Best Disposable Vape Pen Brands You Can Trust

Best Disposable Vape Pen Brands You Can Trust

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Over 9 million adults in America vape, with more people joining the vaping world every day. It's a growing community that feels like a home for everyone.

When we're surrounded by all of the latest new tech and mods, sometimes it's nice to sit back and not worry about any of that. Instead, many people turn towards the simple luxury of a disposable vape pen.

Quick, easy, and divinely tasty, many brands offer top-quality pens for beginners and veterans alike. Keep reading to learn all about the best disposable vape pen brands that are sweeping the market!


One of the newer brands to come on the market, Xtra doesn't hold back in making its name known. They've come up with a disposable pen that does its best to deliver to even the highest of expectations.

Once you hold one of these pens in your hand, you know you're in for something special. It's weighty without being cumbersome, and the smooth finish looks and feels well made.

With a capacity of over 1,500 puffs in a single pen, you get more than your money's worth. You could even bring it with you to a cloud-chasing competition and still have ample puffs left to enjoy. What's even cooler is the fact that they offer 15 flavors to choose from, making it the perfect vape pen for everyone.


Ezzy works hard to provide vapers with great experiences. Their disposable products are high-quality and satisfy everyone who tries them.

Their biggest and most well-loved disposable product is the Ezzy Oval. An instant classic, this disposable vaporizer comes with a full 300 or more puffs per device of their salt nicotine vape juice. The bright colors of the device make the usage both fun and inviting.

With a wide selection of 19 different flavors to choose from, there's something available for everyone. Icy Cola, Frozen Banana, and Caramel Popcorn are all delicious flavors that everyone needs to try at some point.

Ezzy is a great choice for vapers of all levels!

Helix Bar

When you're looking for the best starter vape pen, you can't go wrong with a Helix Bar disposable. Its no-nonsense design is simplistic but effective. It's the contents inside that bring the wow factor to this disposable vape pen.

With around 600 puffs in each Helix Bar, you're in for a real treat no matter if you're new to the vaping scene or you've been here for years. This device lasts a long time so you get to enjoy the experience for many hours.

Each of their 16 flavors works well for this long-lasting experience. Who doesn't love flavors like Mint, Apple, or even Tobacco?


Best known for its pod systems, this brand brings exceptional disposable vape pens to the market as well. Their Air Bar disposable vaporizer has one of the higher capacities available, with around 500 puffs per device. Despite this large vape juice capacity, the Air Bar is still lightweight and comfortable to hold.

Instead of focusing on vibrant colors, the Air Bar design features desaturated tones that match any style. The flavors they offer are delicious, including things like Watermelon Candy and Pineapple in their selection.


It's impossible to get tired of the vape flavors offered by this company and now we have the possibility of getting them in disposable products. Known as Switch Mods disposable vape pens, these come with 23 different flavors in the collection. It's the most expansive vape juice selection on this entire list, and each one is packed full of delicious vaping experiences.

The size is a standard 300 puffs, but when you get such unique flavors, it makes every draw feel like the height of luxury.

Lost Vape

As a big name in the vaping world, Lost Vape does everything with style and pizzazz. Every product they provide is top-notch and lasts a long time. Their disposable vape pen, the Mana Stick, is one of the highlights of their collection.

The Mana Stick has a cool style, with a black exterior and a sci-fi font. It's easy to use and lasts for 300 puffs.

With 12 e-juice flavors to choose between, you can't go wrong with trying one for yourself. The Honeydew and Orange Pop flavors are always a hit.


Halo's disposable pen called the Vice is one of the coolest looking pens on the market. All sleek and black, it has minimal design elements to keep the appearance simple and elegant. The logo for the Vice features a flame that suits the pen as well.

It's the perfect portable device to take with you on a night out since the pen is light and doesn't get in the way. The 4 flavors available with the Vice each bring the most to each puff. If you've got a sweet tooth, then you'll want to pick up a Vanilla Custard Vice right away.

The Best Disposable Vape Pen Brand Hits All the Right Marks

When it comes to finding the best disposable vape pen, it all depends on what you want from the product. Many brands on the market have a unique spin on every product they create, so finding the one you like best all comes down to experimentation.

It's one of the more exciting parts of the vaping world. So many interesting experiences await around every corner, each one of them more delicious than the last.

If you ever need help finding the perfect branding match for you, make sure to contact us today and we'll get you sorted!

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