this list, the Suorin Air Plus just brings a little more horsepower with the Plus than they do with the Ultra. Its slender design makes it a perfect device for a night out where it’s easy to hide, easy to use, and easy to share. A higher wattage means you’re getting bigger clouds, but they’ve found a way to keep the battery life long.


"Super slim, great battery life. Slightly bigger than the original air but not bothering me. Flavor is great." 

--- from our real customer Ryan


No. 8

SMOK NOVO Ultra Portable Starter Kit

Convenience is the name of the game for the SMOK NOVO Ultra Portable Starter Kit, as its small design can still pack a satisfying vapor punch. More of a mouth-to-lung kind of hit, each drag off the SMOK NOVO feels smooth. If you need some small, simple, and easy to use, this is one pod system everyone should look into.


"awesome pod for the workplace and business environment. Concealed easily, no misfires in your pocket due to button fire, just enough smoke to get a good hit but not too much to draw attention. Affordable enough that you aren't worried about dropping it or leaving in your pocket with keys/etc."

--- from our real customer Bill



No. 7

Suorin Air Ultra Portable System

The Suorin Air Ultra is ideal for someone that needs something a little more sleek and subtle. Measuring in at about the same size of a credit card, this little vape is an excellent option for the casual user. With a smaller design, it’s really quite surprising how full and flavorful the draws are out of the Suorin Air. It fits brilliantly in your pocket or purse, and its easy refill functions make it perfect for a quick puff or two when you can get away.


"Love this little power House. I've tried many compact Vapes and this one holds it's charge almost all day, quickly recharges, no waste of juice, smooth hits, never a dry hit. Thank lasts longer than intended."

--- from our real customer Marianne R 


No. 6

Dovpo x TVC Topside Dual Carbon 200W Squonk Box Mod

If price is no objection, and you just want the best possible clouds with every rip of your vape, then you have to consider the Dovpo topside dual carbon 200W squonk box mod. The outer casing is made of a carbon fiber that just feels right in your palm, as the ergonomic shape of the device is second to none. And the quality of the vapor coming out of this thing is simply outstanding. Dense clouds and full, delicious flavor profiles are all you’ll get out of this gem from Dovpo.


"It's what John Wayne would vape on. Carbon fibre makes it unique."

--- from our real customer ODin R. 


No. 5

Wotofo x Mr.JustRight1 Profile 24mm BF RDA

For anyone that requires one thing out of their vape device, and that’s to produce great tasting vapor, then the Wotofo 24mm mesh RDA brings the best qualities out of your favorite e-liquids. This innovative little device features a dripper with an advanced mesh build deck that creates an even heating process, while its beehive top cap facilitates a steady, cool flow of air with every draw. It’s a small difference on your box mod, but it makes a huge difference in flavor.


"Absolutely fell for this little guy. Amazing flavor, air flow is fantastic for that flavor. I highly recommend it for both beginners and advanced users. Easy to build on; the pre-cut strips are inexpensive and quick to use with the tool they provide."

--- from our real customer Melanie H


No. 4

Dovpo x TVC Topside 90W Squonk Box Mod

The Squonk Box Mod has some great features and flexibility that make it an excellent device for the new and experienced vaper alike. Anyone that’s looking for a box mod that’s easy to refill and is intuitively designed, Dovpo has created an outstanding piece of vaping hardware. The digital display contains all the information you need and nothing you don’t, and the overall build just feels high quality and responsive. The buttons are snappy and satisfying to press, and the top-fill design means that you can reload your ejuice with total ease.


"I have never owned a device that i can’t put down. This is a first"

--- from our real customer Coulter C.


No. 3

GeekVape Aegis Legend 200W Box Mod and Starter Kit

While the aforementioned pod systems are a great option, now we’re talking about the really powerful gear that will have you blowing fat clouds with regularity. GeekVape released the Aegis Legend 200W Box Mod and Starter Kit as one of the best ways to step into the world of serious vaping. With a heavy, durable design, the Aegis Legend is a reliable every-day-carry that also features a long lasting battery for extended trips. If you feel the need to maximize the flavor profiles of your favorite vape juices, this is one box mod that’s definitely worth trying.


"The mod works great and fits good in your hand. The tank has smooth airflow and really good flavor. I would recommend for anyone looking for a durable kit."

--- from our real customer Justin G.


No. 2

SMOK Nord Pod System

Without a doubt one of the best options for anyone that desires small, discreet vape sessions, the Nord Pod System from SMOK has everything you need without any of the overpriced frills. Differing slightly from their older models, the new Nord pod is fired with a button rather than automatically heating up when you draw. We love the honeycomb design that covers the chassis, and it has a nice weighty feel to it despite its small stature. This is a great option if you need something simple and affordable, but still produces great vapor.

 "It is a small easy to use device. It charges quickly but the battery lasts a long time. The coils are easy to change. It's extremely versatile as you can use both regular juice and salts with it just depending on which coil you have."

--- from our real customer Steven W.



No. 1

Uwell Caliburn Pod System

The Caliburn Pod System from Uwell is truly developed for the busy, adventurous vaper. With its compact form factor and simple but effective design, the Caliburn Pod System is best used on the go, but don’t think you’ll be sacrificing any vapor quality because of it. With its duel firing system and Pro-FOCS, you’re maximizing cloud density and flavor with every puff. Great for anyone that doesn’t want to compromise quality for portability, try the Calibrun for a straightforward, satisfying vape device.


"The best pod system on the market, Hands down. If your thinking about it, pull the trigger."

--- from our real customer Vin T.

It’s time to ditch the bargain bin vape you’ve been lugging around and try something that’s really going to deliver the vapor you crave! These products represent big leaps forward for the vape industry, and you’re missing out if you’re not giving them a shot. Check the VaporDNA store and find your new favorite vape.

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You guys suck you never have anything everything’s always out of stock you guys don’t have anything for me to buy all the stuff that I liked or that I wanted to get from you was out of stock so if everything’s out of stock go f*** yourself

Michelle Manson

How do I find out what system would be the best system for me to use I’m looking for something that’s easy and practical financially and easy to put together and maintain without breaking the bank but I need something that has a whole lot of flavor and adjustable airflow on it as well as a whole lot of different wattage is true choose from.. can u please recommend me a product. I just purchase the new smok pozz x but for some reason I’m feeling like I’m not getting the amount that I need in order to quit smoking I don’t know if this was the right choice for me because I don’t know anything about this stuff I lost my father to cancer of the lungs because he smoked and I’m going to die if I don’t stop smoking so I need your help please please

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