Skwezed Ice Salts - Mango Ice - 30ml


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Skwezed Ice Salts - Mango Ice- 30ml

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Made in the USA

When Skwezedcouldn’t find a mango e-juice that tasted anything like an actual mango, they decided to just create their own. Now, Skwezed has thrown in a splash of menthol to that original recipe to add the perfect finish to this unbelievably good flavor. If you love the taste of real, delicious, fresh mango and you love the feel of cool, soothing menthol, the Skwezed Mango Ice is the perfect e-juice for you!

Also available in ICED, NON-ICED FREEBASE, and SALTS

Available in 25 and 50 milligrams of nicotine.