Hohm DEPOT 18650 3005mAh 3.6V Battery

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Hohm DEPOT 18650 3005mAh 3.6V Battery

Hohm Tech Hohm DEPOT Battery is tailor made to retain and build on every expectation of Hohm Tech products.

The Hohm DEPOT starts by applying a DSP vs. QSP chemistry formulation. DSP/QSP is Dual/Quad Stripping Process. In doing so, cycle life is up 13~17% compared to its processors. Hohm DEPOT beats the LG HG2 and Samsung 30Q in capacity, amperage, and internal resistance.DEPOT pushes 16.8A CDR, 3005mAh (minimum), 22.5A to 80°C | 3.2V cut-off limit(whichever occurs first).

Hohm Tech cells are the only North America NEMA Guideline and ANSI compliant cylindrical cells for general consumer use. This is completed by obtaining the following certificates and/or licensed expert(s) approval(s) from the UN38.3, EN62133, IEC62133 2nd Edition, and UL1642 accredited laboratories and testing facilities assigned by regulatory bodies. This includes Human Factors Expert, MSDS, CE, ROHS, UN38.3, IEC, PSE, Specifications, and Air/Sea Transport certifications. 

Hohm Tech does not cut corners. Hohm Tech delivers what is promised… chart-topping performance, capacity, consistency, and safety.






    • KEEP OUT OF REACH of minors (at least 18 years of age) and pets.
    • DO NOT PUT IN FIRE, oven, microwave, or expose to anything over 100oC (212oF)
    • DO NOT  CARRY or store OUTSIDE of its protective packaging or a PROTECTIVE CELL CASE.
    • DO NOT PUT IN POCKET, bag, purse, or on your body (applicable at all times).  Pockets contain KEYS, COINS, OBJECTS, and/or DEBRIS that can short-circuit a cell (battery) that results in an explosion.  The cell NEEDS TO BE STORED in its protective packaging or a protective case at all times when not in use.
    • DO NOT PUT A DEVICE WITH CELL(S) INSTALLED IN IT IN YOUR POCKET or ON YOUR BODY.  As unlikely as it may be, a device can malfunction and/or be affected by debris or object(s) in the pocket that can short-circuit a cell causing it to explode.  Additionally, removable-battery devices enable cell(s) to move/shift inside a device which can subject cell(s) to condition(s) that lead to a short-circuit and potential explosion.  Being in a pocket subjects the device (and cell(s)) to abrupt and jarring movements.  Carrying/using the device with hand(s) is proper.  ** Hohm Tech encourages to carry/store devices in a fire-retardant case. 
    • DO NOT USE IN A DEVICE THAT CAN EXCEED MAX CELL WATTAGE (W) or AMPERAGE (A) (listed on each cell and retail packaging).  Otherwise, this can overload a cell, causing it to explode.
    • DO NOT USE A LOWER RESISTANCE (Ω) # (listed on each cell and retail packaging).  Otherwise, this can overload cell, causing it to explode.
    • DO NOT USE CELL WITH ANY DAMAGE TO ITS STRUCTURE OR OUTER PROTECTIVE LABEL (also called “WRAP”, “sleeve”, “skin”). Damage may include: dent(s), tear(s), nick(s), puncture(s), corrosion, or any other undisclosed abnormalities or damages.  Otherwise, a cell can short-circuit and explode.  ALWAYS INSPECT cell VISUALLY and by TOUCH to SEE/FEEL for damage BEFORE EACH USE.  *SEE ILLUSTRATION BELOW AS GUIDELINE. **
    • DO NOT LEAVE UNATTENDED WHILE CHARGING, & REMOVE CELL(s) FROM CHARGER ONCE FULLY CHARGED to ensure it is not exposed to any potential charger malfunction such as overcharging which could damage the cell causing it to explode.
    • DO NOT CHARGE HIGHER THAN MAX CHARGE VOLTAGE (V) (typically 4.2Vor DISCHARGE BELOW MAX VOLTAGE CUT-OFF (V) (typically 2.5V).  Overcharging or over-discharging cell(s) can cause irreversible damage and cause it to explode.
    • DO NOT MIX WITH USED or DIFFERENT BATTERY TYPES. Differences in cell capacity can lead to one or more cell(s) being overcharged or over-discharged. 
    • IF USING A MULTI-CELL DEVICE, the device MUST HAVE A NON-CONDUCTIVE BARRIER (typically plastic) OR FITMENT that PREVENTS CELL(S) from TOUCHING THE SIDE(S) OF ONE ANOTHER OR ANY ADJACENT METAL except for the very center of top and bottom of the cell. Otherwise, cell(s) could short-circuit and explode.
    • ALWAYS REPLACE CELL when capacity has decreased or within a maximum of 12 months of use (whichever occurs first) when used in a device that allows cell(s) to be changed/removed.  Cell degradation and wear incurred from repeated installation/removal can negatively impact cell integrity and subject it to conditions that can cause it to be short-circuited and explode.
    • ALWAYS charge, connect, and operate cell(s) within their capabilities as listed on each cell, packaging, and product detail pages, while adhering to the device’s user manual.
    • COMPLETELY READ and follow the WARNING section listed on each cell, packaging, and here, in its entirety.
    • SEARCH www.YouTube.com for “18650 EXPLOSIONS to understand the importance of consistently taking safety precautions and using Li-ion cells properly.  Hohm Tech advocates recycling and replacing any damaged Li-ion cell/battery. As a tool to find your LOCAL RECYCLE CENTER.  Or visit Hohm Tech Warranty Center for recycling and replacement.  Your safety is #1.