The Profile RTA... FINALLY!

The Profile RTA... FINALLY!

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Are you looking for an RTA to blow your mind? We really have tried and tested all the best RTA's out there and we are in love with the Profile RTA from Wotofo. To say that it's the most sought after RTA of 2019 is an understatement and it is now arrived at VaporDNA!

Favorable qualities and definitive characteristics:

Wotofo has collaborated with Mr.JustRight1 and The Vaping Chronicle to bring us an RTA that has every pro you could possibly hope for in a rebuildable. Not only does it have a sleek design and physical look, but it also has a plethora of different features. To start, the airflow is phenomenal. This is because the airflow is innovative and ahead of its time in structure and functionality. The deck build allows for maximum flavor and the thick drip tip provides maximum comfort when vaping. Keep in mind, the build deck style was retained from its predecessor, the Profile RDA which, as I'm sure many remember, was and is a HUGE hit. Not to mention, it's got a sleek, and smooth build and look.

OFRF Nexmesh coils:

One of the biggest highlights about this RTA is its utilization of the OFRF nexmesh coil. This mesh coil is key for the RTA's ability to produce maximum flavor. The increased density and surface area of the NexMESH micro weave netting design increases the heating speed and uniformity, guaranteeing consistent quality performance throughout the life of the coil.

These Nexmesh coils paired with this RTA is essentially a blast of flavor and vapor. The intensity of the your favorite e juice will you have you falling on the floor, wanting more! 


Color options:

  • Gunmetal with black drip tip
  • Gold with gold drip tip
  • Silver with blue drip tip
  • Blue with blue drip tip
  • Rainbow with rainbow drip tip
  • Black with red drip tip

Looking for items to pair with your RTA?


Recap & conclusion:

The Profile RTA has made a huge impression on us here at VaporDNA, enough for us to name it the hottest RTA of 2019. If you love to try and have the hottest market products, then make sure you are ready to grab it upon its release because this bad boy is going to sell out fast!! From the airflow to the coils to the drip tip, this RTA is truly at the next level, futuristic even. 

Shop with VaporDNA online, or visit one of our two retail locations in Southern California! If you need assistance making a choice, please feel free to contact us using the contact form and we'd be happy to help! We are excited to have the opportunity to be your one stop shop for all your vaping and electronic cigarette needs.


By: Brittany Hale

Brittany Hale was born and raised in Torrance, CA and has a bachelor’s in Journalism from Hawai’i Pacific University. She has been vaping since 2016 and has loved the vape culture since it has benefitted her in many ways. Her enjoyment inspired her to continue to learn about the ins and outs of the industry. She then pursued her passion for writing by combining it with her enthusiasm for vaping by joining VaporDNA’s content team. 

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