SMOK Baby Beast Vs. SMOK Baby Prince

SMOK Baby Beast Vs. SMOK Baby Prince


Date: September 5th, 2018

While the Baby Beast is a classic tank, the Baby Prince offers you everything you loved about the Beast plus some upgrades.

Vapor DNA, a premiere dealer of world-class vape goods, offers you the following breakdown on the features of the SMOK Baby Beast vs. the SMOK Baby Prince, to help you choose one over the other.

SMOK Baby Beast vs. SMOK Baby Prince:

Baby Prince:

  • The Baby Prince has a bubble glass tank section, giving it a 4.5ml capacity instead of its previous 2ml capacity
  • The Baby Prince looks beautiful with current mods thanks to its stylish, modern design
  • You get all the features you already know and love from this tank family

Baby Beast:

  • A widely known tank with intuitive, easy functions
  • A compact and reliable classic

In many ways, the TFV12 Baby Prince is an upgraded version of the TFV8 Baby. They have many overlapping traits, but the Baby Prince has a more current look. Both tanks use similar replacement coils, but the Baby Beast requires a separate purchase for a bubble glass tank section. If you’re looking for the latest design, go with the Prince. If you’re really committed to a vape you already have that’s compatible with the Beast, you can go with that tank.

Features of the SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince Sub-Ohm Tank: What You Need to Know

The SMOK TFV12 Baby Prince Sub-Ohm Tank is often considered the upgraded version of the SMOK Baby Beast. It delivers vapor and flavor options the likes of which the vape community had rarely seen before. This tank lets you use the beloved V8 Baby Coils. The chassis is built with multiple diameters, measuring 22mm at the base and 26mm at the fattest point.

Its refueling system is clean and convenient. It features a press-to-open Top Fill System. This is the first tank in its family to feature this system. It’s got a max capacity of 4.5 milliliters when you get the convex glass, and 2 milliliters when you get standard glass. You get three coils with the Baby Prince.

  1. The V8 Baby-Q4 0.4 ohm, rated at 30 to 65W and recommended at 50 to 60W,The new V8 Baby T12 Red Light Duodecuple Coil Head 0.15 ohm, rated at 50 to 80W and recommended at 60 to 80W,
  2. The V8 Baby Mesh Coil Head 0.15ohm, rated at 40 to 80W and recommended at 60 to 70W.

It’s really cool to watch the V8 Baby T12 Red Light Duodecuple Coil light up in bright red when you fire up your device. The airflow valves are arranged near the base of the chassis, which lets you get a generous pull for a deep hit when you crave it.

And that, in a nutshell, is why the TFV12 Baby Prince Sub-Ohm Tank makes a legitimate and credible claim of being the premiere tank for chasing clouds on the market.

Features of the SMOK Baby Beast Tank: What You Ought to Know

SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Replacement Coil

The SMOK Baby Beast Sub-Ohm features one of the most evolved and effective coil systems in its class. It cuts back on the overall size of your device from the TFV8 by 30%, redefining what it means to have a compact vape. It measures in at 24% in diameter with an overall area reduction of 40%. Thanks to a reimagined coil and chassis, the tank is a 3mm reservoir of delicious vape juice.

It’s easy to refuel this tank thanks to the signature Hinge and Lock Fill Top system by SMOK. The Baby Beast Coil Family is based off the stellar performance of V8 line. It lives up to the performance standards of the V8 line, but in a compact delivery system. The kit comes with the dual coil V8 Baby Q2 Core, which is meant to run at 40 to 80w, and the octuple core V8 Baby T8 core, which is designed for unmatched class performance of 50 to 110w.

Airflow rushes into the system via double adjustable 13mm by 2mm airslots which can be found at the base of the chassis. The chimney features a 6mm bore from chimney to drip, which creates the airflow you need for a great big draw. The SMOK Baby Beast is basically a marvel of engineering when you consider each facet of its price point, size and balance. It’s made out of sturdy stainless steel and glass.


PS: Grab some replacement coils for the TFV8 Baby Beast here!


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There are plenty of reasons to love the Baby Beast, but at the end of the day the Prince is truly the more modern, sophisticated option. For more breakdowns on vape parts and accessories, email VaporDNA online.

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