CBD Dosing for Dogs and Other Pets: Everything You Need to Know

CBD Dosing for Dogs and Other Pets: Everything You Need to Know


Is your pup afraid of thunder? Does your cat have nightmares about the vacuum cleaner? If so, they're not alone. And you - as the person that has to calm them, aren't alone either.

Having pets is a little bit like having children, that's why people call them fur babies. When they're upset, you have to do everything you can to help them calm down.

But instead of buying a fancy dog thunder coat, what if you could give them a CBD dosing for dogs? It's organic, it's natural, and it's long-lasting.

Thought CBD was just for humans? Read on to learn about which pets can have CBD and how much to give them.

CBD Dosing for Dogs: A Disclaimer

While we love pets, we are not your vet. Some pets are more sensitive than others, so dosing is different for everyone. If your pet has documented health issues, ask your vet before starting them on CBD.

Use the doses in this post as guidelines and go up or down with the amounts as you see fit.

Can Pets Have Human CBD?

No - the CBD that humans take is a higher dosage than what your pet can handle. Even if you and your pet weigh relatively the same (that's a big dog!) their cannabinoid receptors work differently than yours.

Make sure you buy pet-safe CBD for the best results.

Which Pets Can Have CBD?

Most studies on the effectiveness of CBD in pets have been on cats and dogs. That doesn't mean you can't try small-dosing for your ferret or mini-pig.

As long as your pet has a cannabinoid system, (a biological receptor site in the body), CBD could work for them. If you're not sure, call your vet or Google it.

Why Give Pets CBD?

People give their pets CBD for a variety of reasons. Maybe you have an older dog who has trouble moving or a new puppy that goes crazy when you leave the house.

CBD can help with everything from seizures, nausea, cancer symptoms, and general pain.

How Do Pet Cannabinoid Receptors Work?

Just like humans, pets have cannabinoid receptors in their body. That's where organic endocannabinoids and external ones (like CBD treats/tinctures) bind and get processed in the body.

Cat Cannabinoid Receptors

Your cat has three types of cannabinoid receptors. CB1 & CB2, CB1 individually and CB2 individually.

The most effective joint receptor is in your cat's brain stem. That's one reason CBD is so good at calming anxious pets, it processes in the brain.

But it can also bind to the CB1 receptor in their gastrointestinal tract, to help with any nausea or digestive issues, caused by medicine or food sensitivities.

Our product can even bind to the receptors in their bone, helping reduce day-to-day pain in elderly cats. Need more information? Learn about cannabinoid receptors.

Dog Cannabinoid Receptors

Your dog's receptors are similarly located. They have the same three types and a combination receptor in their brain stem.

That's one reason why the effects of CBD on cats and dogs are so similar.

You can give your dog CBD in hopes of it connecting to the receptors in their digestive tract, their lungs, their muscles, their bones, and even their liver.

Haven't gotten around to spaying yet? There are CB1 receptors in your dog's reproductive organs, which could help calm a dog in heat.

It's really a head-to-paw solution for your animals!

CBD Dosing

Now that you have a shortlist of things CBD can help with (there are more!), let's talk about dosage.

There are different levels of CBD quality, so before you give your pet anything, make sure you're buying from a quality-tested brand.

You can even ask to see the tests of their product, to make sure it's pure.

Once you do that, the general rule is 1-5 mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. So if your dog was 60 pounds, you could give them anywhere from six drops to thirty.

As with any change in their routine, though, you'd want to start on the lower side and go up gradually as you observe the effects.

Now - there are different strengths of CBD out there, so you have to take that into consideration when dosing your pet. The bottle should have directions on it, with regards to the correct dosage.

Giving CBD to Your Pets

Now, how are you supposed to give your pets the CBD? They can't vape it as you can.

Our CBD pet tinctures come in an oil form, which is easy to distribute. You can mix the dose into their wet food, drop a few drops on one of their favorite treats, or even apply it externally to their skin (if you don't think they'll lick it off).

If your pet is good at taking medicine or doesn't freak out when you touch their mouth, you can even put the drops directly on their tongue.

We make it easy for you to help your pet - and we even offer a rewards program to help your wallet!

Try CBD for Your Pets, Today!

CBD won't get your pet high - it's not psychoactive. So, why shouldn't your pet experience the same benefits of CBD as you?

Whether you're worried about your pet in certain situations, or you want to reduce their long-term symptoms, it's worth trying out CBD dosing for dogs (and cats).

You can shop our pet products right on our site, and re-order your favorite human CBD products while you're at it. What's more convenient than that?


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