Is CBD Addictive? What You Should Know Before Trying CBD

Is CBD Addictive? What You Should Know Before Trying CBD


What if the latest miracle drug was secretly addictive?

CBD has been making waves for its ability to improve everything from heart health to weight loss. However, skeptics are asking a simple question: is CBD addictive?

To understand the answer, you must understand more about this drug and its effects. Keep reading to discover everything you should know before trying CBD.

What Is CBD?

We've prepared a complete guide to help you learn whether CBD is addictive or not. Before we go any further though, it's important to define exactly what CBD is.

The term "CBD" is short for "cannabidiol." It has this name because it's ultimately derived from cannabis.

Its connection to marijuana is part of why so many people are scared by CBD. And it's true that it comes from the same part of the plant that marijuana does and is processed in the same way.

However, CBD and marijuana are vastly different. Keep reading to understand exactly why this is.

Will I Get High?

As soon as people hear about the connection between cannabis and CBD, they start frantically asking a single question: will I get high from using CBD?

The short answer to this is "no." This is because CBD affects your body in a very different way than the THC in marijuana does.

With marijuana, the THC affects your brain receptors and creates a psychoactive response. On a chemical level, this is all that "getting high" really is.

With CBD, those receptors are not activated as they are with THC. That means there is no way that you can get high from using CBD.

This is why CBD is legal in some form in almost every state. The controlled substance laws that affect marijuana do not affect CBD in the exact same way.

Hemp and Cannabis

Another way to understand why CBD doesn't make you high is to understand hemp. Hemp is the foundation of CBD and has provided a number of non-drug uses for people for many millennia.

Basically, hemp is the fiber-like part of the marijuana plant. And over the years, that fiber has been used to produce assorted fabrics, ropes, and other useful innovations.

Restrictive drug laws keep citizens from growing their own hemp. That's why CBD oil is typically made from industry-produced hemp.

This industrial hemp contains less than 1% THC. That means there is not enough for anyone to get high from hemp products.

Are Health Benefits Real?

To put it mildly, CBD has been seriously hyped in recent years. As you research whether or not it's addictive, it's understandable to be skeptical about whether or not these alleged health benefits are real.

While not every single claim about CBD is true (it's not a miracle drug as some fans seem to think), the health benefits are generally real. And they've been verified through multiple tests in the last few years.

These tests have shown that CBD can reduce seizures, anxiety, and possibly even chronic pain. And new tests are conducted every year, so it's fair to assume we'll learn even more about the potential health benefits of CBD.

So, Is CBD Addictive?

With all of that being said, we're back to the central question: is CBD potentially addictive to those who use it?

Fortunately, the answer is no. And this goes back to the aforementioned differences between CBD and THC.

The use of CBD will not result in any kind of psychoactive effect. Even heavy doses and frequent use are unable to create the high of THC.

Therefore, it's impossible to become addicted to CBD alone. With marijuana, it's possible for people to become dependent on the high from the THC. And that dependence may eventually result in drug addiction.

Keep in mind that some vendors sell CBD products that have nicotine in them. And nicotine can be addictive on its own.

But Is It Safe?

As you know, there's a difference between being addictive and being safe to use. So even though CBD is not addictive, it's worth addressing whether it's safe to regularly use.

And the answer to this question is a bit more complicated. It basically boils down to "yes and no."

This is because some people do experience negative side effects from CBD use (see our details below). However, we feel that the benefits of CBD far outweigh these potential side effects.

In fact, current research shows that CBD may help those addicted to various substances shake that addiction for good. This is another way in which CBD offers surprising benefits along with its many other uses.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Earlier, we mentioned that CBD can cause some side effects. But what are they exactly?

Some of those who use CBD oil may experience side effects such as dry mouth and fatigue. Others experience drowsiness, reduced appetite, and diarrhea. 

And those who are taking certain prescription medications must be careful. CBD can block certain enzymes from these medications and cause problems with the liver.

While that may sound scary, keep in mind that these side effects only affect a small portion of the population. Furthermore, there are no negative withdrawal effects when you stop using CBD.

Once again, the potential benefits far outweigh the potential risks.

Why the Bad Reputation?

Now you know the truth: CBD is not addictive and not really dangerous. Why, then, does it have such a negative reputation among many people?

The blunt (so to speak) truth is that you can blame it on marijuana. While CBD will not get you high, most people who haven't researched the issue think that it's the same as marijuana.

At that point, CBD is being judged against decades of anti-marijuana propaganda. But now that you're armed with the truth, you can take advantage of what CBD has to offer.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the answer to the question: is CBD addictive? But do you know where to find the best CBD products?

We have everything you need, ranging from vape pens to oils and edibles. To experience the benefits of CBD for yourself, check out our selection today!

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