4 of our favorite alternative vapes

4 of our favorite alternative vapes

Brittany Hale

Introducing our alternative vaporizers:

We haven't had much of a chance yet to get into our alternative vaporizer collection with you all, so here we are! Alternative vaporizers are used for vapor therapy, dry herbs, herbal concentrates, and aromatherapy with essential oils. We carry a plethora of these alternative vapes, but we've got some favorites, per usual and we are here to provide some VaporDNA recommendations. Keep in mind, our picks range from portable vapes to desktop vapes and alternative pens.

The 4 Favorites:

The Dr. Dabber Switch Alternative Portable Vaporizer

This is a portable alternative choice that we couldn't pass up. Keep in mind, this is not portable in the sense that you throw it in your pocket and run but at the same time, something you can pack up and take with you pretty much wherever you're headed to. Because this device is in high demand, we are currently out of stock. But don't worry, if this is the alternative vape for you, we are working on getting it back on our shelves soon!

The Volcano Classic/Digital Vaporizer

This vaporizer has vapor therapy mode as well as aromatherapy mode which releases fragrances and aromas from your favorite herbs and oils. These are 2 different styles of the same type of vape. The Classic Volcano Vaporizer is less complex, with the basic knobs and buttons needed, while the digital version is basically the same thing, just updated with a digital system and small screen display. Either one of these are going to be more than sufficient, what really matters is your technology preferences when it comes to choosing between these two devices. 

The Huni Badger Vertical Vaporizer

This vape is one of our most popular alternative devices to date. The Huni Badger performs like a boss, looks sleek and sharp, and is also super portable- all reasons for its great success. You can vape your favorite concentrates on the go, easily and without hassle. This device provides smooth and dense hits for your enjoyment, and as we mentioned before has a fresh aesthetic to it.

The MONQ Essential Oil Diffuser

The MONQ essential oil diffuser is a super unique take on aromatherapy vaping. This little, but powerful vape will take essential oils to another level, striking up different sensations and head spaces depending on what you're looking to focus on. The MONQ comes with many different essential oil combinations for many different uses. The names of their 12 choices are: Active, Forest, Happy, Healthy, Love, Mountain, Ocean, Sexy, Sleepy, Vibrant, Zen, and Cheer. All of these different options use specific combinations of essential oils to accomplish a feeling that has to do with the given name. These are quite interesting and great for those who love aromatherapy and essential oils. 

What do you think about our alternative collection?

We would love to hear your feed back about our alternative device selection! Comment below with comments, suggestions or questions.

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By: Brittany Hale

Brittany Hale was born and raised in Torrance, CA and has a bachelor’s in Journalism from Hawai’i Pacific University. She has been vaping since 2016 and has loved the vape culture since it has benefitted her in many ways. Her enjoyment inspired her to continue to learn about the ins and outs of the industry. She then pursued her passion for writing by combining it with her enthusiasm for vaping by joining VaporDNA’s content team. 

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