Suorin Vs JUUL: The Ultimate Comparison

Suorin Vs JUUL: The Ultimate Comparison

Brittany Hale

Date: September 19th,2018


Suorin makes incredible vapes. Why do we compare it to the famous JUUL? Because before there was an explosion of “breathe in” operated salt nicotine vapes, JUUL offered a one-of-a-kind experience.

As world-class experts in the vape game, VaporDNA knows there are ways to get that same experience the JUUL offers but at a much lower price. Here’s the ultimate comparison of Suorin vs. JUUL.


Suorin Vs. JUUL: What You Need to Know About the Brands


Suorin is a relatively young vape brand with products manufactured by Foxconn, which boasts brands like Apple and Sony as its clients. Suorin vapes are readily identifiable for an imaginative use of shape, color and texture. The two biggest Suorin products are the Drop, which is shaped like a palm-size water drop, and the Air, which is roughly the shape of a credit card, and the size of common pocket cigarette lighters.

However, the Suorin Device that would immediately remind anyone of the JUUL is definitely the Suorin iShare Singles Ultra Portable Device. You get a draw-activated firing system. There’s no button to push. This thing is super slim, and you can slip it into your shirt or jacket pocket just as you would do with a JUUL. You can refill its .9ml juice cartridge, and a 130 mAh battery life. The iShare features a 2.0 ohm atomizer resistance, and it comes with an individual charter. This hooks up to the device via a gold proprietary connection. The iShare is easy to conceal, and let’s you experiment with a much bigger universe of flavors than the JUUL allows.

JUUL is an American e-cigarette brand that made a name for itself by offering a vape that looked like a thumb drive while delivering a heavy hit. It’s easy to use, with no trigger beyond just putting it in your mouth and inhaling. It wasn’t just the user experience and compact design that helped JUUL carve out a space for itself. The company was one of the first to use salt nicotine e-liquids. Salt nicotine e-liquids get their nicotine by suing the whole compound found in a tobacco leaf. This created a juice that delivered more kick, but also burned slower, generating more vapor with less juice.

Suorin vs. JUUL: Comparing and Contrasting Vape Design

One of the major attractions of the JUUL is its portability. However, both the Suorin Drop and the Suorin Air feature similar dimensions. No, they aren’t a single stick like a thumb drive, but they do fit perfectly into your pocket, and they are slim enough to slip next to your smart phone without issue. You gotta give the JUUL points for being streamlined, but the Suorin is just as easy to carry with an added degree of creativity and originality. In fact, the mouthpieces of both are even a little more narrow than the full-size JUUL, which many vapers to consider a more satisfying experience.

Suorin Vs. JUUL: The Refilling and Refueling Experience

The Suorin Drop and Air are both pod-based vapes. Here’s the thing though, you can refill their pod with an infinite selection of juices. Now, some people like swapping out a pod instead of refueling as one does with the JUUL. However, this cuts your options down to a few simple flavors. In the long run, you will probably save money on your refills by using a Suorin device.

A Note on Flavor Options: Comparing Suorin and JUUL

The truth is, the JUUL’s flavor options are pretty well known among the vape community at this point. However, if you don’t know what they are:

  • Virginia tobacco
  • Classic tobacco
  • Mint
  • Menthol

Flavor Options For Any Of The Suorin Products

We touched on this earlier, but flavor options for the Suorin are truly unlimited. Let’s say you are really insisting on salt nicotine juice. For a while, there were only a few salt juices on the market. Since 2014, there has been an absolute explosion of options. As a matter of fact, there are almost too many to list, but we will make a few honorable mentions.

As for e juice flavors, you can choose from an incredible selection of:

  • Honey
  • Custard
  • Apple
  • Strawberries
  • Portuguese egg tart
  • Watermelon apple
  • Iced tea with peaches
  • …and a truly endless list of others

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