How to Control the Throat Hit When Vaping

How to Control the Throat Hit When Vaping


Date: November 1st, 2018  

Getting the best throat hit possible isn’t some mystical secret, it just takes some conscious adjustments to your vaping style and practice.

If you have been in the vaping world for any period of time then you might have heard of two types of hits when you inhale, the Mouth-to-Lung hit and the Direct-to-Lung Hit. But there is a middle ground for most people who experience the more enjoyable and fulfilling of them all and that is the throat hit. You have no doubt heard about it, but how exactly can you control this so that you can begin to have a customized and deeper vaping experience. Let's take a moment to look at the process of getting a throat hit and how to control it.

The Throat Hit Explained

Throat hits occur when you draw in and vapor hits the back of your throat with a relaxing catch in the back of your throat with intense and flavor-filled burst rather than lingering in the mouth or going straight to the lungs. This hit can be described as harsh or smooth and a good portion of throat hitting comes from practice and learning to control the flow of the favor with your muscles.

But there are other variables at play here as well. Different types of devices produce different types of hits. Another factor is the nicotine content of your vape juice. Yes, believe it or not, this can make a big difference to the type of hit that you get and the intensity of it when it occurs. Lastly, check the settings on your device and if needed adjust the airflow and power setting appropriately. It may take a little experimenting, but with time you will find the right combination and you will be very glad you did.

  • Vaping Device E-liquid Nic Levels Airflow = Perfect Throat Hit

How to Get a Bigger Throat Hit

Let’s look at our combination elements more closely, much like how different combinations of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed result in a different photograph, nicotine content, vape juice, and your device’s controls effects how you control the throat hit. Here are a few tips for finding the perfect vape pitch.

    • Adjust the Strength of Your Nic Content

The higher the nic level, the bigger the throat hit since the throat is very receptive to nicotine. With high nic levels, your throat hit will also be harsher and harder to control if you not a former smoker who is used to high nicotine content. If you are using vaping as a method of lowering or stopping nicotine use then, of course, you will not want to use utilize this technique. Luckily this isn’t the only factor involved and you can still get a hefty throat hit with the other elements.

    • Check the Ratio Your E-Liquid PG/VG

The four parts of e-liquids are nicotine, flavoring, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). To get a bigger throat hit you will need to adjust your PG/VG ratio. Choosing e-liquids that have more PG than VG will give a bigger throat hit. Experiment with the ratio and choose brands that offer you the ratio that provides the desired throat hit while offering you the flavor encounter that you are looking for with the nic content that you desire. In general, sweeter e-cig juice (which means a higher VG) gives a smoother throat hit. To make your current combination a bit harsher and more apparent, menthol juice will boost throat hit.

    • Adjust Your Devices Power Settings and Practice Airflow

If you can adjust the power settings of your device, then turning up the power will give you a more intense and richer throat hit. If you turn the power down just a touch, the throat hit will be smoother and less powerful. A lot like the power setting, not all devices have the option to adjust the air flow through the device. If your device does have this option, then know this, opening up the valve to its fullest will give you a bigger and deeper throat hit, while having it tightened up will provide a less intense and smoother throat hit.

For Throat Hit Control, Use the Force…of VaporDNA

Throat hit all comes down to a vaper’s preference, so want to get more of it and others want to avoid it. Control the elements and you can control your vaping destiny.

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