SMOK Authentication Check: What It Is and How It Works

SMOK Authentication Check: What It Is and How It Works

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Date: December 6, 2018

SMOK is an industry leader in vaping innovation. Both the quality and price of their products make this company stands out in the industry. Though their products are distinctive, others seek to capitalize on the brand. Because of this, they have to stay on top of their game when it comes to protecting their consumers. Imitations can be found on every corner of the Internet, and some can even find their way into local vape shops.

Without the proper vetting, there is no guarantee of either quality or safety for vapers that unknowingly purchase a clone. These imitations aren’t held to the same strict standards that Smoktech has set for their products. The combination of their advanced safety features and the reliability of these products are what make SMOK such a big name in the community. For these reasons, SMOK has fought back with stricter verification technology to ensure that their products are getting to their consumers.

What Is an Authentication Check?

In order to maintain their level of quality and customer satisfaction, SMOK has created a two-part system to make sure the product is genuine. This system is a simple way for the consumer to make sure they are getting the product they want. By using an application downloaded onto your smartphone or tablet, the process is incredibly quick and easy. Simply download the app from before you begin. For iPhone users, click iOS Install Help on the page and follow the instructions as your device will need permission to trust the developer before you can use the app.

Why Authenticate Your Smok Device?

Competition is fierce in the vaping industry and there are always those seeking to make a quick buck. Consumers are always on the lookout for the newest tech and are loyal to brands that perform. Unfortunately, this is why there are so many counterfeit products lining the shelves these days. If someone can replicate the look of a popular product or brand, they can try to cash in on what the brand has worked to create.

SMOK performs rigorous quality control to ensure the products meet safety requirements and company standards. Imitations rarely meet those specifications and can cause serious injury if faulty. These products are difficult to track and it is possible the companies producing them wouldn’t be held accountable because they were sold under the guise of Smoktech. Though it is unfortunate, SMOK has found a way to combat this.

How to Authenticate Your SMOK Product

To begin, open the application. The app is similar to social media apps in appearance with a newsfeed on the first screen. Looking at the bottom of the screen, you will notice four tabs and a plus symbol in blue. The blue plus is the menu. Open the menu and you will find eight options. Select the Authentication option.

Once you have opened the Authentication option, you will need to allow access to your camera in order to scan the two QR codes on your product box. Locate Code A on the side of your box and scan it into the app. Once it has scanned Code A, a screen should appear with the name of the product, a Not Activated statement and a count of times that code has been scanned. Tap Activate The Product to continue.

After clicking, you will be prompted to activate the product by scanning Code B. After you confirm and scan the code, you should be shown a new screen verifying your product as genuine and activating it within the system. This binds the product you have scanned to your device and account.

What If It Isn’t Genuine?

After a product has been scanned and activated, the system stores information detailing what device was used to activate the product and when. If you scan a product that shows it has been scanned and activated already on a different device, do not purchase. This means the product you are holding is probably a counterfeit or that it has been previously owned and you should let your retailer know immediately. A product that has been activated on your device can be scanned again and will show the date on which it was activated.

If you scan Code A and come to a screen indicating that your product is not from SMOK, you are given the option to report the merchant that has sold the product. This is to ensure that all imitations are labeled and that no harm comes from them. If you come across this screen, do not hesitate to let your retailer and SMOK customer service know about the incident as soon as possible.

VaporDNA wants the Vaping Community to be Stronger Together

In this community, we stick together. As with everything else we have overcome, we will fight for safe, reliable devices from companies we trust. This is why it is so important to take these steps together. Ensuring your device is a genuine product of SMOK also ensures that clones can’t reuse the code scanned. This protects not only you and those around you but other vapers as well.


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