3 Must Have E Juices by 12 Monkeys

3 Must Have E Juices by 12 Monkeys

Brittany Hale

Twelve Monkeys is a reputable and affordable brand, made in Canada. They have a plethora of fruity and dessert e juice flavors to cater to your every flavor desire. They run for $9.99 - $17.99 on our site, and we carry 10 of their delectable flavors. We definitely would suggest trying at least 1! Here are our top 3:



A combination of French macaroon, nutty almonds, and raspberry filling, macaraz easily lives up to the hype. The rich flavoring can be attributed to the french macaroon portion and the hints of almonds and raspberry are just enough for the extra edge. It is the perfect amount of sweetness to have your taste buds begging for more. 



Where are our strawberry kiwi flavor fans at?! This one is for you guys. Except, here's a plot twist, 12 Monkeys added watermelon to the mix and we just cannot get enough. They really through us for a loop with this insane recipe and we can see exactly why they us took us here. Kanzi is a must try!



Have you ever had a grape hi-chew? Because, if you have, you know that grape hi-chews are absolutely delicious. If you haven't trust us when we say they are. Matata is a brilliant blend of grape and apple. Twelve monkeys had the right idea when they decided to mix these 2 flavors. Anyone who has had any grape flavored product might say it's hard to find a good one, simply from the trauma of our childhood grape-flavored medicines. (we all know)

But wow, this grape flavor is nothing close to cough syrup and can captivate any vaper, we'd put our money on it. 



12 Monkeys knows exactly what they are doing with their flavors, especially these 3 from dessert to fruity to everything in between, there's truly something for everyone.

By: Brittany Hale

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