Suorin Replacement Cartridges at Discount Prices

Suorin Replacement Cartridges at Discount Prices


Date: December 3, 2018

Let your vaping soar to new heights with great savings on Suorin replacement cartridges.

Suorin is one of the most popular makers of high quality vaping devices on the market today. The wide range of styles, the exceptional value, the abundant array of options, and of course the high-quality vaping experience are what have made it not only a premier choice for customers, but a brand that we routinely go to when customers ask us what we recommend in terms of a good all-around portable vaping solution. The only downside, if you have to have one at all, about Suorin is that the replacement cartridges can be a little pricey. The good news is that there are some awesome Suorin replacement cartridges to be found at a discount price, and you have come to the right place for them.

Suorin Drop Replacement Cartridge

The Suorin Drop is perhaps the most popular ultra-portable drop style vaping device ever sold. The device is loved for its sleek and stylish look and of course for its easy to use design and high quality. Suorin Drop replacement cartridges are hard to find, however, since they sell out quickly due to their immense popularity. As a premium supplier we always have Suorin Drop cartridges in stock and can offer them to you at a great low price.


  • List Price: $10.99 Our Price: $3.99

Suorin Air Replacement Cartridge

The Suorin Air (commonly misspelled as "soaring air) pod system is a very popular vape that offers sleek design and a covert super thin profile. The device uses a refillable cartridge unit that lets you load a full 2ml of your favorite e-juice for all day vaping enjoyment. Suorin Air pods can be difficult to find in stock in your local vape shop due to the popularity of the device, but we are prepared with a steady stream of inventory to have them when you are ready to order. The best part is that we can offer Suorin Air cartridges at a great price to you so you can enjoy more vaping for less money.

  • List Price: $10.99 Our Price: $3.99

Suorin iShare Replacement Cartridge

The Suorin iShare super compact vape pen is so small and sleek and sexy that you may forget that it’s a vaping device and start thinking of it as a fun device. Perfect for e cig on the go either out running errands or out on the town the device uses mini tank style refillable cartridges that hold 0.9ml of your favorite e-liquid. The cartridges come three to a pack so you can switch out flavors at any time you desire or you can full all three with your favorite flavor and have a ready to use cartridge to swap out when you need it so you can enjoy all day vaping without hassle. We can offer you an exclusive low price on the three pack of iShare cartridges.


  • List Price: $17.99 Our Price: $11.99

Suorin Vagon Replacement Cartridge

No doubt the Suorin Vagon is the sexiest looking and most stylish vaping device on the market. The Vagon uses a 2ml refillable pod that is large enough to provide an entire day’s worth of vaping enjoyment and with our great price you can buy a couple and always have a standby or an alternate flavor ready when you want it. The variable resistance pods are capable of operating at both the 1.3 and 1.4-ohm level, and thanks to the magnetic connector swapping out is quick and mess-free.

  • List Price: $14.99 Our Price: $5.99

VaporDNA, Here to Help with All of Your Vaping Needs

We are happy to be able to offer a full line of Suorin replacement cartridges at great prices, and to be able to offer a wide range of other vaping accessories such as batteries, chargers, e-liquids, tanks, devices, and more. 

Shop with VaporDNA online, or visit one of our two retail locations in Southern California! If you need assistance making a choice, please feel free to contact us using the contact form and we'd be happy to help! We are excited to have the opportunity to be your one stop shop for all your vaping and electronic cigarette needs.

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