Sturdy Mfg Co. x ODB Wraps - 18650 Battery Wraps

Sturdy Mfg Co.

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Sturdy Mfg Co. x ODB Wraps - 18650 Battery Wraps

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Sturdy Mfg Co. and ODB Wraps presents Sturdy designed and themed battery wraps for your 18650 batteries. These wraps come with four (4) wraps per pack and can be used to rewrap your 18650 batteries with a cool design. Limited quantities available in two collaborative designs. Wraps may appear upside down, but will be orientated the correct direction when used in most Boro Box Mods or dotAIO.

Warning: Re-wrapping a battery requires the old battery wrap to be removed. This will expose the cell and insulator. Be sure to use caution when re-wrapping and ensure that the insulator on the positive end of the battery is in place when wrapping. Unwrap the battery starting at the flat negative end of the cell to prevent accidental discharge while cutting the wrap. It is recommended to use a heat gun or blow dryer on hot setting to shrink the wrap.