Coiland 3-in-1 Bottle Cap Opening Tool


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Coiland 3-in-1 Bottle Cap Opening Tool

The Coiland 3-in-1 Bottle Cap Opening Tool is a tool specifically designed to remove the pesky inner cap of vape juice bottles. This tool will allow the user to easily remove the press-fit inner cap of most eLiquid bottles without hassle or mess. Simple hook the tip of the inner cap through the slot on the tool, press the opening edge under the inner cap, and carefully pry the inner cap off. The smaller slot on the tool can be used to remove smaller bottle inner caps by sliding the tip through the triangle until snug, and then prying it off. This tool can also be used as a bottle opener, coin slotted battery cap opener, or to remove flush nuts on Boro devices.

Product Includes:
  • 1 x Short-Fill Bottle Opening Tool