CDC Confirms Vape Illness Victims Vaped THC

CDC Confirms Vape Illness Victims Vaped THC

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After months of the drama and debate surrounding the potential causes for a lung illness that’s affected some vapers, the CDC has finally released some of their findings. While this isn’t definitive proof that there’s nothing dangerous about vaping, the statistics released by the CDC are staggering in what they say about THC products. Of the 867 patients that fell ill in connection to their vaping, 86% of these people admitted that they were using products containing THC and not tobacco, 52% said they were using both tobacco and THC products, while 34% claimed that exclusively vaped THC.


“The data does continue to point towards THC-containing products,” said the CDC’s principal deputy director Anne Schuchat.

What we’ve been saying all along

While there was plenty of evidence that THC products were the culprit in this case, we finally have confirmation from the CDC itself saying that nicotine vaping isn’t the primary cause for this sudden rash of lung illness across the country. And with many of these reports coming from states where THC is illegal, you have to wonder how many more people would come forward saying they were using THC if they didn’t fear the legal consequences of consuming what their state considers an illicit drug.


The powers that be, the mainstream media especially, have done whatever they can to mislead people on this issue. A poll from USA Today showed just how misinformed people were, with a jaw-dropping number of people surveyed saying they believed smoking cigarettes is less dangerous than vaping. We at VaporDNA have always said that there’s plenty more research to be done on the effects of vaping, but it’s important to vapers and the general public that we move forward on the basis of fact, not hyperbole and a frantic 24-hour news cycle.

Younger demographics at risk

We’ve covered the “teen vaping crisis” here before, and it’s important to note that when we talk about “young people” in this context, everyone is of legal age to be consuming tobacco products. That being said, roughly half of all cases regarding this new lung illness impacted people that were under the age of 25, and most of them being men. That statistic is complemented by the fact that nearly 80% of all patients are under the age of 35, showing that young people are taking the brunt of this illness.


“It is evident from today’s report that these lung injuries are disproportionately affecting young people,” said Dr. Robert R. Redfield, CDC Director.

Use trusted retailers only

The CDC report is encouraging for vapers that don’t touch THC, but it’s always a good idea to reiterate the fact that many of these cases came from black market products. While, yes, the grey area that THC currently lives in makes this an odd situation, you never want to consume a concentrate product like a vape juice from someone without the right credentials. Always buy from legitimate storefronts like VAPORDNA and always consume responsibly.



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Bronson Duncan

It’s been about 2 years or so since I switched over to vaping from smoking cigarettes. I tired vaping cause I was wheezing and was having problems breathing just laying down because of cigarettes. Vaping has straight up saved my life. I can breath better and I can even work my way down on the nicotine levels. I’m half way there now. I don’t have much 2 say on thc cause I don’t smoke weed but have tried cbd and have noooooo problems what so ever


If anyone ever wonders what’s really going on with this business just follow Big T on Wall Street. It’s ALWAYS about the money and always will be. And Big G is not in the business of saving lives, their aim is taking them.

blake tyler

From the information that has come out, it is indeed thc products, not synthetic cannabinoid products, that are being linked to the illness. That being said, it’s obviously not caused by thc as it’s been used for an incredibly long time without this issue. What is likely is that there is some adulterant that has made it into select batches of concentrates destined to become disposable wax/thc oil cartridges (and most almost surely black market ones at that). The problem with this is that it could be any number of things, from a thinning agent to a pesticide, or any other contaminant. Hopefully, we find out soon. It’s sad to see a problem being caused almost assuredly by a black market product being used to scapegoat another product into the same market. If the government actually wants to save people this isn’t the way to do it.

Charles Wood

Keep up the good work! I like your news updates. I get zero emails about this this topic except from you. Keep fighting the good fight.


In my area I’ve seen the closure of many vape stores. All mom and pops stores. But the CBD shops have remained open. These are the problem but they continue to do business. Of these stores they are converting to mainly cbd only and losing the vape side of their business. I have been ordering from places like Vapordna for a while but from time to time for convenience a local shop is nice. I hate to see them close. And I hate to see the myths perpetuated and the culprits stay open and grow. I wonder if cigarette sales have taken a bump up in sales over the last few weeks. If stocks have bumped up and how much money was made on Wall Street on these false stories. Fake news indeed. It’s always about money and manipulation. It’s fascinating to see who can play the game the best. We just have to figure out a work around on our own within the law. We can be smart too. I don’t have ideas. But just pointing out what I think is obvious to hopefully smarter people than me.

Jason Quebodeaux

I have been consuming THC for over 20 years along with cigarettes for 15 then switched to vaping the last 5 years. My lung health improved a great deal since I switched to vaping. It’s synthetic cannabinoids that is being put in vape juice and sold as containing THC. WE had a pharmacy raided here in my state that was doing the same with CBD products.


I’m willing to bet it’s not the thc but the thinning agents used to get the thc in the pens

Terry Torbert

Saw a vaping story on the Evening News tonight about the “increase in vaping related illnesses” and THC wasn’t mentioned. Shameful. They’re only reporting half truths.

Perry Stevens

Read your article and your spot on, which by the way I knew from the beginning that THC and Vitamin E was the cause. I have vaped for 8 years never had a problem with my health. Big tobacco is loving this misleading the public and making them go back to cigarettes is criminal in the fact of guilty by omission. Well done!

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