Suorin Drop and Air Portable Vape Starter Kits

Suorin Drop and Air Portable Vape Starter Kits


Date: October 8th, 2018


Suorin is soaring high with their two best selling starter kits, and we are super excited to have both of them in the shop!

The best way to get started with vaping is to get a starter kit.

Right This Way to Nirvana…

Here at VaporDNA, we have lots of great starter kits, but when someone comes into the shop and asks us which ones we would recommend for a new vaping enthusiast we always walk right to the Suorin display and show them the Suorin Drop and the Suorin Air Portable starter kits. These kits are great and without a doubt are the best starter kits for those who are just getting into vaping, especially if they are 0mg users. Let's look at both kits in detail:

  • The Suorin Drop – An ultra portable system that offers small size and big features
  • The Suorin Air – a robust system that offers more power and a richer experience

Suorin Drop Ultra Portable System Starter Kit

Small in Size, Not on Features

This water drop style system features an ultra-portable pod design that allows you to change the refillable cartridges on the go. This gives you more options for flavors as well as the ability to use both regular e-liquids in both nicotine and 0mg options as well as more robust salt based nicotine liquids. This system is an all in one device that activates as soon as the user draws air through. The unique mouth-to-lung system delivers a deep and satisfying experience. The Suorin Drop pods feature a magnetic base with gold plated contact points that provide for plenty of storage, a whopping 2ml of e-liquid per refill.

Super Sleek, Ultra Portable, Mega Fun

The battery has a built-in LED life indicator so you always know how much of a charge you have so you are never caught short. The device uses a standard 310mAh vaping battery so you can switch out a fully charged battery anytime you need to with ease. The device comes in a wide array of fun colors and the sleek and sexy design is both fashionable and discreet. For those who want a smaller device that is easy to use for their first vaping kit, this is the way to go. This great kit also has a great price, only $23.99 for a full features system that gets you started with vaping in a fun and easy way.

Sourin Air Portable Starter Kit

Big Brother Has a Lot to Offer

Suorin Air Ultra Portable System

This ultra-portable system is pod-based just like the Drop system talked about above. In fact, the Air system is very much like the Drop system in many ways. Both use a wide variety of liquids, which makes this ideal as well for those who want to have the choice between traditional e-liquids, including those which are 0mg, and more robust and vibrant nicotine salt based e-liquids that deliver a rich and satisfying vaping experience for nicotine partaking users.

So Alike & Yet So Different

Both of these devices feature pods that can be switched out quickly and both use a rapid-charge battery. The only difference being that the battery of the Air system is built in and cannot be switched out. Also, unlike the Suorin Drop system, the Air system features an on and off toggle switch that allows you to turn the device totally off to save power when you won't be using it for a while. Like the Drop, Suorin Air pods use a draw activated firing system and utilizes the mouth-to lungs system that Suorin has perfected over their years of vaping development research. For those who want a simple, low-cost starter kit that is no frills, and all features this is the best one in the shop to be sure. This is a great low-cost starter kit at only $17.99. For those who are not sure if vaping is right for them, we like to recommend this kit first, and then the user can move up to the Suorin Drop System if they choose.

Your One Stop Choice

No matter if you are just getting started, are looking for a second device, or are a 0mg consumer who is looking for a starter kit so you can join in the vaping fun with your friends, these starter kits from Sourin are the perfect choice. Even if these Sourin kits are not the right fit for you, check out our other starter kits and select one that fits your needs and personality.

Shop with VaporDNA online, or visit one of our two retail locations in Southern California! If you need assistance making a choice, please feel free to contact us using the contact form and we'd be happy to help! We are excited to have the opportunity to be your one stop shop for all your vaping and electronic cigarette needs. 

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