The Truth Behind Recent Lung Illness Outbreak: Is vaping to blame?

The Truth Behind Recent Lung Illness Outbreak: Is vaping to blame?

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You’ve probably heard the news about what’s being called a “crisis” around vaping and the potentially harmful effects of vaping. It’s escalated to a point where even the president is considering taking action around restricting access to vape juices. If you vape, then you may have felt a little anxiety over what might be one of your favorite little hobbies. That’s understandable, but it’s important to make sure you have all the facts so you can make a smart choice and calculate risk as accurately as you can.

With that in mind, let’s go over a few things you should know going forward as a vaper, because the problem may be more avoidable than the media is implying at this point. Here are a few points you should understand as a vaper.


Never buy black market

One of the biggest advantages to buying directly from a retailer is that you get much more insight into how the product was made. A bootleg vape juice that came from an unlicensed extractor could be filled with all kinds of harmful chemicals. That’s where many of those afflicted with this lung disease have gotten their vape juice, which is part of why it’s so difficult to figure out what is causing this illness: we don’t know exactly what these people have consumed.


Everything you find here at VaporDNA is going to be directly from reputable brands you can trust for quality and safety. You can’t say that for certain about anything that’s homemade. Protect yourself and shop at only legitimate storefronts.


Because of the legal gray area that cannabis resides in the United States, you’re much more likely to find THC vape juices on the black market than you are nicotine products. This means that black market buyers have no insight to the quality of the extraction or the starting material that was extracted. With no regulations to ensure this quality, it’s much easier for moldy cannabis or the use of dangerous pesticides that end up in the final product. This can leave behind harmful chemicals that lead to the kind of illness we’re seeing reported now.


And, again, because of this legal gray area, people are less likely to tell their doctors that they are using a chemical that’s illegal in their state. This misinforms medical professionals and it makes vaporizing the easy scapegoat for what is likely due to a much more specific issue with the extraction of the e-juice.

Only vaporize safe compounds

While vaporizing itself is safe, it all comes down to what chemicals are being vaporized in this context. The nicotine and CBD vapes you find here are going to be safe for vaporizing. Problems start to arise when people vape things like THC or vitamin E acetate. These compounds can be extremely volatile when exposed to the high temperatures it requires to properly vaporize an e-juice, which can cause the issues you’re seeing reported in the news lately.

 Not all vape juices are made equal. Some manufacturers are going to cut some corners to save on the cost of making these devices. Sometimes that means using a cheaper metal that doesn’t respond well to high heat. Some of these metals can give off small amounts of toxic vapor that can be harmful to the lungs. Sometimes it’s worth it to spend a bit more for higher quality devices and components not just for a better vaping experience, but for your own health.

There is also cause for concern around the cutting agents manufacturers use to make their product vapable in the first place. Most people are aware of the PG/VG balance that every vape juice is going to create. These chemicals, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, are safe to consume. These are not the only cutting agents that manufacturers can use, however, even if that’s how it should be done. Now more than ever, it’s important that these other chemicals get tested for their safety to humans when vaporized, and that any unsafe compounds be regulated appropriately in the future.


Always ask questions

Whether you’re shopping here at VaporDNA or at your local vape shop down the block, never be afraid to get all the information you need. The person behind the counter is there to answer your questions, as does our customer service department. If you’re unsure about a certain cutting agent or what metal a certain device is made with, there’s no harm in just asking the question to either set your mind at ease or purchase a different device.


Don’t vape with a known lung condition

Some of the victims of this lung disease already had a condition that was compounded by their vaping habit. Quite simply, this was a bad idea from the start. If you know your lungs are already in a fragile or weakened state, whether it be from an illness or an injury, you absolutely should not be vaporizing in the first place.


Still better than smoking

While there are a number of problems to iron out in the recent surge in vaporizing across the world, it’s important to remember that as recently as this year, studies have shown that vaporizing is up to 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco. And, in fact, vaporizing your nicotine has become an effective way for people to get away from smoking. So, while the recent findings are worth looking into and responding to, it’s still a bad idea to go back to smoking and all the toxins and tar that comes along with it. Whether you choose to keep vaping or not, stay away from cigarettes.


The blame game is likely going to continue moving in circles for the next few months, but we believe it’s important to consider all the facts and decide what you should really be afraid of. The vape industry is likely to see some changes in the near future, we just hope that those changes come from a perspective that’s considering all the relevant information.



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Jon Leistner

I smoked from the age of 15 for 36 years.I have been vaping for 4 years now if not for vaping I would still be smoking cigarettes. As an adult I should not be told that I can not buy and enjoy the fruit and desert flavors that I vape and enjoy on a daily basis.Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol why would our government even consider this federal ban as an option.


They know where the problem comes from. People mainly young males are buying black market THC pods off the streets & those pods are either being cut with something or filled with something that shouldn’t be vaped like vitamin E acetate or CBD oils (CBD that is made to vape is different that the CBD oils).


After smoking cigarettes for over 30 years for me and 40 for my husband we quit!! Vaping has saved our lives. My husband coughed and could not walk a mile. After only 4 weeks of vaping he does not cough and we can go for walks without stopping to rest. We have enjoyed NYC and Vegas last year and walked for miles!!

Eric Sievers

I was a 30 year Marlboro Smoker and quit with my first ecig. I’m vaping now for more than 9 years now and I’ve never felt better. All smoking illnesses were reversed in the first month of vaping. All these illnesses and deaths are from using THC and other things that do NOT come from ecig stores. STOP the LIES about Vaping now.


I started smoking when I was 14 and smoked for 25 years. I quit completely and without any difficulty 6 months ago, and I never find myself craving a cigarette. This wouldn’t have been possible without my favorite nic salt flavors. What I don’t understand is how anyone can delude themselves into thinking that preventing minors from starting to vape won’t affect the number of minors who smoke. We do understand that kids smoked cigarettes before vaping existed, yes? More of them than do now. I started when I was 14.

In fact, an overwhelming majority of smokers start before age 18. The tobacco industry has purposefully targeted kids and manipulated levels of nicotine and other (known!) harmful chemicals to hook people into a habit that doctors say is deadly 100% of the time on an infinite timeline. Everything the vaping industry has done has been an attempt to fix remedy this unscrupulous and vile way of doing business. The vaping industry is addressing a health crisis that big tobacco caused, and is financially motivated to keep vaping relatively safe. It simply makes zero sense to ban something based on a premise of danger which is a fraction of the one posed by tobacco, and based on a concern for kids with the knowledge that more kids smoked tobacco before vaping was a thing, and to not also ban cigarettes. What really is pissing me off about this proposed ban is discovering how easily tobacco could have been stricken from the market this entire time. And the fact that this isn’t on the table now makes the financial motives behind the idea clear.


I smoked cigarettes from the early age of 13. I stopped smoking thanks to vaping. I would not have been able to kick the habit without vaping. I’m grateful to have found something to help me quit. Please don’t take the LEGAL E liquids away from us!

Arthur Pomerantz

I smoked cigarettes for 57 years. I stopped as soon as I tried vaping. When I first heard about how some “kids” were getting sick, I was sure they were buying toxic liquids from a Black Marketer or experimenting with dangerous drugs. But my neighbors were all screaming at me, “those vapes are going to kill you. They are more dangerous than cigarettes.” I tried to reason with them concerning my concern about toxic e liquids. But they wouldn’t listen or hear my explanation. Now I’m banned from smoking my vapes anywhere near them. Many claim their rights to own guns and assault rifles, something that has caused mass murder in our country, are members of NRA and against background checks, but they immediately want to ban flavored e-juice because it is killing people according to them. The hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Christopher H.

I smoked cigs for 25 years 2 packs a day; needless to say that crap was killing me; I’ve been vaping for three years now cigarette free; I could not have stopped smoking without vaping. I vape dessert flavors and fruit flavors because grown 42 yo men like that!!!! I’m a Disabled Army VFW I served my country the least I can do is not be forced to smoke cigs when a clearly healthier option is available. Please do not ban my flavors because most adults do not want to vape cig flavored e-liquids!

Ex Smoker

“Now you guys know how we feel as Firearm Owners.”

Leave it to someone to badly attempt to equate the two.

Anyway, 3 months tobacco free DUE to vaping. Do not take this away from me.

Patricia Fowler

I smoked for 35 years, and cigarettes were killing me I coughed all the time to the point of throwing up. I stopped smoking 4 years ago with vaping and I had tried everything else out there to stop before and couldn’t do it. Yes I use the fruit flavors, because the tobacco flavored e-liquid does not taste like a real cigarette. At first I wanted the cigarette taste but couldn’t stand the cigarette e-liquid so I tried the fruit flavors and now I don’t want to taste a real cigarette anymore. The various flavors play a role in stopping smoking with vaping. I am down to 3mg and hope to go to 0mg and stop vaping also. I think the fruit flavors help to stop smoking because it makes you realize how bad cigarettes taste and smell, plus giving you the nicotine to help. If used the right way vaping is the greatest thing to help smokers stop and it does improve our health. If you ban flavors then some will have no option but to maybe buy from people making e-liquid on the black market…..then we would not know what is in it for sure and that will make the situation worse just like the problem with the thc cartridges causing sickness and death. A ban will not stop the black market from making it, all it will cause is a bigger black market for e-liquid, put companies out of business and hurt former smokers and that is not fair at all. A ban is not the answer, I am proof that vaping the right way is safe. I hope you will take former smokers into consideration while making decisions that could change our lives for the worse. Thank you

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